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Summer Camp Brochure2011


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16 page, 2 color camp brochure for Plymouth Meeting Friends School Summer Arts Camp

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Summer Camp Brochure2011

  1. 1. Plymouth Meeting Friends School 2011 Summer Arts Camp June 27 - August 12
  2. 2. Plymouth Meeting Friends School 2011 Summer Arts CampSituated on the beautiful 13-acre green campus of Plymouth MeetingFriends School, Summer Arts Camp is the perfect place for children toexplore their artistic potential, develop their artistic imaginations, trynew activities, and experience the joy of summer. We offer a dynamicarts education program with flexible scheduling for children ages 3 - 15.What Makes PMFS Summer Arts Camp Unique?u Four developmentally appropriate art camp programs to choose fromu 28 summers providing arts education for campers of all ages and backgroundsu A central focus on the visual and performing artsu Instruction with local and regional artists, musicians and teachersu Group experiences and one-on-one instructionu Additional offerings such as Robotics, Spanish, Sports, and moreu Campers build their own scheduleu Outdoor activities on a beautiful 13-acre green campusu Air conditioned facilitiesu Auditorium performance space with stage and seating for 300u Light-filled art studio with clay and kiln roomsPlymouth Meeting Friends SchoolLocated at the corner of Germantown Pike and Butler Pike in PlymouthMeeting, PA, Plymouth Meeting Friends School has provided Quaker educationto children since 1780. Serving children ages three years old through sixthgrade, PMFS features a program rich in the arts, offering drama, violin, art, arthistory and more. The campus has ample space for outdoor play, nature andscience study, and art activities. The school’s Multipurpose Building includesan auditorium/gym that easily accommodates dance and drama programs. Thecampus also has an art studio, music building, computer and science rooms,library, and a space devoted solely to our youngest campers in Junior Camp.
  3. 3. Four Great Camp Programs (Ages 3-15) PMFS Summer Arts Camp includes four different programming options: u Junior Camp (ages 3-6) u Explorers Camp (age 6) u Intermediate Camp (ages 7-14) u Leadership Camp (ages 13-15)Junior Camp: Ages 3-6 yearsIn this program our youngest campers participate in traditional early elementaryschool activities such as craft time, story time, play time, and water play. Inaddition, campers are exposed to a series of specialists who engage them in avariety of performing and visual art activities. Both full and half day programsare available. Campers may register for one week only or for the full seven weeks. Morning Program, 9-1pm Afternoon Program 1-5pm Dance Spanish Art Fitness Creative Drama Nature Music Story TimeExplorers Camp – 6 year oldsExplorers Camp is designed to bridge the gap between Junior Camp andIntermediate Camp for 7-13 year olds. Campers in Explorers Camp participatein Junior Camp activities and, for an additional fee, can attend classes of theirchoice from the Intermediate Camp program. See Camp Schedule.Tuition and FeesJunior Camp: Number of weeks Full day Half day 7 $2,400 $1,430 6 $2,160 $1,275 5 $1,840 $1,080 4 $1,515 $888 3 $1,170 $688 2 $780 $475Explorers Camp:The Explorers will follow the Junior Camp tuition (see box).An additional fee will be added for each intermediate course selected.* 7 weeks 1 class 2 classes 3 classes $200 $350 $475* Fee is adjusted according to number of weeks attending.
  4. 4. Intermediate Camp – Ages 7 – 14Our Intermediate Camp is tailored for beginner, intermediate and advancedcampers ages seven through 14. There are two program options to choose from,depending on your camper’s age (see Camp Schedule). Classes meet five timesper week and enrollment in each class ranges from eight to 20 campers.Full time campers in the Intermediate Camp select four to six classes per day andare eligible for Game Time during their camp day. Part time campers select twoto three classes (back-to-back) per day.The minimum registration for Intermediate Camp is three weeks.Leadership Program – Ages 13-15Open to campers who are 13 years of age or older, our Leadership Program isdesigned to teach your child the art of leadership and provide him/her withleadership opportunities. Students learn how to care for children, conductengaging and safe activities, manage basic first aid, as well as work cooperativelywith the camp staff. This course is a prerequisite for senior campers who aretraining for our CIT program.Tuition and Fees:Tuition and fees are adjusted for campers attending for fewer than seven weeks(3-6 weeks). The mid-afternoon snack provided to all campers is included in thetuition. The lunch program will be billed weekly to participating families.Intermediate Camp Tuition (7 weeks*) Number of classes Tuition 5 (9-5 day) $3,150 4 (9-5 day) $2,625 3 (back to back) $1,950 2 (back to back) $1,306* For customized schedules with additional classes or fewer weeks of attendance, please contact the camp office for fees (three week minimum for this program).Leadership CampLeadership: A seven week program designed for campers who are 13 years ofage or older. Participants take the leadership class and two other classes of theirchoice (see Camp Schedule); for the remainder of their day they assist the campstaff. Lunch is provided. The fee for this program is $1,260.Leadership II: Designed for young leaders who have completed the leadershipprogram. Participants take three classes of their choice (see Camp Schedule); forthe remainder of their day they assist the camp staff. Lunch is provided. The feefor this program is $815.
  5. 5. Visual Arts Classes Visual Arts ClassesThe following visual arts classes are available to campers in our Explorers,Intermediate, and Leadership Camp camperscanour Explorers, The following visual arts classes are available Campers in select oneor more visual arts classes based on the offerings Campers canperiodone Intermediate, and Leadership Camp programs. in each time select (seeCamp Schedule,arts classes based on the offerings in each time period (see or more visual p. 14). Camp Schedule).Arts & Crafts Drawing and PaintingA course designed to expose our In drawing, students work on drawingcampers to a variety of art forms, such elements such as line, value, texture,as printmaking, papier-mâché, and proportion, and space. In painting,hand-built items in various media. students use a variety of media and paint in the style of various periodsCartooning of art.Campers explore the art of illustrationthrough the use of caricature. Graphic Arts This course offers an introduction toCeramics the theory and practice of technologyCampers learn to hand-build original in the graphic arts.pieces and glaze their creations. Jewelry MakingCooking Campers make their own jewelryCampers learn cooking fundamentals using beads, clay, found objects, andand create both cooked and non- “treasures” from home.cooked meals. Sewing and KnittingDesign Arts Campers learn basic stitches as well asStudents apply their art skills to machine sewing and explore detailingvarious aspects of design, including and color patterning. This course willfashion, architecture, and product also focus on the two basic knittingdesign. stitches, knit and purl.Digital Photography Web Page DesignCampers explore digital photography Using a web page design program,and editing techniques. students create a class web site and learn to view and understand HTML.Digital Video & Animation In this course campers will learn toCampers learn video techniques and prepare text, photos, and sound forvideo animation, including editing web pages.their videos and burning DVDs.
  6. 6. Performing Arts Classes The following performing arts classes are available to campers in our Explorers, Intermediate, and Leadership Camp programs. Campers select classes based on the offerings in each time period (see Camp Schedule).Broadway Song & Dance* Puppet TheaterCampers are introduced to show busi- This class combines the craft ofness through song and dance by two puppet building and the theatrics ofprofessionals in the field who team- puppeteering. Campers will buildteach the class. different styles of puppets, develop characters, and perform.Circus Arts*Develop hand-eye coordination with Private Lessonstechniques such as juggling, diablo, Campers choosing a private lessonplate spinning, and unicycling. receive two thirty minute lessons each week, with additional supervisedDrama* practice three times each week.Through improvisation, role-play, Lessons are available in any stringedbody movement, puppeteering, and instrument (including guitar),the staging of short plays, campers woodwind, brass, percussion, piano,learn the basics of acting and voice, and dance. No previousproduction. experience is necessary.Jazz Ballet*Experience the fundamentals of Rock Band Musicians of all levels will bedance through basic ballet and jazz included in Rock Band on traditionalmovement. instruments. All music lovers andMostly Improv instrumentation will be welcome.Through daily practice of verbal Come and have some fun learningimprovisation and the development classic and modern rock songs onof memory strength, campers learn your favorite instrument. By joiningindividual and team communication Rock Band classes, campers will haveas well as spontaneous performance the benefit of playing with othertechniques. musicians. Practicing and playing with other musicians is highly motivationalMusic and Computing and very important part of musicCampers learn how to compose education.and arrange music using digital * Indicates a performance class whichtechnologies. For campers with some requires a minimum attendance of sixknowledge of computers and an weeksinterest in music.
  7. 7. Spanish, Sports, Robotics, and More! In addition to visual and performing arts classes, campers have a variety of additional classes to choose from. Campers select classes based on the offerings in each time period (see Camp Schedule).Creative Writing RoboticsCampers discover their imaginative In this course, campers build manyvoices through poetry, storytelling, robotics systems. Through thisletter writing, and word play. process they will learn mechanical design, construction, programming,Spanish Immersion and teamwork skills. In addition,Explore the customs of Spanish the students will explore engines,speaking people. Classes will immerse construction, motion, and simple/campers in the Spanish language complex machines.through song, games, and conversationand life experiences. Game Time This activity is available free of chargeMath Support for campers who are enrolled for fourClass size will be small and instruction or more classes. When campers arewill be individualized. Curriculum will not scheduled for a class, they willbe created to suit individual campers participate in an organized game orneeds. cooperative sport.Reading Support Sports CenterClass size will be small and instruction Students will learn the skills and ruleswill be individualized. Curriculum will of several popular sports, includingbe created to suit individual campers soccer, basketball, baseball, football,needs. lacrosse, hockey, and racquet sports. Class time will include scrimmagesSwimming while emphasizing teamwork andCampers enrolled in this class will to the Plymouth MeetingRecreational Center for swim time.Swimmers will be transported in thePMFS van.
  8. 8. Camp Schedule - Build Your Own! Camp Schedule - Build Your Own!Explorers Camp, Intermediate Camp, Leadership Camp Explorers Camp, Intermediate Camp, Leadership CampTime Program A (ages 7-10) Program B (ages 11-14) Time Program A (ages 7-10) Program B (ages 11-14)9:00-10:00 Jazz Ballet * Digital Video & Animation 2:40-3:40 Cartooning Circus Arts* Creative Writing Drawing & Painting Ceramics Cooking Reading Support Mostly Improv Computer Graphics Sewing & Knitting Reading Support Drama* Creative Writing Private Lesson Private Lesson Private Lesson Drama* Game Time** Game Time ** Robotics Private Lesson10:10-11:10 Drawing & Painting Jazz Ballet * Game Time ** Game Time ** Mostly Improv Sewing & Knitting 3:45-4:00 Snack Time Snack Time Rock Band Web Page Design 4:00-5:00 Circus Arts* Cartooning Math Support Math Support Drama* Photography Private Lesson Private Lesson Cooking Art of Leading Game Time** Game Time ** Puppet Theater Ceramics Rock Band Private Lesson Puppet Theatre11:15-12:15 Broadway Song & Dance* Game Time ** Private Lesson Ceramics Game Time ** Lunch Jewelry * Indicates a performance class which requires a minimum attendance of six weeks Music & Computer ** Game Time is offered free of charge to any camper registered for four classes Swimming For Registration Forms: Private Lesson12:20-1:20 Broadway Song & Dance* Our registration fee is $350 and is non-refundable. The registration fee is deducted from the total tuition cost. Design Arts Jewelry Lunch Register on-site: PMFS Camp Open House Events 6:30-8:30 pm Music & Computer Swimming February 23, 2011 u April 19, 2011 u May 31, 2011 Private Lesson Register by mail: Camp Contact:1:30-2:30 Arts and Crafts Design Arts Computer Graphics Drama PMFS Summer Arts Camp Karen Mudry, Camp Director Spanish Spanish 2150 Butler Pike email: Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 phone: 610.828.2589 Sports Center Sports Center Private Lesson Private Lesson Lunch Program Lunch includes entrée, drink, and snack. It can be ordered on Game Time ** Robotics a daily or a weekly basis. The fee is $6.00 per day. Game Time ** Pre & Post Camp Pre Camp: 8-9 am – $50 per week u Post Camp: 5-6 pm – $50 per week
  9. 9. M eeting Frien th ds ou Sch Plym oo l 1780Plymouth Meeting Friends School2011 Summer Arts Camp2150 Butler PikePlymouth Meeting, PA 19462