AIMSweb Spring Universal Screening


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An overview of the universal screening process for Troutman Middle School

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  • Welcome to the Aimsweb spring screening information session webinar. This webinar is designed to serve as a review prior to our spring screening.
  • You should have received an email from that contains your password. If you did not open and act on this email within 24-48 hours of receipt, your password was voided and will have to be reassigned. Please let Kathy Walker know and I will resubmit your name to the i3 team. When creating your password, please remember that it must contain a capital, number symbol and have a size limit minimize
  • This webinar is designed with the following ‘end in mind’: To understand our schools’ process for conducting spring screening To review how to conduct curriculum-based measure screening for reading.
  • Universal screening will include entire student body and will be conducted three times a year; fall [sept. – oct.]; winter [dec-feb], and spring [may-june]. In the past we have had a wealth of support; from ADR, CATS, Ifs [all external forces] as opposed to using internal resources. For our spring screening, we will rely on our internal resources. To do this we must all do what we can and have an ‘all hands on deck’ approach and attitude. ISS, Read 180 and Corrective Reading will all be suspended for the day to ensure those teachers can help with screening.
  • To expedite the process:
  • To allow everyone an opportunity to receive experience screening in this process, we will screen only one grade level per period. For each grade level, during their assigned period, science is screened first, followed by social studies. This should allow those two classes to be screened prior to switching mid-block. The success of screening students is in having them ‘on deck’ – For example; if we have 16 screeners, initially, we should start with 20 ~22 students, so as one finishes the approximately 5 minutes of screening, the next student is ready to roll. Mrs. Van Vliet will be coordinating the flow of students by call into your room. Administration will be providing guidance and monitoring of students in the hallway. Teachers should be watching and monitoring students as they work their way into hall.
  • 3 rd block we will screen 8 th graders. Any missed students will be picked up during 5 th block.
  • 4 th block will be out biggest and trickiest – due to the size of 7 th grade and lunch scheduling. We will try to complete science and social studies before lunch and ask all teachers conducting screening [8 th grade, EC, Ledbetter, Ambrosini] to eat lunch with 7 th grade. After lunch we will resume, and will probably not complete – leaving Stiles/McEntee classes to be completed by 7 th grade teachers during 5 th block.
  • If there are missed students and possibly at least 50 7 th grade students that will be screened to allow 7 th grade teachers ample opportunity to gain comfort with the Reading CBM.
  • Administrative Leadership team will work to conduct make up screening on Friday, May 25 th
  • Three probes are needed for each grade level screening. They will be provided. You will only need to show up in the media center with your Aimsweb login information. Just as with your NCWise or email password information, it is important that you keep this information confidential.
  • Practice with a pencil/paper version
  • Log on to Customer ID# 22658
  • Click on any word that is mispronounced, omitted, or substituted. These are errors. Added words and dialect are not errors. When the timer prompts, click on the last word attempted by student. The program will advance you to the next prompt. You do not need to repeat instructions for the 2nd and 3rd prompts; you may simply click the “Start Timer” button at the top when the child begins to speak. Repeat until entire class has been assessed.
  • AIMSweb Spring Universal Screening

    1. 1. AIMSWEBSpring ScreeningTroutman Middle SchoolMay 9, 2012
    2. 2. Please attempt to log on after you sign in.
    3. 3. Learning TargetsI understand our schools process for conducting spring screening. I can conduct curriculum- based measure screening for reading
    4. 4. Universal Screening Three Times a Year Fall Winter Spring School Managed All Hands on Deck
    5. 5. Spring Screening DetailsThursday, May 24 thAll screening in media center/7 grade lab thNo ISS, Read 180 or CR
    6. 6. Block/Time Location Screeners Grade [in classroom order] 2 7th Grade Walker Brizzee (20) nd Comput Parker Sorenson (20) er Lab / Ambrosini Media Ledbetter R. Gilliland (28) Center Ciletti Milliron (22) Craven-Smith 8:39 Harmon Chapman (18) Stockove (21) Van Vliet – (coordinator) Morris 9:58 Queen Clark 129 students ~ 9 students per screener ≈ 45 Crook Evans minutes Deal Crye
    7. 7. Block/Time Location Screeners Grade [in classroom order] 3rd 7th Grade Walker Morgan (22) Compu Parker Ditondo (24) ter Ambrosini Lab / Ledbetter K. Gilliland (23) Media Ciletti Steytler (24) 10:01 Center Craven-Smith Harmon Pozega (22) Johnson (25)– 11:21 Van Vliet (coordinator) Brizzee 140 students~ 11 students Chapman per screener ≈ 55 Stockov Milliron minutes Sorenson R. Gilliland
    8. 8. Block/Time Location Screeners Grade [in classroom order] 4 7th Grade Walker Boice (27) th Comput Parker Lerg (25) er Lab / Ambrosini Media Ledbetter *Break for Lunch Center Ciletti Justice (28) Craven-Smith11:24 – Harmon Brinager (27) Stiles(25) Van Vliet 1:10 (coordinator) McEntee/[Sherrill] (27) Ditondo K. Gilliland 159 students ~ 12 students Steytler Johnson per screener ≈ 60 Pozega minutes Morgan *Screeners for this period are asked to take lunch along with the 7th grade, so that you are able to enjoy lunch and finish working with this group when they return from lunch.
    9. 9. Block/Time Location Screeners Grade [in classroom order] 5 7th Grade Walker Any students not tested or th Comp Van Vliet missed during their uter (coordinator) Lab / Boice grade level testing will Media Lerg be called to 7th grade Center Justice 1:13 Brinager computer lab for testing. Stiles – 2:33
    10. 10. Make-ups Admin team to screen any make-ups on Friday, May 25th
    11. 11. Quick How-to Guide
    12. 12. Screening Probes will be provided. Students will read from hard copy Scoring will be completed on the computer.
    13. 13. Practice Exercise Find a partner Decide who will read first, the other will score Use the numbered side to score and the other to read
    14. 14. Instructions “When I say ‘Begin’ starting reading aloud at the top of the page. Read across the page. (point) Try to read each word. If you come to a word you don’t know, I’ll tell it to you. Be sure to do your best reading. Are there any questions? (Pause) Begin.”
    15. 15. Welcome to the Digital Age Same concept, only:  Click on errors  Click on last word  Computer generates score
    16. 16. Click onScoring Tab
    17. 17. Click on‘Scores’
    18. 18. Click on‘Assess Now’
    19. 19. Benchmark probe will open up, click “ok” in popupwindow asking you to prepare to begin probe 1. Click ‘Instructions’ and read prompt
    20. 20. Click ‘Start Timer’ whenstudent begins reading first word.
    21. 21. Administering the Assessment Click on any word that is mispronounced, omitted, or substituted. These are errors. Added words and dialect are not errors. When the timer prompts, click on the last word attempted by student. The program will advance you to the next prompt. You do not need to repeat instructions for the 2nd and 3rd prompts; you may simply click the “Start Timer” button at the top when the child begins to speak. Repeat until entire class has been assessed.
    22. 22. Questions?Please forward anyquestions to:Kathy 528-5137ext. 1334 Thank You