Periwinkle Senior Living Designs


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A power point showing new trends and ideas for senior living and hospice design.

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Periwinkle Senior Living Designs

  1. 2. The problem with senior living design is? The focus is on the word senior not the word design!
  2. 3. Here is a living room in an assisted living facility.
  3. 4. A living room in a home
  4. 5. The difference <ul><li>A sofa made for a senior living facility </li></ul><ul><li>A sofa made for a home </li></ul>
  5. 6. When I design for senior I ask myself, what would I want?
  6. 7. An add for senior living furnishings
  7. 8. An add from a home design magazine vs the senior living bedroom ad.Which room would I want?
  8. 9. I often here, sure that looks good, but senior living needs durability and functionality !
  9. 10. A dining room in skilled nursing same function improved form, form and function can co-exist in senior living
  10. 11. This ad is for a hospital bed that “Doesn’t look like a hospital bed.” We are getting there…be could we go further? I think so.
  11. 12. Old products and new products.
  12. 13. KATHY’S COLOR RULES <ul><li>All rules are susceptible to change </li></ul><ul><li>Stay away from Old people colors </li></ul><ul><li>Look for colors that inspire </li></ul><ul><li>Make sure to contrast your trim </li></ul><ul><li>Don’t assume all ceilings need to be white. </li></ul>
  13. 14. Beige is boring for seniors too!
  14. 15. Same lobby with color
  15. 16. A little paint, some fabrics will make a room
  16. 17. How do you decide on color? What do you Want the space to Say? This is the men’s Club.It needed Darker colors but The contrast makes It pop.
  17. 18. The color in this space was used to transport residents to a lakeside cottage
  18. 19. = I often hear, How do I know what colors are in?
  19. 20. Using colors that are “in” mean they will go out.Can you guess when this was done?
  20. 21. Look for timeless schemes
  21. 22. Look for colors you find in nature, that inspire memories. The blue of the sky the green of the grass
  22. 23. Same room different attitude!
  23. 24. Some yellow will bring sunshine to a room.
  24. 25. The use of contrast adds punch.
  25. 26. A before and after
  26. 27. Be braver in some areas less used
  27. 28. One space flows into another, yet each has a unique feel.
  28. 29. This was one of those schemes that raised some eyebrows at conception, But the doubters became believers at completion.
  29. 30. Staff areas can be inspired rooms by simply adding color. This conference room shows an example of unique color pairing.
  30. 31. An appointment in the beauty shop should be a destination to look forward to.
  31. 32. Now this is a destination! A beauty shop that is a beauty!
  32. 33. Make each space an inviting and unique destination. Two sitting rooms one is a room the other is a destination.
  33. 34. A fun destination.
  34. 35. A hospice hallway, that transports you to a seaside retreat.
  35. 36. In existing facilities, you have elements that can not change. These door at the end of the hall were a dismal dark brown and looked institutional.
  36. 37. The question is… What would I want?
  37. 38. Two rooms where people live.Yet they say very different things.
  38. 39. This was the first impression of this facility. What did it say?
  39. 40. Same room.What does it say now?
  40. 41. A warm first impression