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  • Michael pr science Michael

    1. 1. My question. What rock out of theseMarlborough rocks dissolve the fastest. Graywacky,Sandstone,Limestone, Mudstone and Quartz?
    2. 2. HypothesisI think that limestone will dissolve thefastest because it is very holy. The vinegar isacid and will work like erosion and break itdown.
    3. 3. Materials1 2in-2in slab of Gray wacky.1 2in-2in slab of Quartz.1 2in-2in slab of Sandstone.1 2in-2in slab of Mudstone.1 2in-2in slab of limestone.5 plastic tins.250gram bottle of vinegar.
    4. 4. Test method.1 Put each rock in different tins.2 Pour 50 grams of vinegar in each tin.3 Wait three weeks.4 Check which rock has dissolved the most.5 Write down results.Check rocks for hardness METHOD1.Scratch each rock with Fingernail, coin,knife Rub 5xwith a steel file. Record if it marks2.Wrap each rock in a piece of materialBang with ahammer x2 Record what happens
    5. 5. OBSERVATIONS - Vinegar ACID TESTDay 1 Only effects was of the two limestones theholy one is dissolving quickly and the one withoutholes was dissolving slowly.Day 2 Same as day 1.Day 3 Same as day 2 but gray wacky is starting totake effect.Day 4 Same as day 3.Day 5 Everything taking effect except the quartz.Day 6 Same as day 5.
    6. 6. Day 7 Everything is taking effect.Day 8 Same as day 7.Day 9 Same as day 8.Day 10 quartz is starting to dissolve today.Day 11 Holy limestone has almost completelydissolved.
    7. 7. Day 12 Same as day 11Day 13 Everything is almost half dissolved.Day 14 Same as day 13.Day 15 Every rock except the quartz is half dissolved.Day 16 -18 Same as day 15Day 19 Holy limestone is completely broken up andonly a few white specksDay 20 Same as day 19Day 21 Non holy limestone has also broken down andnearly dissolved!
    8. 8. How I made this a fair test. The rocks are the same size and so is the size of the boxes that I put the rocks in. I also put the same amount of vinegar in each box.
    9. 9. I chose this because. I love rocks and fossils and I have been collecting them for years. that is why I chose this project.
    10. 10. CONCLUSIONHardness test. The hardest rock was quartz myhypothesis was . But for my smash test the quartzshattered into a million pieces. I found out thatquartz is a crystal so it shatters easily.Dissolving test. My hypothesis was right the holylimestone dissolved the fastest. I learned that quartzdid not dissolve as much as the other rocks because itis a different type of rock than the others.
    11. 11. QUESTIONWhat is the hardest Marlborough rock?Hypothesis HARDNESS TESTI think that the hardest rock will be quartzbecause it is a different type of rock to theothers. And when I tried to dissolve it. It didnot work.
    12. 12. Hardness test. Finger test. Scratch Coin test. Knife test. Steel file Hammer test. test. test. Made the Made the Made the Made the A few chipsMudstone deepest deepest deepest deepest thats all. mark. mark. mark. mark. 7 pieces No small Deeper largeSandstone No and lots of mark mark mark mark chips. small medium large 2 bigLimestone No No mark mark pieces lots mark of chips. 10 pieces tiny small largeGray wacky No No lots of mark mark mark chips. Shattered medium leaving only Quartz No No No No mark chips and dust.