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  • Graces my question scieince

    1. 1. Does worm juice effect howplants grow , taste and smell?
    2. 2. HYPOTHESISWe think that the worm juice will makeplants grow better and taste better. We thinkthis because we are worm farm monitorsand we put the food scraps into the wormfarm for the worms to eat.We know that plants need water and food inthe soil to make them grow better.
    3. 3. Materials• Worm juice• cold water• 6 pots• soil- from the veggie garden• Measuring cup
    4. 4. Test Method• Get 3 cauliflower pants and 3 mint plants• Get 2 liters of Worm Juice from a worm farm.• Get 6 clean plastic planting pots.• Put soil in the pots 3/4 full.• Put cauliflower and mint plants in the pots.• Mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of worm juice.• Add this to each pot.Water twice a week Tuesdays and Saturdays• In one pot of cauliflower and a pot of mint water with plain cold water-no juice.• Leave3 in the garage and 3 inside. * Record the growth
    5. 5. RESULTS of1st test • After 3 weeks all 6 plants died. They went moldy and soggy!We concluded that they were getting too muchworm juice and water. The three we put in thegarage died quicker than the ones in the house.So we started all over again.
    6. 6. TEST 2We decided to make the TEST fairer byputting them ALL in the House on thewindow sill of our family room.This room has lots of light and it is warmerthan the garageWe added more soil into the pots too
    7. 7. RESULTSAfter week 1 we noticed that the worm wee ones weregrowing better than the water ones. They had grown from6.1 to 7.2.After week 2 we noticed that the worm wee ones weregrowing and over taking the ones with water in them from7.2 to 7.6After week 3 the worm wee ones were still growing fasterthen the water ones from 7.6 to 10.6After week 4 we noticed that the ones with wee were stillover taking the ones with water from 10.6 to 12.5
    8. 8. Taste and Smell testCompare your worm juice mint leaf withcontrol mint leaf. WW NO WW SAME PLANT PLANTrub leaf onto paper - SMELL PAPER!Does the worm juice one taste andsmell stronger? 2 2 6More people thought that they were thesame but some people still thought therewas a difference.
    9. 9. More people thought that they were the same but some peoplestill thought there was a difference.
    10. 10. Taste Result Make two mint drinks one with ww plant leaf in andanother with water plant leaf in.The minted water drink made from the ww plantwas about the same as the water only plant ones.3 tasted it, Mum, sister and me Me and my sister thought the ww was stronger, mum thought they were about the same So I can’t really say it is really stronger I needed to test it on more people
    11. 11. Conclusion• Cauliflower and mint Plants grow bigger and quicker if you use worm juice mixed with water Half water and half worm juice.• We needed to ask more people to taste to get a more accurate result• There was not much difference between the ww leaf and the no ww leaf in the smell of it