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Word press seo demystified reno wordcamp kathy alice brown

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Word press seo demystified reno wordcamp kathy alice brown

  1. 1. WordPress SEODemystifiedKathy Alice
  2. 2. Intro – Kathy Alice BrownWho am I ? SEO Consultant and WordPress Blogger I blog about WordPress, SEO and Onlinemarketing at Developing an video tutorial on gettingmore traffic to your WordPress site.
  3. 3. The only two things that matter1. GETTING TRAFFIC2. CONVERTING THAT TRAFFICHow much of your traffic is from organic search?
  4. 4. Types of TrafficDIRECT measure of brandingSEO focuses on increasing Organic TrafficREFERRAL links from other sites, social mediaORGANIC traffic from Search EnginesPAID SEARCH
  5. 5. What SEO has traditionally beenON PAGE OPTIMIZATIONtitle tag, meta tags, keywordsThat was so two years ago….OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATIONLINKBUILDING
  7. 7. SEO is dead (sort of ..) Is linkbuilding dead? Panda and Penguin caused seismic shiftsin the SEO industry”It segments you into a mindset, and people get focused onthe wrong things. It leads them to think about links as theend goal. It’s important to think about producing somethingexcellent first.”Matt Cutts on the concept of linkbuilding
  8. 8.  Google likes fresh, unique content◦ Consistent content generation is key tovisibility on the web◦ Create really useful content that people will linkto Embrace your inner Marketer◦ Social Media◦ Guest Posting◦ Contests◦ Link BaitINBOUND MARKETING
  9. 9.  Do your keyword / market research Each page/post should be optimized for adifferent keyword. You want awesome snippets for highclickthroughs. Become the Hotel California for allvehicles (desktop & mobile) Pay attention to the technical stuffSEO STRATEGY
  10. 10.  If you don’t know your market how can you pickthe right keywords? What’s the competitive landscape?OPTIMIZATIONMARKET & KEYWORD RESEARCHCONTENT STRATEGYThe right keywords can make a hugedifference and market research is essential.
  11. 11. Build Awesome Snippets THE BASICS◦ PAGE TITLE – written for humans◦ URL Set your permalink to /%postname%/ Edit/Shorten your permalink before publishing◦ META DESCRIPTION
  12. 12.  WordPress by default sets the title tag with yourpost (page) title You need a way to customize the title tag andyour meta description.OPTIMIZATIONWordPress SEO by YoastAll in One SEO PackPremium Themes
  13. 13. Yoast in Post
  14. 14.  Use keywords naturally and don’t stuff◦ title tag, url meta description◦ post (page title)◦ Sub headers (h2, h3)◦ Bold and Italics Break it up (think white space …) Mix it up with your primary keywords andrelated keywords Make sure your images have alt tags andSEO friendly filenames.OPTIMIZATIONSEO Friendly Images
  15. 15. Rich Author SnippetRich Author Snippets are created with a Google+profile and the rel=“author” HTML tag.. May increase clickthrough up to 30% !!
  16. 16. Link Your Blog with Google+ Two Way LinkingWEBENSO.COM Alice Brown
  17. 17. Link Your Blog with Google+ Three Way LinkingABOUT KATHY…rel=“me”AboutWEBENSO.COM
  18. 18. Link Your Blog with Google+ Using XFN tagAboutWEBENSO.COMAdds rel=“author” tag to your“About” menu item link
  19. 19. Link Your Blog with Google+ Multi Author LinkingAUTHORARCHIVE PAGEWEBENSO.COMAuthorSure
  20. 20. Structured Data Testing Tool
  21. 21. Rich SnippetsSchema Creator ?
  22. 22.  Cater to your mobile audience◦ Use a “responsive” theme OR◦ Install WP TouchUSER ENGAGEMENTWP Touch“responsive” means your site adjusts for different screensizes (mobile, iPad, Desktop)
  23. 23.  The search engines notice if a user stayson your site. Write awesome content Have a reasonable looking site Offer them more to read (or watch ..)USER ENGAGEMENTYet Another Related Posts Plugin
  24. 24.  Social Media is a channel for contentsyndication … shares can get links Lots of plugins to choose from, here are afew:USER ENGAGEMENTShareThisSexy BookmarksShareaholic
  26. 26. Noindex, follow archive pages
  27. 27. What about category pages?
  28. 28.  Give Google a roadmap to your site◦ Register with Google Webmasters Tools andBing Webmaster ToolSEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLINESSGoogle XML Sitemaps (and Yoast)
  29. 29.  Implement SEO friendly navigation Performance is important Breadcrumbs are great for sites withmulti-level categoriesSEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLINESSWP-PageNaviWP Super CacheW3 Total CacheBreadcrumb NavXT
  30. 30.  Monitor and Measure SecuritySTRATEGY & MANAGEMENTGoogle Analytics by YoastGoogle AnalyticatorWP Monitor
  31. 31. Thank YouKathy Alice Brownkathy@kathyalice.comwebenso.comGet FREE REPORTFive ways to get traffic to your