Technology Action Plan


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Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. EDLD 5352: Week 4, Part 3 Technology Action Plan Goal 1: Improve student achievement and instructional effectiveness through the use o Objective: All teachers and staff will integrate technology into daily instruction to improve learning and meet th Action Person ResponsibleContinue to increase integration of the technology TEKS into core Technology Intergration Specialist,academic subjects connecting them to state and national standards Principals, Teachers Intergration Specialist, Principals,Transition to online curriculum management system, C-Scope Teachers All professional staff members will be required to demonstrate basic Principals, Teachers, Instructional technology mastery Technologists Objective: All teachers and students will use Internet and e-mail resources to communicate with parents, peers, e Action Person Responsible Principals, Campus Webmaster,Campus will maintain a webpage for communicating information District Webmaster, Teachers, andand available resources to parents, peers, and the community. Students Director of Technology, TechnologyAll teachers and students will have access to the Internet and email Intergartion Specialist, Instructionalcapabilities for communication and educational purposes Technologist All staff will be provided web-based email access to district email Director of Technology, Technology accounts Intergration SpecialistGoal 2: Increase professional development to enhance instructional effectiveness in curriculum technology integration, ach all instructional staff, and transform teaching styles by promoting student-centered Objective: District will deliver and all teachers will attend aligned, research-based professional de
  2. 2. Action Person Responsible Superintendent, Director ofEach campus will provide a minimum of six hours of professional Technology, Technologydevelopment training annually related to technology and Intergration Specialist, andtechnology planning. PrincipalsUsing a blog, teachers will share best practices and information Principals and Teachersrelating to the integration of technology into the curriculum Implement at least one technology based project per semester per classroom requiring the manipulation of multiple technological Principals, Web Technologist, and mediums (ie, video/digital storytelling, Powerpoint, Desktop Teachers Publishing, etc) Goal 3: Impove the use of technology in administrative areas to facilitate data-driven decision making, increase com Objective: All relevant staff members will receive access to student records (achievment, attendance, discipline, Action Person Responsible Superintendent, Director ofThe district will continue programs that manage student Technology, Principals, Counselors,information and records and TeachersProvide training to high school teachers of record in order to Principals, Teachers, Campusqualify them to provide online credit recovery courses Technologist, and StudentsReferences:Killeen Independent School District. (2010). Retrived from High School CIP. (2010). Retrived from
  3. 3. Kathy Perdue March, 16 2011n Planectiveness through the use of technology.mprove learning and meet the needs of individual learning styles. Evaluation Examination of lesson plans to ensure technology integration Program generated reports Results of a basic technololgy testcate with parents, peers, experts, and their local and global community. Evaluation Campus website Account maintenance records Account maintenance records technology integration, achieve SBEC technology proficiency standards withinpromoting student-centered learning.rch-based professional development using technology.
  4. 4. Evaluation Attendance verification sheet Tracking the blog Student Participation and Gradescision making, increase community/parent awareness and involvment.nt, attendance, discipline, etc) to facilitate data-driven decision making. Evaluation AEIS analysis reports and PEIMS data Teacher participation and feedback, and successful course completetion for high school creditments/CIP20092010.pdf