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Science Tiria


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Science Tiria

  2. 2. why we chose it• We chose this question because we love plants and we wanted to know if they had feelings so it’ll take the hastle out of growing plants. Also so our world can be more green and to see how our plants will grow better.
  3. 3. Hypothesis-What we think • We think plants do have feelings and if you treat them with kindness they will grow better.
  4. 4. Materials• 3 pots• 1 cup (for water)• 3 sticks• 3 plants (snap dragons)
  5. 5. Test-Method• Get three flower plants• Put a sticks in each flower pot for support.• Treat one nicely by speaking happy every day• Treat one badly by speaking really grumpy and just leave the other one.• Feed them 2x a day and keep them inside the living room on the window sill. ( same place)• Speak to them 2x a day when we feed them. Take them out of the room and speak to them.
  6. 6. Observations Week 1First day nothing happened.It is the second day and the treat nice plant is straight and the treat bad plant is leaning over andthe leave alone plant is a little bit leaning over.The third day Still the same.fourth day The treat bad plant has grown the first flower.fifth Day Still the same.sixth The leave alone plant is the second plant to grow a flower.The treat bad plant is growingvery fast.The treat nice has grown much taller.seventh Day the treat bad plant is growing very fast.the treat nice plant is grown much taller.still the samethe leave alone plant grew 2cm taller .the treat good plant and the treat bad plant both grew a little bit taller
  7. 7. OBSERVATIONS Week 2The leave alone plant made a big improvement by 3cm taller.still the same.all of the plants grew a little bit taller.I have realized that the leave alone plant at the moment is the best.The treat bad plant has almost grown a full flower.Nothing has happened to day.I have realized that the treat bad plant has the most flowers but is leaning to the side a bit .I have realized that the treat good plant is the tallest but doesn’t look as good and the leavealone plant is the best.The only two that changed is the treat bad and the control plant the treat bad plant is 26cmand the control plant is 23cm.The control plant is 24.3cm
  8. 8. ResultFinal measurement- The treat good plant is NOT MUCH TALLER THAN THE CONTROLPLANT.THE TREAT BAD PLANT HAD THE MOST FLOWERS AND THE FIRST TO HAVE FLOWERSThe control plants flowers are dying and is 29.5 the treat bad plant is also dying and is 29.6 cm thetreat good plant has got perfect flowers and is 34cm.The treat good plant is 36cm . The treat bad plant is 30cm and the control is sill the same
  9. 9. Result• The control plants flowers are dying and the plant is 29.5 cm . The treat bad plants flowers are also dying and is 29.6 cm. The treat good plant has got perfect flowers and is 34cm.This is we think because it flowered last.• The treat good plant is 36cm the treat bad plant is 30 cm and the control plant is still the same .
  10. 10. Conclusion-Was my prediction right !From our test we have learnt that ourhypothesis was not really right. Although thetreat nice plant is the tallest it wasn’t the first tohave flowers. The treat bad plant ended upleaning over and the flowers were dying BUTIT HAD THE MOST FLOWERS!The control plant turned out to be to smallest and didn’t have manyflowers.Over the first two weeks we thought that the control plant wasthe best but one week later that had all changed a lot.So we conclude that talking nicely to plantsdoes not make much difference to the growth ofa plant.
  11. 11. Future Directions• Keep a distance away when talking to the plants ...maybe our breath created a draught and they didn’t like it.• I could try soft music playing all day and loud metallic heavy metal type music.• The plants would have to be in separate rooms! I could have tested more than 1 plant maybe a group of 3 treat good and 3 treat bad. I really enjoyed my testing and I hope to have fun next year.