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What if you had trouble sleeping? Do you lay awake at night? Worries, mind working overtime? Too Hot... too cold? What if you had pajamas that could help you sleep...

SoundAsleep Pajamas do just that. With an innovative technology using pressure point technology, we have just the solution for you. Comfortable, advanced, and ATTRACTIVE! You can even design a pair that fits just your personality & style. Take a look at our story and let us know how we can help you .... Get Some Sleep!

We ask that you comment & design a style of pajamas that you would like to see. Get creative, think of things you love, even give us comments on how you think you would like to sleep or see our SoundAsleep Pajamas could work for you. We only ask you to comment & upload your photos/designs onto our facebook page.

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Get Some Sleep | SoundAsleep Pajamas

  1. 1. Get Some Sleep!Over the Top CreativesFinal Project for Crash Course on Creativity December 2012
  2. 2. Why Can’t I Fall Asleep? Worry Light Overstimulation I can’t Sleep Noise Temperature
  3. 3. Days filled with sensory overload?
  4. 4. Can’t stop your mind?
  5. 5. Sounds, light and worries keepingyou awake ?
  6. 6. Your pajamas can help you sleep! • Smart fabric • Temperature regulation, adjusts to changes in your body’s temperature • Weightless F • Shields you from electromagnetic fields in the bedroom • Sleep Accessories • Lullalaby pillow to sing you to sleep • Aromatherapy pocket for your pajamas • Flat seams to keep you snoozing A • Calming negative ions to help with tired aching muscles
  7. 7. Primary colors and soothingaccessories…The magic eye pillow releases aromatherapy and negative ions to help you relax.
  8. 8. Or you can order your customSoundAsleep pajamas inspired byyour favorite artists …SFMOMA Collection
  9. 9. Inspired by wide open spacesand temperature regulatingmaterials.Golden Gate Park Collection
  10. 10. Do you feel like you’re in prison &not getting enough sleep?The historic Occoquan Workhouse collection might be for you.
  11. 11. Do you protest sleep like the womensuffragists who were locked up in thatOccoquan Workhouse prison?The Silent Sentinel suffragist pajamas could be just what you need.
  12. 12. Inspired by spiritual andbiblical meaning…Zen yourself to sleep
  13. 13. SoundAsleep Creative & peacefulWear beautiful paintings to sooth you to sleep, choose any pattern you like.
  14. 14. SoundAsleep pajamas inspired byyour favorite childhood memories . . .Oh, the sleep you will sleep ** massaging footies are optional
  15. 15. With pajamas that trigger yourpressure points to help you get agood night sleep.
  16. 16. You willgo from this To this
  17. 17. What would your custom pajamaslook like? quiet relaxed I can Sleep peaceful Not hot, not cold… just rightTell us your comments & suggestions on our facebook page!Upload your favorite designs to: