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Top 50 Tips for Landing a Job after 50

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  • Good afternoon.Welcome to Top 50 Tips for Landing a Job After 50.I will be covering a lot of ground today and featuring several links to valuable information, so please know that you will be sent a recording of the webinar, as well as a 50 Top Tips printable sheet so that you can really dig into each tip later.NEXT SLIDE
  • So let’s get started by discussing how to best position yourself to land a job after 50. NEXT SLIDE
  • Ditch distractions – waste of time jobs and efforts.Procrastination – not deciding between multiple options, waiting for the money to run out.Get organized – make sure you are tending to every important step.I’ve created a Career Search Checklist which you can access from the Box.net portion of my LinkedIn profile. Invite me to connect and you can access it, as well as other documents there or find them on the printable resources page of my blog.The easiest way to get to my blog is to just type in Get a Job! Tips blog in Google and click on the blog. Ultimately the point of having a laser focus on what you want because what you think about all the time is what you will become.
  • Like the Career Search Checklist, you can find an action plan on my profile or blog that can help you take the right steps in your search.
  • Really think about what you can bring to an organization. For example, I met with a job seeker over a Career Launch Lunch yesterday (tell Vicki story – fundraising, training, and banking) Ask 10 people to identify your strengths. You might be surprised by what others see in you that you don’t realize in yourself. A friend revealed to me that my biggest strength was my ability to connect the right people to each other. Craft your resume, etc. based on your unique assets.
  • The tendency can be to try for anything, but Gilyan, a recruiter who I have befriended over social media says, As a former recruiter, I saw many people apply for jobs far too junior for their skill-set (or offering their services at a low rate) as they felt themselves "too old" to be competitive. She cautioned that old job seekers just don’t need to do that. It makes them look desperate. I’ve include this link shown here in my 50 Tips page. It links to a Get a Job! Tips blog post I did about smart salary negotitation strategies.
  • Some companies are bad about hiring older workers, some are very good. Focus on the ones that seek out seasoned workers. AARP does an annual list of the best companies who value seasoned workers. Two known companies that are good at hiring older workers is CVS/Pharmacy and Home Depot
  • I talk to a lot of seasoned job seekers who will tell me that they just want the kind of job they used to have … or they want a job where they don’t have to use computers or where they don’t have to work overtime, or whatever. If you keep hoping for that, you might be wishful thinking. Companies expect a lot and if you aren’t willing to have the basic requirements of the job, they’ll just move on to the next candidate who will. Careerplanner.com has a list of hot jobs and career trends.
  • Even being out of the work force for 3-6 months can put you behind in new technologies.
  • Copy and paste it into Notepad to strip out formatting of web pages.Great way to keep track of all you’ve learned. It gives you an excellent response to the interview question: What have you been doing to keep your skills up to date.
  • When I was unemployed I took free classes at St. Louis County Library in beginner, intermediate and advanced Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Networking groups can be great for learning as well as for getting out of the house where you can interact with others who can be of help to you.
  • People expect you, as a seasoned worker to be out of touch with new technologies. Prove them wrong by trying to keep up. Sign up to receive tech tips of the day, such as from socialmediapower.com.
  • Prepare samples, such as create a PowerPoint presentation and attach that to e-mails or bring them with you to interviews. Don’t forget to add new proficiencies to your resume.
  • Thoughtful solutions might involve how you’d be excited to help bring attention to one of their new products. When suggestion solutions, be sure to listen and learn before offering suggestions because you want to show that you are not just spewing ideas without thought.
  • Don’t skim over this one. I hear from more 50 somethings who search a long time for jobs only to wash out on jobs very quickly after accepting it. Yes the companies may be bad, but there is definitely a trend that somehow older workers are not being perceived as keeping up.
  • By glories, I mean that if you had high level jobs before, don’t continually discuss it on interviews.
  • These tips can help you avoid conflicts with younger workers or different kinds of workers from you.
  • If you are perceived as the “go to” person, people will naturally contact you when they hear of leads. Continually remind people you are seeking and let them know what kind of jobs you seek.
  • Your brand statement should say your optimum title plus what you do that makes you uniquely qualified. Companies don’t care about your objective. They want to know what you can do for them.
  • “Most of us use applicant-tracking systems that scan résumés for key words. The secret to getting your résumé through the system is to pull key words directly from the job description and put them on. The more matches you have, the more likely your résumé will get picked and actually seen by a real person.” – HR professional in the Boston area
  • If you’re in your 50s or 60s, don’t put the year you graduated on your résumé.” –HR professional“There’s a myth out there that a résumé has to be one page. So people send their résumé in a two-point font. Nobody is going to read that.” –HR directorNote I say consider maxing your experience to 15+ years. What I mean is two things: 1) Consider having no more than 15 years of experience on your resume and 2) Just say 15+ years of experience when quantify how many years of experience you have … such as IT professional with 15+ years of experience.
  • Case study: Present a problem, how you supplied a solution and the outcome.
  • Some groups like Job Openings, Job Leads, and Job Connections has more than 350,000 people in it! This means you can see the names of all of those people at their companies … and send them InMessages without being connected to them. I’ll explain later why this is very important in your job search.
  • Having no recommendations makes it look like no one thought you did good work!
  • Do not use a made up company name like KKB Inc. or use your old company name … one sounds fake and the other sounds sad.Let people know you are searching so they can send leads.[Tell Callaway story]
  • Walking in and dropping off your resume is no longer seen as a good thing. It’s actually a little creepy.” – Rich DeMatteo
  • “When it comes to getting a job, who you know really does matter. No matter how nice your résumé is or how great your experience may be, it’s all about connections.” –HR director“If you’re trying to get a job at a specific company, often the best thing to do is to avoid HR entirely. Find someone at the company you know, or go straight to the hiring manager.”
  • You may have figured out how to follow companies, but what you may have not realized is that when you go to company page, scroll down to see a ton of company information.
  • “It’s amazing when people come in for an interview and say, ‘Can you tell me about your business?’ Seriously, people. There’s an Internet. Look it up.” –HR professional in New York City
  • These sites will tell you what employees think of the company and the salary range for key positions.
  • You can also visit glassdoor.com to learn about interview questions typically asked by a company’s recruiters. They even include a rating so that people who have been interviewed can indicate how difficult they felt the interview was.
  • This sheet runs through general preparedness, dress and hygiene concerns, travel and on-site tips so you can be fully prepared.
  • One thing you may want to consider is seeking out alternatives to full time jobs. I’ve found that many seasoned workers have had a much easier time finding consulting, freelance or part time work than they have landing a full time job, particularly if they are trying to find a job that pays as well as or better than jobs they’ve had in the past. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, there may be an aspect of feast or famine with alternate work options, but there is also more freedom and perhaps can provide a path to semi or full retirement.
  • 50 For 50 Tips Target Presentation With Boomerang

    1. 1. Top 50 Tips for Landing a Job After 50 Kathy Bernard, Get a Job! TipsYou will be e-mailed the Top 50 Tips sheet. © 2011 Get a Job! Tips Get a Job! Tips: www.getajobtips.com
    2. 2. ON TARGET Kathy Bernard GetaJobTips.com Started blog to fix a weakness Tenaciously good at finding a job 52 years old Blog, webinars, workshops, coachin g/Career Launch Lunches I want to help YOU Get a Job! E-mail: getajob.tips@yahoo.com
    3. 3. ON TARGET Top 50 Tips Categories Position yourself Pump up your presence Work all the angles
    5. 5. ON TARGET 1 Have a laser focus on what you want. - Ditch distractions - Stop procrastinating - Get organized Find a checklist at www.box.net/shared/ex8pbd5ghi or find it on my blog’s Printable Resources page What you think about is what you will become.
    6. 6. ON TARGET 2 Establish an action plan. - Work your plan every day. Find an action plan template at www.box.net/shared/g8t12luqvn or find it on my blog’s Printable Resources page
    7. 7. ON TARGET 3 Inventory your skills and qualifications. - Determine what makes you uniquely Qualified for each position. - Ask 10 people to identify your strengths. - Craft your resume, etc. based on your unique assets.
    8. 8. ON TARGET 4 Seek jobs/pay in your range. -Target jobs worthy of your experience and skills. - Avoid “too junior” jobs at junior pay. - Ask for what you’re worth. (But acknowledge salaries are down and be ready to accept less) - Negotiation strategies: http://tiny.cc/SalaryRequests
    9. 9. ON TARGET 5 Focus on companies who value mature workers. - AARP Best Employers for Workers over 50 -http://tiny.cc/AARPTop50 -www.quintcareers.com/career_centers/top_older_ worker_companies.html - Two known hiring companies of mature workers: CVS/pharmacy and Home Depot
    10. 10. ON TARGET 6 Look for the jobs of the future. Learn hot jobs and career trends www.careerplanner.com “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Wayne Gretzky
    11. 11. ON TARGET 7 Fix your weaknesses. - Determine what is repeatedly keeping you from getting jobs. - Set and follow an action plan.
    12. 12. ON TARGET 8 Watch how-to tutorials on YouTube. - You can find help on nearly any subject.
    13. 13. ON TARGET 9 Learn advances in your field. - Keep up! - LinkedIn group discussions, e-newsletters, publications, events.
    14. 14. ON TARGET 10 Make your own white papers. - Copy/paste good articles by subject. - Shorten to main points. - Review before interviews.
    15. 15. ON TARGET 11 Take free/low cost classes. - Libraries offer free Microsoft classes - Networking groups - Unemployment office - Churches, civic organizations
    16. 16. ON TARGET 12 Play up computer proficiencies. - Be as technically proficient as younger people. -Not wanting to is not an option. - Sign up for tips of the day like www.socialmediapower.com
    17. 17. ON TARGET 13 Study the help section of software programs, take tutorials. -They are free and on your computer
    18. 18. ON TARGET 14 Use your new skills! - Prepare samples - Attach them to emails - Submit on online applications - Add new proficiencies to resume
    19. 19. ON TARGET 15 Show companies you can solve their problems or make them money. - Show relevant accomplishments on your resume and cover letter. - Share thoughtful solutions at interviews.
    20. 20. ON TARGET 16 Think “What’s in it for them to hire me?” - Focus on their needs, not yours. - Ask yourself, “Would you hire you?”
    21. 21. ON TARGET 17 Convey you can handle tactics and strategies. - Show you can tend to day-to-day duties and pressures (and then live up to it).
    22. 22. ON TARGET 18 Demonstrate you are an enthusiastic learner ... - But don’t convey that you will only learn once they hire you. Learn now. “I don’t know social networking, but I can learn.” “Launched Twitter account with 1700 followers.”
    23. 23. ON TARGET 19 Leave the history lesson behind. - Avoid sharing “How it’s always been done.” - Let go of past job bitterness … and glories.
    24. 24. ON TARGET 20 Be vibrant. - Exude passion and positive energy. - Act young for your years. - Think of and support fresh ideas. - Be culturally savvy. - Be open and supportive to all. - Be a mentor to those who want help.
    25. 25. ON TARGET 21 Play up the benefits of your age. - Emphasize these qualities … 1. Loyalty/dedication 5. Basic math, reading 2. Commitment to quality and writing skills 3. Dependability 6. Solid job/industry 4. Strong performance experience record 7. Ability to get along well with coworkers Source: AARP survey of HR managers from 400 companies with 50 or more employees
    26. 26. ON TARGET 22 Be open to opportunities. - Be the “go to” person. - Encourage job leads/alternate opportunities. - Follow through. - Keep tipsters informed.
    28. 28. ON TARGET 23 Develop a personal brand. - “Sales leader who motivates teams to excel.” - “Accomplished IT management professional adept at global processes.” It should convey what makes you uniquely qualified for the job opening. Use this statement instead of an objective in your resume
    29. 29. ON TARGET 24 Convey your brand everywhere. 1. Resume 5. In LinkedIn groups 2. Cover letter 6. At networking events 3. LinkedIn profile 6. At interviews (include in your “Current” 7. On your blog, web area, status bar messages site, etc. and experience and skills areas.)
    30. 30. ON TARGET 25 Back up your brand statement. 1. Convey in your experience 5. Provide answers in 2. Show accomplishments LinkedIn Answers 3. Display/provide samples 6. Be an advocate for 4. Prove in LinkedIn groups your field - Speaker, blogger, social networker, etc.
    31. 31. ON TARGET 26 Include a skills summary. - Include key words from job descriptions. - Include computer and Microsoft Office proficiencies - Include certifications.
    32. 32. ON TARGET 27a Change your resume for every opening. - Modify your brand statement to best relate. - Use key words from the job description. - Paste job description into www.wordle.net - Paste your resume. Compare the two “clouds”. Job description Resume text
    33. 33. ON TARGET 27b Change your resume for every opening. - Re-prioritize/modify your skills summary. - Play up most relevant/impressive experience. - Delete early, irrelevant experience. - Remove school graduating dates. - Max experience to 15+ years.
    34. 34. ON TARGET 28 Maximize your cover letter. - Tell a story or present a case study. - Include table: requirements/your experience. - Use job description key words, quantifiable statements. Job Requirements My Background 7 years of experience 9 years of experience Microsoft Office Suite Expert proficiencies in all Microsoft Office applications including …
    35. 35. ON TARGET 29 Develop an elevator speech that supports your personal brand. - I’m a (JOB TITLE) seeking a (LEVEL) (TYPE OF POSITION) in a (CITY / TYPE of ORGANIZATION). “I’m a corporate communications leader seeking a vice president or director level communications position in a St. Louis nonprofit.”
    36. 36. ON TARGET 30 Freshen your appearance. - Update your professional clothing. - Get a flattering hair style. - Consider a makeover. - Ask a friend/teen to critique your look.
    37. 37. ON TARGET 31 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Having at least 50 connections. - Less than 20 screams, “I have no friends.” and … “I don’t know how to use LinkedIn.”
    38. 38. ON TARGET 32 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Inviting mutual friends to connect. - Contacts > My connections > name > connections > invite. - Invite coworkers, classmates, acquaintances. - Accept all invitations. - Invite me to connect: kathybernard.mktg@yahoo.com - Invite Robert: robert@ILostMyJob.com
    39. 39. ON TARGET 33 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Joining at least 10 groups. Alumni Local/networking Field related Job search related Industry related Aspirational (things you want to learn)
    40. 40. ON TARGET 34 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Having at least 5 recommendations. - Write recommendations for others. - Ask them to return the favor. - Prepare them by providing resume, wording and types of positions wanted.
    41. 41. ON TARGET 35 Create a LinkedIn recommendation sheet. - Attach to emails - Include on application systems that allow attachments - Bring to interviews
    42. 42. ON TARGET 36 Pump up your LinkedIn presence with … Add a great, slightly younger picture. - Make it professional or vibrant
    43. 43. ON TARGET 37 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Working your status bar. - Remind network you are job seeking.
    44. 44. ON TARGET 38 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Maximizing your Current settings. - Edit Profile > Edit Current
    45. 45. ON TARGET 39 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Add skills, certifications, etc. - Look for “Are you published? under Edit Profile blue box.
    46. 46. ON TARGET 40 Pump up your LinkedIn presence by … Display abilities on your profile - Add documents/samples with Box.net. - Feature presentations/videos with SlideShare - Show art portfolio with Behance … all three apps are free! Behance Box.net Slideshare
    47. 47. ON TARGET Top 50 Tips WORK ALL THE ANGLES
    48. 48. ON TARGET 41 Maximize each opportunity. - Apply online, not by mail or hand delivery.* - Send an e-mail to exec or hiring manager. - LinkedIn > Search people – Find best person. - Google > Type name, company name “email” - Attach resume, LinkedIn recommendations, samples. - Write that you will follow up by phone, then do. * Hard copy resumes tell recruiters you may not know how to apply online.
    49. 49. ON TARGET 42 Have influential people vouch for you. - Determine internal and external influencers. - Ask them to help. Listen for their concerns. - Prepare them – provide your resume, the job description and talking points.
    50. 50. ON TARGET 43 Set up informational interviews. - Ask them to coffee or meal. - Use Informational Interview Success Sheet to encourage job leads Find sheet at www.box.net/shared/aieqzpvu3d or find it on my blog’s Printable Resources page - Ask for leads. Follow up. - Also volunteer; build relationships with leaders, learn needed skills.
    51. 51. ON TARGET 44 Research companies Anheuser-Busch info on LinkedIn - Follow companies to learn new hires, departures, job postings. - Find useful info on their page.
    52. 52. ON TARGET 45 Research companies on their web site - Learn about … - News - Products - Mission/vision - Investor info - History
    53. 53. ON TARGET 46 Learn about companies Jobitorial.com from employees and interviewees - www.jobitorial.com - www.glassdoor.com Glassdoor.com
    54. 54. ON TARGET 47 Learn/prepare for interview questions. - www.glassdoor.com “What are your career goals with Enterprise?” Also find difficult interview Q and A’s.
    55. 55. ON TARGET 48 Be better prepared for interviews. - Find Interview preparation sheet www.box.net/shared/p0i71uzhlj or find it on my blog’s Printable Resources page
    56. 56. ON TARGET 49 Consider alternatives - 50% of workforce will be contingent based • Freelance • Part time • Flex-time/Job share • Start a company • Contract work • Reduced hours • Consulting • Substitute/fill-in • Semi retired/phased • Temporary Work • Seasonal/Annual retirement • Franchise opps. • Talent-based • Compressed work week (bands, crafts, music/ • Telecommuting art lessons, etc.) • Home Sales – e.g. Avon • One time only jobs • Internet based company • Babysitting • Elder care
    57. 57. ON TARGET 50 Ask for help! - Invite me to connect: kathybernard.mktg@yahoo.com - Subscribe to blog: www.getajobtips.com - Arrange coaching or LinkedIn profile or resume - Find tips on the Topical Archive page of blog - Invite Robert Shindell to connect. Robert@ILostMyJob.com -Visit www.ILostMyJob.com
    58. 58. ON TARGET Top 50 Tips Recap … Position yourself Pump up your presence Work all the angles Doing all three can help you …
    59. 59. ON TARGET Kathy Bernard GetaJobTips.com www.getajobtips.com
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    71. 71. ON TARGET Boomerang Back to Work
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    74. 74. ON TARGET Top 50 Tips for Landing a Job after 50 Thank You! Thanks to all who contributed great ideas for this presentation … Courtney, Doug, Gilyan, Judith, Kanwaljit, Kenneth, Linda, Mark, Paska, Penny, and Ted Kathy Bernard Kathybernard.mktg@yahoo.com www.getajobtips.com