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  • Since fair Annabelle

    1. 1. QuestionWhich sport develops the strongest biceps?
    2. 2. Why I Chose This QuestionWith the Olympics on TV and lots of athletes from around theworld competing in lots of different sports it seemed a goodtime to incorporate sports into my project. I have always beeninterested in sport, and in particular I like gymnastics. I havemeet Matthew Palmer who is a gymnast that competed in thecommonwealth games. He is originally from Blenheim. I aminterested in how the body works, and staying fit and healthy.My family enjoy lots of sports and a healthy lifestyle.I have been doing some background research on the body, andhave decided to focus on muscles and how they work. Thereare many muscles in the human body, so I have decided to lookat arm muscles in particular.
    3. 3. Hypothesis-What I Think• I think that the people who participate in tennis or gymnastics will have the strongest biceps because you use your arms to hold the racket and hit the ball when your playing tennis.You use your arms for balance and support in gymnastics.
    4. 4. TEST MATERIALS• Survey sheet• Timer/clock• 1kg water bottle• Some people around the same age that do different sports.• pencil
    5. 5. Test-Method• 1. Take pencil and survey sheet. Survey the class to find out what sports everyone does.• 2. Choose some people in the class aged 9 or 10 year olds that do different sports.• 3. Fill a water bottle with rocks (so it weighs 1kg)• 4. Test each person separately. Get the person to stand against a wall holding the 1kg weight in their right arm.
    6. 6. • 5: Tell each student when you say GO lift the 1kg weight as many times as you can.• 6. Time them for 1 minute.• 7. Say GO and count how many times they can lift the weight.• To make the test fair make sure that the students hand touches the wall when they lower the weight. Also make sure that when they lift their arm that the weight touches their shoulder.• measure
    7. 7. Results I counted how many times the students could lift the 1kg weight in 1 minute The results were as follows:• Didn’t do any sports lifted the weight 35 times.• Play softball lifted it 75 times.• Dance lifted it 28 times.• Play lots of sports lifted it 51 times.• Play soccer lifted it 40 times.• Play taekwondo lifted it 44 times.• Gymnastics lifted it 44 times.• Play squash lifted it 41 times.• Play tennis lifted it 38 times.• Play netball lifted it 42 times.
    8. 8. RESULTI found out that the people who play softballhave the strongest biceps.I also found out that the people who dancehave the least strongest biceps.
    9. 9. Blue bars indicate the number of people whoparticipated in my survey.
    10. 10. ConclusionOf the sports the children in my class do, those that play softball have thestrongest biceps. I am surprised that gymnastics didn’t score higher.My results have proven my prediction wrong, I though that people who dogymnastics or tennis would score higher on my strength test.I think the people who play softball had the strongest biceps because you useyour arms to hold the bat, hit the ball and throw the ball in softball. I alsothink the people who dance have the least strongest biceps because you onlyuse your arms for graceful movements when you are dancing.If I did this test again I would ask the people that got the highestscores if they did lots of other sports and if they did sports in Summerand Winter ( all year round ) This could have effected my results.
    11. 11. Future Action• I could find out if the type of sport people do result in stronger legs.• I think dancers and cyclists would have stronger and bigger leg muscles!
    12. 12. • I found out that the children that do more sports have better endurance. They got higher scores on the task.• Boys and Girls that do 3 or more sports have the same higher levels of endurance.• The type of sport didn’t really matter but the top 4 all played a ball passing and hitting sport- netball, basketball, softball.