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WiserU Career System Overview


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WiserU Career System Overview

  1. 1. Under employed Raiseyourgraduates’salaries& yourcollege’soverallsalaryscore of college grads are … THE MISSION: THE PROBLEM:
  2. 2. TwogovernmentactionsspurcollegestoactNOW!
  3. 3. U.S. Public & Private Colleges: $450B industry New site compares all schools by cost, graduation rate and average graduate salaries. Score poorly? Lose out to better scoring colleges University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, DeVry STL Community College UCLA Harvard 20M students 3840 schools For-Profit Colleges: $25B industry New Gainful Employment Law: Get grads into better-paying jobs or lose 90% of revenue 840K students 1400 schools Example schools: THE IMPACT:
  4. 4. For-profit colleges need: Better graduate salaries to obey the law, counter bad press, and stem plummeting enrollment
  5. 5. All colleges need: Better graduate salaries as a competitive advantage to compete on College National Average
  6. 6. The ProvenWiserU Career System A Turnkey System of Video Tutorials + Action Guides + Templates + Forum & Webinars Through the WiserU Career System’s 10 turbo training modules 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Higher paying, career positions 1 THE SOLUTION: T h e R e s u l t : Graduates who land … AND a better salary score for your college
  7. 7.
  8. 8. 10 Progressive, Web-Based Modules
  9. 9. Each Module Includes an Introduction Video
  10. 10. Plus, a Targeted, Topical Video Tutorial with EXACT, Research-Based Guidance
  11. 11. Plus, a Take-Action Guide to take immediate action on what they learned
  12. 12. Plus, Resume, LinkedIn Profile & Cover Letter Templates to Impress Employers
  13. 13. Plus, a Community Forum & Webinars with Q&A
  14. 14. Plus, Participants can upgrade to receive personal career coaching & services Career Coaching & Interview Preparation Resume/Cover Letter Creation & Optimization LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization
  15. 15. Participants learn EXACTLY what to say & do
  16. 16. Plus, How to Excel on the Job Which is essential since only 14% of employers say they believe recent grads are prepared enough to be hired Source: CBS MarketWatch
  17. 17. See Improved Salary Scores for Your College • WiserU’s motivating messaging keeps graduates moving through the system until completion to improve their career prospects • The system surveys and tracks users’ participation and gauges employment and satisfaction reports for their colleges • As more graduates use the guidance to land better-paying jobs, participating colleges’ average salary scores will rise, creating a competitive advantage over other schools* *Various concerns factor into graduates’ career salary success and therefore factor into the overall salary scores for colleges, therefore WiserU, LLC, cannot guarantee that your graduates will see increased salaries or that your college will experience a higher overall salary score.
  18. 18. Management AdvisoryConsultants Trinity International University / 15+ years of sales and marketing leadership experience with Panera, Edward Jones, Ralston, and Maritz. Strong corporate and higher education sales and marketing leadership expertise. Susan Lopez Vice President, Sales and Marketing Kathy Bernard CEO / Career Coach and LinkedIn Expert Created the WiserU Career System using the guidance she provided 1,000+ clients and through her blog and 500+ workshops and webinars. Won 27 awards for communications excellence when with Enterprise Holdings, Caleres (Brown Shoe), and CBS Radio. James Beal CTO & Technical Consultant Job Transition TV, CareerCenterToolBox, Built Webster University’s alumni career site. Janell Simmons College Consultant Leading recruiter for DeVry University + accomplished leader at Microsoft, IBM, & HP. Gary Baker Corporate Consultant & In-kind Investor SVP - Wells Fargo Advisors + Emerging Leaders Organization & Arête High Performers Frank Alaniz Career Consultant SLATE (St. Louis Agency on Training & Employment), Noted career expert.
  19. 19. TheWiserUCareerSystem The Turnkey Solution to Support Your Graduates & Improve Your Graduate Salary Score
  20. 20. Raiseyourgraduates’salaries& yourcollege’soverallsalaryscore withthe Visit to learn more. Contact Sue Lopez to get started – 847-606-5160, or email