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Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing


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Published in: Education
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Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing

  1. 1. What is a description? When do we describe things? What are some of the reasons that we describe things? What kinds of words might you use to describe this room? What reference would we use to find purposeful vocabulary?
  2. 2. •What kinds of colors do you see? •Are they light , dark or bright? •Can you see any shapes that the artist has drawn? •Are they tall shapes? •Short shapes? •Large shapes? •Small shapes? •What are the lines like? •Are they squiggly lines? •Straight lines? •Thick lines? •Thin lines? •How does this painting make you feel when you look at it? •Do you think the artist was sad when he or she drew this? Why or why not?
  3. 3. General What kind of What kind of What kinds of How does it description colors shapes? lines make me feel / what message was the artist trying to convey Child (possibly Dark, Sharp angles Straight lines, Despair, a slave) sitting midnight, on a rounded lines, shame, on a black over red rectangular no squiggly depressed, rectangular clay, box, banana lines (no heartbroken block and nightmare shaped mouth, freedom) Misery holding a colors long thin Plain lines Tired bucket in his fingers, oppression lap. cylinder bucket
  4. 4. Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing Names: ______________________________________ What Kinds of What Kinds of How does it General What Kinds of Shapes Lines make me feel / Description Colors what message was the artist trying to convey? !
  5. 5. One person will be secretary and do all the  writing. All members will contribute – it’s a team effort!  Brainstorm to fill in your graphic organizer.  Use a thesaurus to help you locate purposeful  vocabulary If you finish early, get a head start on next  week’s work by starting your group’s descriptive essay. Be prepared to share today’s work with the  class!