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  1. 1. My Question What grade of flour is thebest to make pikelets with? To measure this I will be testing for Taste, Shape, Lightness.
  2. 2. Hypothesis• I chose this question because I love cooking. There are lots of different types of flour to choose from at the supermarket. Flour is graded and the manufacturers recommend that you use Plain flour or Self Raising flour to make pikelets. These flours have less gluten The grade of flour depends on the amount of Gluten. Gluten means glue and makes mixtures stick together and hold shape
  3. 3. INGREDIENTS• flour(4 types)High grade, Plain. Self Raising, Wholemeal• Recipe Flour,sugar,salt,milk,butter,baking powder
  4. 4. Method• I will be baking 4 batches of pikelets using 4 types of flour.I will test it by letting some people taste them. The only thing I will change is the type of Flour grade. The brand I will use is Pams it is the cheapest, but I am using Champion brand for the whole meal because Pam’s don’t offer whole meal flour• To make the test Fair I will:• Measure the ingredients carefully. Use the same quantities of all the ingredients No added baking powder to the self raising flour because it already has raising ingredients in it• Same time to cook each one
  5. 5. Record-result• My observations on each type of pikelet:• High grade - Chewy Colour- browny- yellow Shape- even round• Plain Four - chewy Colour- browny not as good shape as others• Whole meal - Gritty and not soft Colour very brown• Self Raising - Fluffy, thicker when cooked, and rose higher than all the others, tasted best and was not chewy or tough Colour Yellowish• Note - Self raising flour is more expensive than the other flours. Plain flour is the cheapest CLASS SURVEY Taste• The class rated the piklet made with the self raising flour the tastiest. and the best• Reasons given when asked why?• It was softer and not chewy like the others
  6. 6. Test Result High Grade Plain Self raising Whole MealJesse 4 3 4 3 Joel 4 3 5 5Chris 3 5 4 4Zoe B 4 4 5 3Zoe T 4 4 5 3 Sally 4 4 4 3Grace 4 3 4 3Maddy 5 2 3 1Catlin 4 2 5 1Mrs B 3 3 5 4Mum 2 3 5 3 Dad 1 4 5 3Total 42 40 54 36
  7. 7. Weight of cooked Pikelet Test I weighed each type when cooked to test lightness• Whole Meal: 20g 1tbsp MIXTURE for each piklet• Self Raising: 20g• Plain: 18g• High Grade: 19g• I noticed there was not much difference
  8. 8. Conclusion• You can make pikelets using any kind of flour BUT you get different looking piklets both in colour and shape and they can have different softness - texture.• Taste is similar if you use Self raising or Plain grade flour but texture and the fluffiness of the self raising pikelet was the best.• Plain flour gives you a lighter pikelet• This may be because the ingredients in the Self raising flour were different to the others it had a raising agent in it with wheat flour and baking powder was not added to it.
  9. 9. Future action• I would recommend that people use Self Raising Four to make pikelets• I would try making the pikelets with more Baking powder added if using plain flower or high grade flour. Will this make them lighter, thicker and less chewy?• Will cooking them with different heats and different times make a difference?• Try the Pikelet Pre Mix and see if it is better than the Self Raising Flour• Try the more expensive brands and see if they make better pikelets.
  10. 10. Graph60 45 30 W.M 15 S.R Plain 0 H.G Region 1