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Gracies my questio

  1. 1. QuestionWill plants grow and taste better if fed with Worm Juice?
  2. 2. HYPOTHESISWe think that the worm juice will make plantsgrow better and taste better. We know that plantsneed water and food in the soil to make themgrow better.
  3. 3. test materialsWorm juiceCold Water6 potsSoil -#om the ve$ie gardenMeasuring cup
  4. 4. TEST MethodGet 2 litres of Worm Juice frpm a worm farmGet 6 clean plastic planting potsPut soil in the pots 3/4 fullPut cauilfower and mint plants in the potsMix 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of worm juiceAdd this to each pot. Water twice a week.In one pot of cauliflower and 1 pot of mint water with
  5. 5. Test 2WHAT we did differentWe
  6. 6. week 1
  7. 7. conclusionwell the juice ones have win. the ones withwater have lott.
  8. 8. with what do you think do they now what taste?mint is in it? is in it Max 8/10 ? no Tiria 5/10 yucky stuff noMichael 10/10 fig or raisin noNyah 10/10 mint yes Jonty 2/10 ? noZoe b 8/10 brutal no
  9. 9. on mint what do you do they now taste? think is in it? what is in it sam 8/10 ? no Chris 10/10 mint noAnnabelle 5/10 just yes chocolate Jude /10 e ? no harry 7/10 ? ? sally 9/10 nuff yes
  10. 10. taste testcompare your worm juice mint leaf withcontrol mint life1. Grace make a mint drink water leaf2. Gracie rub leaf on to paper. Smell paper.