The Big Picture - Planning and Measurement for Long-Term Marketing Success


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Learn how to bridge short term social media planning with overall business objectives and long-term strategy.

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  • The Big Picture - Planning and Measurement for Long-Term Marketing Success

    1. 1. The Big PicturePlanning and Measurement over the Long Term
    2. 2. Long Term
    3. 3. Agenda• Short-term vs. long-term marketing• Social media strategy for long term success• Tips for long term success
    4. 4. Marketing Short Term• Sales driven promotions – Coupons – Discounts• Campaigns to increase subscribers
    5. 5. Marketing Long Term• Brand – Brand equity; value of brand assets – Brand awareness• Customer attitudes• Industry relationships• Customer Experience – the Weight watchers 360 plan. How will they know if this resonates? – Membership sign ups – Number of renewals – Number of success stories
    6. 6. Social Media StrategyLONG TERM SUCCESS
    7. 7. Social Media Strategy for Long Term Success
    8. 8. Weight Watchers MissionHelp people lose weight in a sustainable wayby helping them adapt a healthier lifestyleand a healthier relationship with food andactivity.-CEO David Kirschhoff
    9. 9. Business GoalsThrough innovation, find new ways to help more members and subscribers. Recent examples of such innovation include:
    10. 10. Look at department goals• Sales and marketing – customer retention• HR – reduce recruiting costs• Customer service – reduce number of phone calls• Research – gain customer feedback to improve program
    11. 11. Social Media Goals• Sales and Marketing – motivate customers to stay on track and stick with the program• HR – connect career opportunities to target employees online• Customer Service – handle all feedback in a professional way and minimize negative feedback• Research – learn what members like or don’t like about the program
    12. 12. Social Media Tactics• Sales and Marketing – create a promotion that celebrates customer successes• HR – establish career section on FB and publish jobs on LinkedIn• Customer Service – hire someone to monitor all platforms and respond in a timely way• Research – execute a survey to gain customer feedback
    13. 13. Measures of Success• Sales and marketing – Number of new members – Positive mentions, shares and engagement growth – Retention• Customer service – Number of calls to customer service – Number of complaints handled online – Results of a customer satisfaction survey compared to previous years• HR – Leads acquired to number of hires – Reduction in employee acquisition costs• Research – Number of surveys completed – Ideas shared for improvement
    14. 14. Sales and Marketing• Mission - Help people lose weight in a sustainable way• Goals – through innovation, help more members and subscribers• Department goal – customer retention• Social media goal – motivate customers to stay on track• Social media tactic – create a promotion to celebrate customer successes• Social Media Metric – Number of submissions, positive mentions, shares and engagement growth
    15. 15. Achieve Long Term Success• What does your customer want?• Trial and error – be flexible!• Have a brand attitude• And…
    16. 16. Think Big PictureAnalyze all of your strategies together andhow results tie back to your mission, goals andoverall business objectives.
    17. 17. Kathryn GritzmacherStrategist, WestmorelandFlintKathryn.Gritzmacher@WestmorelandFlint.comTHANK YOU!