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Another one the kids call a "monstrosity" of a slide show...but since this was directed by me...haha I had to show it...but it took umm a year or so to convince them that to let me show it...haha, enjoy!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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  1. 1. On you can handle all your insurance needs online.
  2. 2. It’s so easy a guy with a mullet could do it! Chuckle
  3. 3. This time the creep dissed out our mullets and he chuckled ! If he keeps doing this he’s going a find himself sleeping with the fishes!
  4. 4. Seriously, we apologize. We had no idea the mullet hairstyle was still around. Chuckle
  5. 5. Well what do you expect ,the guy didn’t even know WE existed! Was that a chuckle? He just chuckled again! Bob he just chuckled again!
  6. 6. This PC stuff is getting real old…
  7. 7. For your information mullets are tight, ever watch Shrek 2 and Star Wars?
  8. 9. At least our hairstyle is in, unlike someone I know…