Science fair investigations Caitlin


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  • Science fair investigations Caitlin

    1. 1. QuestionDoes the colour of the food or drink influence how wefeel about it, and does that effect what we choose?
    2. 2. Hypothesis/ What I think• I think the food or drink that is the most colourful will be more popular than the plain. I think people think that the more attractive the colour is, the more appealing and tastier the food/drink is.
    3. 3. Why I chose this Question• I chose this question because when I go to Parties the drinks and food is REALLY colourful and it makes me more tempted, so I’m testing people to see if they choose the food or drink because of the colour.
    4. 4. Test MaterialsFAIRY BREAD APPLE • Green • 100’s and 1000’s sprinkles • Red • 8 slices of bread • Yellow • Butter • 2 type (redy yellow orange) • 1tub DRINK • knife • Raro sachet 1 • Water (cold) • 2 bottles • 13 shot sample cup
    5. 5. Test Method • First you get 4 slices of bread and put butter on the 4 slices. Fairy • Next put 100’s and 1000’s on the slices with butter. Bread • Thirdly get 4 other slices and put butter on them, then don’t put sprinkles on them. • After you have done that then get some class mates and give them a little sample and see what they choose.Drink • Put water in the 2 bottles. • Next add the sachet and put in ONE bottle with water. • Stir/shake. • Get some class mates and say what drink do you chose then say why did you chose that. • First lay the 4 apples on a flat surfaceApple • Next get some class mates and tell them what colour apple do you chose.
    6. 6. • I decide to test 3 things- Food- Bread, Drink-Cordial and water and a fruit-apple
    7. 7. Result 12 people decided they would have the color sample and 1 personFairy bread wanted the plain sample so that tell’s me that the most popular is the colored sample. When I asked them why they chose the coloured Fairy Bread 8 people said because it was bright and colourfulDrink 11 people chose the coloured drink and 2 people wanted the plain drink. The most popular apple colour was the mixed coloured (reddy/orange/Apple yellow apple and the green apple the ticks were 5 for both apples ,2 people chose the red apple ,1 person chose the yellow apple.
    8. 8. Conclusion• My Hypothesis was correct, most of the children, selected the coloured samples and said for their reason : It was colourful, bright and interesting.• My answer is that the children WERE influenced by the colour food/drink.
    9. 9. Future ActionAdding healthy but still colourful food and drinks to partyfood. Maybe the children will select the healthy butcolourful food/drinks.