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Evaluation powerpoint q4

  1. 1. How did you use Media Q4Technologies in theCONSTRUCTION, RESEARCH,PLANNING and EVALUATIONstages?
  2. 2. Q4
  3. 3. Creating My Preliminary Task : Q4 We were placed in a group and told to film a short trailer as our preliminary task. We watched different trailers and used scripts from existing episodes of Hollyoaks. By watching existing products , we gained a feel for the conventions of soaps, and it allowed us to practice different camera movements to understand different shot types.
  4. 4. Researching similar products : Q4 To research existing products, the main search engine that I used was GOOGLE. This enabled me to find images of soap magazine covers, billboard posters and soap trailers in which I could base my research on, at ease. I also took trips down to my local stores to purchase existing soap magazines as a basis for comparison. By doing this, I was able to study the front cover, but I could also study the content. It helped a great deal that I always watch soaps on TV, and so for further research I was able to watch more- to my enjoyment. I watched soaps on both the TV, iPlayer and ITV catch up. These allowed me to get print screens of the soaps to use when studying the forms and conventions.
  5. 5. Q4
  6. 6. Saving Files : Q4 Once footage was filmed, to prevent them getting lost or damaged whilst being uploaded to the computer hardware, I stored my files on an external hard drive. This allowed me to keep all my files in a specific area, and if there was any trouble e.g. Computer crashed, then all my work could be easily located on the external hard drive.
  7. 7. Using iMovie : Q4 To import my footage into iMovie from the HD camera (SLR), I selected „Import‟ and then „Movies‟ which were found in the shared area. By scrolling through the titles of footage, I was able to select the clips that were of relevance to me to use within my trailer. To select these clips, I simply clicked on the footage and dragged it to the appropriate place on the time line.
  8. 8. Using iMovie : Q4 By scrolling through the titles of footage, I was able to select the clips that were of relevance to me to use within my trailer. To select these clips, I simply clicked on the footage and dragged it to the appropriate place on the time line.
  9. 9. Using iMovie : Q4 Towards the end of my footage, I have a transition where the page curls from the bottom right hand corner. The hand has been curled away to allow the title page to appear. To do this I clicked on this button and dragged the transition in between footage.
  10. 10. Choosing a soundtrack : Q4 To add my soundtrack, I ripped the audio from a YouTube video before adding it to my trailer. To detach the audio from the original video, I used “YouTube to MP3 converter” which immediately placed my music into my iTunes.
  11. 11. Adding the Soundtrack : Q4 After downloading the audio, I had to upload it onto iMovie to play in the background of my trailer. I dragged it to below my camera footage to ensure it played throughout. I added the „ducking‟ effect, so the dialogue could still be heard whilst the soundtrack was playing.
  12. 12. Making the Title CardsI used „Keynote‟ to create my title cards. : Q4 I chose the purple that is used within the E4 logo for the background of my title cards. I also followed the conventions and used the „American Typewriter‟ font. I saved the slides as amovie so that I could import them into iMovie. I placed them in position by dragging them into the timeline.
  13. 13. Making the Logo : Q4To make the tape logos featured in our billboard ancillary, we used Photoshop. We typed the name of our soapinto myfonts.com and selected „American Typewriter‟ We then print screened the tape logo and removed any existing text, allowing us to add our own.
  14. 14. Q4
  15. 15. Using BlogSpot : Q4When I had signed into my blog, we were able to choose a design that best suited myself. I chose a calmingblue theme.
  16. 16. Uploading to YouTube : Q4After logging into my YouTube account, I clicked upload> Upload Video> and then selected the fileI wished to upload> open.Whilst the video wasuploading, I wasable to addtitles anddescriptions.
  17. 17. Embedding YouTube Videos into a Q4Blogger post :Once my video was uploaded to YouTube I had to click the share button and click „Embed‟ to gain theHTML code. To upload the video to my blog, I copied and pasted the HTML code into a new post by selecting the HTML option. This then became a link and my video was visible on my blog.
  18. 18. Slideshare : Q4In order to make my power points accessible and allow me to upload them onto my blog, I had to firstly upload thempublicly onto slideshare. After uploading into slideshare, I used the „Embed‟ button to copy and paste the HTML and placed this into a new post within my blog.
  19. 19. Twitter & E-Mails : Q4To keep in touch with our teacher and fellow classmates, we used a twitter feed for any updates or advicegiven to us by members of staff or other students. We also followed people‟s blogs for inspiration. When a member of our group was absent, to ensure they didn‟t fall behind we used e-mail and attachments to keep them up to speed with the progress we were making.
  20. 20. Evaluation : Q4For the majority of my evaluation, I opted to use Microsoft PowerPoint as I am familiar with this technology. Iknew that I could successfully evaluate my product effectively by using a combination of print screens;images and annotations. The ability to use text boxes, word art and images, have made it possible for me to insert graphs when evaluating my audience feedback as well as existing soap operas.
  21. 21. Evaluation : Q4 combination of PowerPoint and iMovie for my question one, as it was easierI also used ato narrate to the examiner what I did and why.I also used Microsoft Publisher to create our Ancillary Task- TV listings magazine as I am familiar with thesoftware.