Adv 420 Final Project


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Adv 420 Final Project

  1. 1. Full Digital Strategy: Nordstrom Kathryn Walker ADV 420
  2. 2. Purpose This digital strategy will reintroduce consumers of Nordstrom to the high quality and top end products that are offered andpotentially draw frequent purchases and more visits to the store .
  3. 3. 5 Social Media Outlets• 1) Facebook• 2) Twitter• 3) Instagram• 4) Pinterest• 5) Social Blog
  4. 4. Facebook• Nordstrom’s Facebook will include: – Pictures of top products available at the store and online. – Style tips – Makeover tips using Nordstrom’s Fashion from professional stylists.The usage will be recorded by:-Likes-Comments on posts/pictures-Views on the Nordstrom Facebook Page
  5. 5. Twitter• Nordstrom’s Twitter will include: – Style Topics to Retweet/ Comment on – Links to products of the day and other promotional offers – The daily tweets will offer certain promotions on products in a certain time period so the consumer is required to follow up or respondThe Usage will be recorded by:-Comments/ Retweets-Followers upon the page-(#)’s including the stores name
  6. 6. Instagram• Nordstrom’s Instagram will include:-Pictures of new products and styles-The edited pictures will give the consumer a great andstylish look of what product that the departmentstore providesThe Usage will be recorded by:- Followers of the account- Likes/Comments on the pictures
  7. 7. Pinterest• Nordstrom’s Pinterest will include:-Pins including a variation of Nordstrom’s products-Instructions on adapting products to their personal life andlifestyle-How-to’s including include style tips in fashion, beauty, andhome & gardens.-Links to the direct products that were in the PinUsage will be recorded by:-Repins-Followers of the Nordstrom Pinterest account
  8. 8. Social Blog• Nordstrom’s Social Blog will include:-Point of View from Fashion Designers-Fashion Designers style tips using Nordstromproducts including many different brandavailableUsage will be included:-Blog posts-Conversations between users and fashion insiders
  9. 9. Internet Marketing• Changing consumers minds to always think Nordstrom when making a fashion purchase• Nordstrom becoming a first thought and top Internet search• Rising awareness for the Nordstrom, a leading brand in luxury fashion
  10. 10. Mobile Strategy• Taxi and bus advertisements in highly populated cities• These ads will mention the social media outlets and encourage usage for deals and promotions• These advertisements will show the 5 social media outlets and the easy access to get to them
  11. 11. Target Audience• Creating a larger target market to incorporate my social media marketing strategy• Men and women ranging from ages 25-60• Ability to reach the social media outlets
  12. 12. Budget• 12 months= approx. $ 300,000• This budget will be put towards running the social media outlets, blog, and other promotions offered through the outlets.