SMPS Alaska Chapter Presentation - 8-27-13


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How to write a PR plan. Ideas for PR tactics and some cool tools that help marketers be more efficient and do their job well. This was presented to the SMPS Alaska Chapter on 8-27-13 at the BP Energy Center.

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SMPS Alaska Chapter Presentation - 8-27-13

  1. 1. SMPS Alaska Chapter: 10 Steps to Launching an Award- Winning Communications Program August 27, 2013
  2. 2. •The Public Relations Plan •Tactics That Work •Cool Tools to Help •Questions & Answers Today’s Talk
  3. 3. Public Relations How we communicate and build relationships with all of our publics
  4. 4. •Research •Goal •Objective •Strategy •Action/Tactic •Timeline •Budget •Evaluation The PR Plan -ReGOSATBE
  5. 5. • Poll, focus group, mail questionnaire, SurveyMonkey • Man on street, post question on Facebook or Twitter, interview past donors, talk to peers Research Formal or informal
  6. 6. The big, hairy audacious accomplishment Get everyone to remember that reading is still important Be Alaska’s # 1 advocate for Sportfishing interests Goal
  7. 7. • Public - who do we need to reach? • Effect - what effect will we have? • Level - to what degree? • Timeline - how long do we have to get it done? Examples: Get 25 positive stories or mentions in Alaska media over the next 6 months Improve proposals to potential clients, so that my company wins 5 percent more bids in 2013 Objective P.E.L.T.
  8. 8. How you’re going to do it Example: We Try Harder - AVIS Just Do It - Nike We Deliver For You - US Postal Service Strategy
  9. 9. Actions/Tactics The PR tools in the toolbox •Video and post on YouTube •Special event/reception •Collateral-brochure, flyer •Workshop or public meeting •Grand Opening or Media Tour •CEO in-person meetings
  10. 10. Who is doing what and when Timeline
  11. 11. Budget What’s it going to cost
  12. 12. Tactics that Work Pick. Click. Give. Unique ways of spreading the word
  13. 13. Tactics that Work Collaborative video-Anchorage Public Library & the ACES
  14. 14. Tactics That Work Blogs
  15. 15. Tactics that Work Alaska Children’s Services – talk to the right audience
  16. 16. Tactics That Work Figure out a way to get them in the door
  17. 17. Tactics that Work Build Relationships Via Facebook
  18. 18. Cool Internet Tools I Use
  19. 19. Cool Internet Tools Smartsheet
  20. 20. Cool Internet Tools Visual Thesaurus
  21. 21. Cool Internet Tools Twitter Search
  22. 22. Cool Internet Tools - Dropbox Share large files
  23. 23. Cool Internet Tools: Expensify Expense Reports That Don’t Suck!
  24. 24. Lightt Smartsheet
  25. 25. Cool Tools: Make It Visual - Tagxedo
  26. 26. •Efficient, entrepreneurial, irreplaceable •Visually compelling •Smarter, more shareable •More localization, customization •Micronetworks and crowdsourcing •Smart design, inspired by nature What We’ll Need for 2013
  27. 27. Questions? Contact Information: (907) 868-4884