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Effective use of powerpoint as a presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Effective use of powerpoint as a presentation

  1. 1. “Effective Use ofPowerpoint as a Presentation Tool”
  2. 2. want to have an OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION?
  3. 3. having a hard time to present or to catch the attention of the viewers?
  4. 4. You are in the right track!!
  5. 5. In this presentation we will be able to: 1. Know more about Microsoft powerpoint presentation 2. We will know what are the keys to have a successful presentation.3. we will be able to realize that powepoint is one of the basic tool for presentation.
  6. 6. Before we start our topic for today..
  8. 8. It was developed by the Microsoft.
  9. 9. Flexible – it can use in business or school to present something Creativity - it containstext, images, and other media, such as audio clips and movies. Soundeffects and animated transitions canalso be included to add extra appeal to the presentation.
  10. 10. Powerpoint is a powerful tool when it comes topresenting or illustrating. You can use some photos, graphs, maps, etc.
  12. 12. • THINK.THINK.THINK SOME STRATEGIES - first the themes should fit on your theme. It increases you’re creativity in your powerpoint presentation. We should also think some strategies so that you’re presentation will be not dull. You’re topic must be suit in your audience.
  13. 13. • SENTENCE OVERLOAD - avoid too much sentences.• SPEAK ALOUD - we should always remember that powerpoint presentation is just a guide for your presentation. Learn how to speak without your presentation.
  14. 14. • KNOW THE SEQUENCE - you should know the flow of your presentation to be able to have a good performance.
  15. 15. • CLICK! IMAGE. – visuals are important to have a successful presentation. If the presentation is just a text you’re presentation will be dull.
  16. 16. • LEARN HOW TO USE IT! - powerpoint presentation is a basic tool to make your own outstanding presentation. Before you can make a good one, make sure you know how to use the powerpoint.
  17. 17. • JUST DO IT SLOWLY - just click the slide one at a time depending on what are you talking about or the flow of your presentation.
  18. 18. • CONTENT - the content of your presentation is very important than to your designs. Designs are just part of your presentation, that appeals to other people.
  19. 19. • RIGHT INTRODUCTION AND END - you should have an energetic introduction and amazing presentation so that you can easily catch the attention of the viewers same as the end so that the viewers cannot easily forget the speaker and also his or her presentation.
  20. 20. • RIGHT TIMING – in powerpoint we have some animation like blink, slide, Etc. We should not overuse it. It’s not good in the viewer’s eyes. overusing sound effects and transitions will probably do more to annoy your audience than draw their attention.
  21. 21. • IS IT READABLE?? - you should be aware on your color schemes and fonts it should be contrast so that the readers or the viewers can easily understand what you want to say.
  22. 22. • RIGHT ANIMATION - you should not use the animation in some of the text especialy if that text are very important so that the viewers can easily understand what you want to say.
  23. 23. THANK YOU! Ma. Kathyrn L. Barredo FV1216