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Linked In Blog Promotion Boot Camp


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Learn how to promote your blog posts on LinkedIn.

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Linked In Blog Promotion Boot Camp

  1. 1. presents … With Kathy Bernard © Kathy Bernard, 2012
  2. 2. Kathy Bernard …• blogger• LinkedIn trainer / profile creator• Blogging/social media “immigrant” … but I keep trying• If I can promote on LinkedIn, you can too
  3. 3. Today we will focus on …Why and how to promote your blogon LinkedIn …• Why LinkedIn?• The right tools• The right wayConsider: Do you want readersOr readers/paying clients?
  4. 4. Jump to LinkedIn …175 million users in more than 200 countries• A new member joins every second; 38% in the U.S.• Your competition is likely using it
  5. 5. Jump to LinkedIn …Completely business focused • Largest professional network in the world • Network with the right people in the right way • Relatively easy to get started; relatively easy to use • GREAT for blog promotion and sales leads
  6. 6. Choose the Basic membership level …It can handle almost everything you need to do
  7. 7. Build your network – build your businessAllow LinkedIn to search your email account• Invite those you know who are on LinkedIn Invite people you know who are already on LinkedIn
  8. 8. Invite connections’ connections to connect
  9. 9. ConnectionsAdd connectionsthrough the“People You MayKnow” box Don’t look like you don’t have friends or don’t know how to use LinkedIn
  10. 10. ConnectionsInvite open networkers to connect• Look for LION, Open Networker or numbers in headline
  11. 11. ConnectionsSend customized invitations to connect• Visit person’s profile page, click “CONNECT”
  12. 12. ConnectionsChange the default invitation message• Simply highlight the default text• Delete the text• Add a new message
  13. 13. Connections• Choose the best connection option o Some options work better than others
  14. 14. Connections• Accept connections! o 3,350+ connections – Nearly 0 problems o Invite me to connect: o Don’t use “Report Spam” option. Better: “Ignore”
  15. 15. ConnectionsCustomize your invitation acceptances• Establish / re-establish the relationship
  16. 16. Customize your invitations acceptances• Example:
  17. 17. Why LinkedIn connections are a must1st connections lead to 2nd and 3rd degreeconnection you can research and reach outto for open jobs
  18. 18. LinkedIn’s power…Your network grows exponentially
  19. 19. Find your audience in Linked In groupsJoin up to 50 groups• Business related where your potential clients/readers ARE• Alumni• Industry/field• Interests• Aspirational• Local• Job search
  20. 20. LinkedIn groupsEnjoy instant access to all group members• Invite them to connect; follow leaders 1456240 results Nearly 1.5 million groups! Now over 1 million members!
  21. 21. LinkedIn groupsSend direct messages to group members• Click members picture from Discussions page and click “Send Message”
  22. 22. Join in on LinkedIn group discussions
  23. 23. Post to multiple LinkedIn groups
  24. 24. Post to multiple LinkedIn groups
  25. 25. Post to multiple LinkedIn groups
  26. 26. Create your own LinkedIn group
  27. 27. Establish a free company page – New!Reinforcesize/strength• You must have a company email address• Gain followers• Promote posts, articles through company page
  28. 28. Promote products/services• Add up to 3 image headers• Encourage recommendations• Promote up to five products/services
  29. 29. Use InMessages to reach your audience• Send to 50 at a time,multiple times• Send to a select,tagged group or to all• More InMessage info:
  30. 30. LinkedIn messaging Do’s & Don’t’s• DO share interesting and informative information• DON’T be salesy (except on your Company page)• DO reach the right people in the right way• DO build relationships with relevant thought leaders and seek to become one• DO notify your network when you’ve built your company page and invite them to follow it
  31. 31. Use free lets you share documents
  32. 32. Use free applicationsSlideshare lets you add slides or videos
  33. 33. Use free applicationsCreative Portfolio Display lets you adda screen shot leading to your online portfolio
  34. 34. Find answers 1 2Visit Getajobtips.com1.1 Find LinkedIn tips onJob Tips by Topic2.2 DownloadInterviewing WelleBook for $34.993.3 Subscribe free viaemail or RSS feed. 3 4 Invite me to connect on LinkedIn 4
  35. 35. Arrange a Career Launch LunchPick my brain on how to promote your blog• Or bring your laptop / learn LinkedIn basics• Just the cost of your lunch and mine for one hour session• St. Louis Bread Co. or similar in Affton, St. Louis Hills, Crestwood, or Sunset Hills area• Ask for my business card
  36. 36. Promote your blog on LinkedIn!It can help you … Grow your blog!
  37. 37. Arrange for LinkedIn LightningGuarantee: Dramatic Improvement!• I’ll transform your LinkedIn profile for you• I’ll report before / after relevancy rankings• First five page positioning for your key words• 100% profile completeness*$250Call
  38. 38. Invite me to connect on LinkedIn!Today’s SpecialLinkedIn profile revamp: $225 314-620-1184 © Kathy Bernard, 2012