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Social Maturity


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Short slide deck that explains how social media maturity impacts business strategy.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Maturity

  1. 1. Social www.kathyherrmann.comTwitter: @drnatalie Twitter: @kathyherrmann
  2. 2. Social Business starts with your strategy.You first need to knowwhere you are on theSocial Media Maturity curve.
  3. 3. OPTIMIZE Change how the brand/businessSocial Maturity ANALYZE Learn from successes operates to better serve customers (true CRM) and stakeholders;Curve and failures, begin to refine new practices that are delivering design and execute strategic programs that have measurable and value to the sustained impact. communities they serve. Incorporate new ideas and ENGAGE strategic use of digital Apply personal tools more often. experiences to business needs; get started with social networks for brands, blogging, create LEARN new forms of content. Personally start usingLISTEN social media; stay onLearn about digital top of broader mediamedia through reading, changes in progress.seeking opinion,attending trainingsessions.
  4. 4. Areas of discovery:  Monitoring and Measurement.  Audience Engagement.  Content, Platforms & Syndication.  Community Interactions.  Campaign Execution.  Organizational Synergy.
  5. 5. Social Maturity Insights• What your company is doing well.• What you can do better.• Gap data used to create a strategic plan for social media.• Get to ROI.• Leapfrog your competition.
  6. 6. Questions to consider• What is your brand’s real-time persona?• How do employees of the brand behave?• What actions do they take?• How do they relate and respond to people, news, and its environment?• How do they engage?• How does the brand live out its purpose, values, and promise?• How is the brand engaging your audience to participate, to comment, to explore?• Are you telling your brand’s stories the same old way?• Are you using the same old “voices” to tell the story?• How are you “showing” vs. “telling” your brand’s story?• How are your brand’s data streams represented, presented, and interpreted?• How is your brand capitalizing on interconnectedness of the network of friends, influencers, advocates, etc.?• How is your brand of service?• Is the promise and value of your brand real for customers?• How transparent are your corporate communications?• Are your executives comfortable with being genuine, authentic, open, and direct?• Does the brand openly solicit and respond to customer questions and concerns?• How is your brand advancing, simplifying, and solving customer problems? 6
  7. 7. Case study: iRobotHow iRobot used ramped upsocial maturity… Took a complicated technology and made it into a consumer product…
  8. 8. iRobot began listening to what wasbeing said in social media….“My Roomba doesn’t pick up pet hair #frustrated” “My Roomba isn’t working – can’t fix it #fail”• Heard what customers were saying• It was not always positive – and was stopping sales!• Gathered screenshots• Put them in a powerpoint• Gave them to CEO
  9. 9. iRobot took charge of thesocial customer interactions. The CEO appointed Dir. Social Customer Interactions.
  10. 10. iRobot used social media maturity to impactbusiness processes, systems and productivity.• Reduction in call volume – Superusers answer customer questions• Increase positive sentiment – Increase in positive word of mouth – Customers become marketers – Increase in sales• New product lines – Specific products based on customer’s wants’
  11. 11. And the results were a complete businesstransformation…• Absent of: – Politics and resistance – “Not invented here” or “not my problem”• Social media lead to transformation of: – Engineering, Product Development, QA – Fulfillment, Order Management, – Marketing, Sales and AdvertisingChalk it up to the “Witness” factor
  12. 12. Natalie Petouhoff Kathy Herrmann @DrNatalie @KathyHerrmann +DrNatalie +KathyHerrmann For more information on smROI & other topics… see our e-books …let’s do some myth busting* smROI 12