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Metanoia essential library skills 2014

Library skills presentation

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Metanoia essential library skills 2014

  1. 1. Essential Library Skills: Metanoia Kathy McGowan for Viv Eades
  2. 2. Today we are going to cover... • The resources are available for your studies • How to find books and journals using the library catalogue • Requesting and renewing books • Using the library pages on myUniHub and Library subject guides © Middlesex University 2
  3. 3. UniHub home page and login
  4. 4. © Middlesex University REMEMBER! Always use MyUniHub as a gateway to library resources
  5. 5. © Middlesex University
  6. 6. © Middlesex University
  7. 7. Use library in person or request item to be posted via DL service Studying at a distance – dedicated service © Middlesex University aspx • Postal delivery of books from within the Middlesex University collection (you are responsible for the return postage costs only) • Electronic delivery of chapters of books from Middlesex (as allowed within British copyright law) £2 each • Inter-library loans – see next page 7 login to My Unihub > click My Study tab > scroll down to the ‘My Library box’ > click ‘Studying at a distance’
  8. 8. Inter Library Loans Can request electronic journal articles or book chapters from the British Library (if available digitally) Usually PDF emailed to you in 1 week £3 charge for articles/chapters from BL © Middlesex University 8 1. login to My Unihub > 2. click ‘My Study’ tab > 3. scroll down to the ‘My Library box’ > 4. click ‘Studying at a distance’ > 5. Scroll down and click ‘request a journal article’ or ‘request book chapter’
  9. 9. © Middlesex University Finding Books Using the Library Catalogue If you know what you’re looking for: type in the main author’s last name AND keywords from the title (omit the, and, in, etc.) 9
  10. 10. • In this example, the same book appears as ebook and © Middlesex University Search results 10 hard copy (in library) • Click on the title of the one you want to use
  11. 11. © Middlesex University Where to find the book 11
  12. 12. © Middlesex University Don’t have a reference? Doing a subject search • Use ‘general keyword search’ to look for books on a particular topic • You may not find a whole book covering your topic, but there may be a useful chapter in a book with broader scope • Remember ‘general keyword’ search will search both words in the title and subjects • If you only want ebooks, add ebook into your keyword search 12
  13. 13. © Middlesex University How do I find an e-book? • E-books can be found using the library catalogue, just like a print book. • You will see the words ‘[electronic resource]’ after the title. • Click on the blue ‘online access’ link to download or read the book online – ensure you are logged into My UniHub! • If you only want ebooks, add ‘ebook’ into your keyword search for example: psychology qualitative ebook 13
  14. 14. © Middlesex University 14
  15. 15. © Middlesex University Requesting Books If the book you are seeking is already on loan or you are a distant learner, you may request it via the library catalogue 15
  16. 16. Making A Request © Middlesex University 16
  17. 17. Making A Request © Middlesex University 17 IT User ID Password
  18. 18. Renewing Books Online © Middlesex University 18 Use the ‘Login to My Library Account’ option to see what items you have on loan and to renew them N.B. You will not be able to renew requested books
  19. 19. Logging in to My Account © Middlesex University 19 IT User ID Password
  20. 20. Renewing Books Online © Middlesex University 20 Must click HERE AND here
  21. 21. © Middlesex University Journals This is a journal reference from a reading list: Gabbard, G. O. and Hobday, G. S. (2012). ‘A Psychoanalytic perspective on ethics, self-deception and the corrupt physician’. British Journal of Psychotherapy. 28 (2) pp. 235-248 Can you identify the following parts of the reference? Author, Date, Title of article, Journal Title, Volume, Part & Page Numbers 21
  22. 22. Journal Access • Most of our journals are available electronically • All our journals are listed in the library catalogue • If we have it online there will be a blue ‘online access’ link to the available online issues of the journal • If you know the journal title, this is the easiest way to find it © Middlesex University 22
  23. 23. Finding electronic journals • The library catalogue does not list individual articles • To check whether the library has a particular journal and access it online, do a ‘journal keyword’ search for the name of the journal itself in the library catalogue © Middlesex University 23
  24. 24. • To find a specific article, click the link for the correct year and then find the article in the correct issue © Middlesex University 24
  25. 25. © Middlesex University Library Subject Guides 25
  26. 26. Download server – access to SPSS © Middlesex University 26
  27. 27. Login to download server to access available software © Middlesex University 27
  28. 28. Need help? © Middlesex University 28 Distant Learner support Renewal queries: UniHelp 020 8411 6060 Ask a Librarian Psychology and Psychotherapy Library Subject Guides
  29. 29. Any questions? 29