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Made Open


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Made Open is a customisable digital platform where people can share ideas, collaborate and source resources to make a difference.

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Made Open

  1. 1. Welcome to Made Open The digital platform that helps communities to shape their future.
  2. 2. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 20152 Made Open is a digital platform for community action. A customisable social network, where people with shared interests can collaborate, crowdsource resources and take action for change. Community benefits Organisation benefits Shape your community Learn about your community Share skills and resources Access resources from the community Make connections Prioritise actions Form groups and collaborate Share knowledge Find volunteers Enable community action Raise money Ease financial pressures Create and promote events Earn revenue from crowdfunding commission Make a difference Create social impact The intuative web interface makes it easy for people to share ideas for community projects, organize events, create polls, and crowdsource time, money or materials – anytime, anywhere. Our approach is based on the belief that people in our community are capable and want to make a difference, and we can help by creating a network that better connects individuals and groups to transform our place, community and economy. Jan Bonde Mayor of Hobart, Tasmania What is Made Open?
  3. 3. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 2015 3 Make connections Members of the Made Open community can search for other members by name, location, skills or area of interest. Once connected they can directly message each other. What can you do on a Made Open platform? 1/3 Create groups Members can create groups, which can become private collaborative spaces to discuss ideas, set tasks and organise events. Groups might be used for places, sports clubs, social clubs or businesses. Add a question or idea Members can ask the community a question or add ideas to others. Active discussions and projects are displayed in the ‘activity stream’, which can be filtered by location, category, most popular or most recent.
  4. 4. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 20154 Donate / fundraise Members can donate items or money to a project or cause they believe in. The great thing about Made Open is that anyone can pledge as much or as little as they want. Project leaders are encouraged to add rewards in exchange for time, materials or money. Volunteer / find volunteers Members can find project opportunities and volunteer their time to specific tasks set by the project leader. All community activity is displayed in the activity stream, and project leaders will receive notification of all pledges. Start a project Members can start a project to find and access skills, money and resources from within the community. Simply describe the project aims, add relevant information and add your pledge targets. What can you do on a Made Open platform? 2/3 Made Open payment to community cafe project Pay £10.00 •••• •••• •••• 1111 08/17 •••
  5. 5. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 2015 5 Manage your profile Inbox: Members manage their messages, receive connection requests and keep updated on the number of likes and ideas added to questions. Activity: Manage your discussions, projects and see key performance statistics. Statistics include how many people have visited your page, liked it or made a pledge. Users can also send messages to all the people that have made pledges from here. History: Members can see a date order plotted history of their activity on Made Open, including activities they have liked, ideas and comments they have added, questions and projects started. Create a poll Members can create polls to gain tangible, qualitative responses to questions and statements. The simplicity and flexibility of polls means they can be used for a range of purposes and achieve different goals. Polls allow users to set a question with up to ten custom responses, set a time frame, invite users to take part and view results. Create an event Members can create and share community events. Events can be public or private to groups. Made Open makes use of the powerful Eventbrite functionality to create ticketed events with attendee limits. The system enables paid for events as well as simpler, open to all, events with the ability to monitor those who can, can’t and may be able to attend. What can you do on a Made Open platform? 3/3
  6. 6. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 20156 Themes are means of allowing your users to find content that is relevant to them, they are used to tag Questions and projects and are used to search the activity stream. As a platform owner you will be able to set your own themes, using as many or as little as you like. Your customisable Made Open Platform Custom themes Behind the scenes, administrators can customise their platform settings – for example, introducing search themes, adding pages, changing platform colours and editing their homepage settings. They can also: Manage and moderate all content – managing users, groups, activities, projects, events, reported items plus editing the skills database and email templates. Send notifications out to their user community too – sending alerts to the whole community or to individual groups – and set up reporting tools. Connect the platform with their mainstream social media accounts – linking in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. Add their Eventbrite and Stripe accounts – allowing integration with ticketed events and crowdfunding APIs (to access these features via the Made Open platform). Set a percentage-based commissioning fee from revenues generated via crowdfunding (note: Made Open does not charge any commissioning, all profits go directly to you). The Made Open platform has four ‘modules’ on which activities are added – asking the community for ideas, starting crowdsourcing projects, organising events and creating polls. Should platform administrators wish, these modules can be removed within the set up phase by the Made Open development team and reintroduced seamlessly later on.
  7. 7. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 2015 7 Made Open has been designed to be easily customised and updated on the homepage there are five core areas which can be set and updated as much as you like: Your Made Open platform can be set up to reflect your brand by slecting the colours you wish to see through out the site. All you need to do is choose six core colours. Think you may rebrand or want to be able to play around with your colour scheme? No problem the colours can be updated at anytime in a matter of clicks. Custom homepage Custom colour palette Background image Your site logo Introductory copy Site tagline Video (Youtube or Vimeo)
  8. 8. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 20158 Case Study Monmouthshire Made Open Made Open is helping local government organisations transform the nature of their relationship with citizens. Our first pioneer – Monmouthshire County Council in Wales are already seeing the benefits of using the digital platform to engage people in conversations and empower grass roots organisations to make good ideas happen. We have always valued conversations and for the past few years we have been holding a series of forums where local people can share their ideas about solutions to the challenges we face. Made Open gives us a platform to take conversations to another level.. Paul Matthews CEO Monmouthshire County Council
  9. 9. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 2015 9
  10. 10. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 201510 Case Study Made Open Tasmania Central Coast Council have recently launched Made Open in Tasmania. Their aim is to help build a better connected and coordinated community and provide the tools and support people need to become active problem solvers. Jan Bonde Mayor of Holbart, Tasmania Our approach is based on the belief that people in our community are capable and want to make a difference, and we can help by creating a network that better connects individuals and groups to transform our place, community and economy.
  11. 11. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 2015 11
  12. 12. © Made Open Communications Ltd. 201512 Activity Stream Community befriending service Damian25 Peterbourough 18 likes 12 ideas How do we provide a safe space Damian25 Peterbourough All activity Filter 44% pledged - 13 days remaining O2-UK 12:00 About Made Open Trusted by local authorities around the world, Made Open Communications Ltd are a small team of service and digital designers who have been redesigning public services for many years. Through our work, we have observed how local authorities and charitable organisations are trying to navigate their way through a tough and complex set of pressures – cuts in funding, rising demand for services and economic growth. Our solution was to create a digital service that would give local governments, charities and large businesses the ability to transform how they engage with their customers and drive change in the capabilities of their service or culture. So, in early 2014, company directors Kathryn and Robert Woolf took to a bold decision to invest into the development of an innovative platform for social change. @made_open 01326 259986