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Design thinking


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Design Thinking in the EFL classroom

Published in: Education
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Design thinking

  1. 1. Design Thinking IdeateUnderstand Prototype Test Feedback
  2. 2. Design Thinking • is a way of thinking to solve problems • is about asking the right questions • enables creative and critical thinking in the target language
  3. 3. What questions were or weren’t asked in the design process of these products?
  4. 4. 10 Principles of Design Thinking Purpose Insight Inspiration Letting go Contextuality Simplicity Functionality User focus Foresight Sustainability
  5. 5. What does Design Thinking look like in an English Language classroom? Why do we need it?
  6. 6. A typical discussion: Auckland City Centre has too much traffic. Think of at least three solutions to the problem.
  7. 7. Student A: The government should improve public transportation. Student B: Yes, and the government should make public transportation cheaper. Student C: The government should make rules about cars in the city centre. All Students: Teacher finished!
  8. 8. Final thoughts: • Integrate thinking and language learning – don’t treat them as separate entities • Re-design tasks to encourage analytical and creative thinking by asking the right QUESTIONS