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Diamante Ing R


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Costa Rica's newest Developments

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Diamante Ing R

  1. 1. DIAMANTE
  2. 2. Costa Rica´s general information • Official Name: Republic of Costa Rica. • Capital: San Jose. • Location: Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and theNorth Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama. • Government type: Democratic Republic. • Population: 4,133,884 (July 2007 estimate). • Area: 19,730 square miles (slightly smaller than West Virginia). • Languages: Spanish (official), English. • GDP Per Capita: $ 5,776 (2006 estimated by PROCOMER). • Currency: Costa Rican colon (CRC). • Electricity: 110 volts.
  3. 3. Principal lodging destinations in Costa Rica
  4. 4. Guanacaste  It´s located at the west site of the country.  It´s the second biggest province of Costa Rica. Through all the coast Guanacaste has 150 beautiful beaches.  You can also enjoy of the costarricans traditions, listen the “marimba” music, see the folkloric dances and the typical food of the country.
  5. 5. Guanacaste Because of the touristic attractive of sun and beach, this region is the destination of many foreign people, and it counts with the Daniel Oduber International Airport.
  6. 6. Best beaches in Costa Rica • Coco beach It has the biggest population of all Guanacaste. Known primarily as the gateway for surfers to reach places like Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock, where the waves are superb. It has a well developed infrastructure, with good roads and plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, discos Just 15 minutes away casinos, hotels, resorts and from Diamante markets.
  7. 7. Best beaches in Costa Rica • Tamarindo beach With much to enjoy & even more to do, this multi-cultural community is the ideal place to have some fun in the sun! Besides surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, boogie boarding, horseback riding and scuba diving, visit the nearby wildlife Just x minutes away refuge of Diria, as well as the from Diamante Marino Las Baulas National Park, where leatherback turtles come every summer to nest and breed.
  8. 8. Best beaches in Costa Rica • Flamingo beach Situated on the country’s Gold Coast, Playa Flamingo is located in Punta Salinas, northwest of Bahia Brasilito, 75 km southwest of Liberia. With its stunning white sand, unspoiled beaches and pristine clear blue waters. Just 20 minutes away from Diamante
  9. 9. Best beaches in Costa Rica • Panama beach It´s located inside Bahía Culebra in the Papagayo Gulf. It is a very quiet and private place It has one of the most beautiful ocean views. Just x minutes away It also has gray sand from Diamante and wonderful blue water
  10. 10. Best beaches in Costa Rica • Hermosa beach Located in Hermosa Bay in Sardinal. It offers blue crystalline water. Winner of the “Blue flag”, award give to those beaches that show high ambience standards and excellent security facilities. Just 15 minutes away from Diamante
  11. 11. Daniel Oduber Airport Just 30 minutes away from Diamante
  12. 12. Best developments in Costa Rica Guanacaste has some of the best developmen ts in all Costa Rica. It is what we can call a “hot zone” for any development.
  13. 13. Best developments in Costa Rica  Pacífico • It is a 175 acre master- planned community consisting of a 35,000 square foot retail village: →150 single family home sites →350 condominiums →20 village rental apartments →And a list of amenities.
  14. 14. Best developments in Costa Rica  Four Seasons Resort at Península Papagayo It has beautiful beaches, a wonderful spa, championship golf, private tennis lessons, fitness trainers, and 145 guest rooms and suits.
  15. 15. Best developments in Costa Rica  Canyon Ranch Canyon Ranch is the world’s premier life enhancement company, promoting health and wellness through active living, nutrition, mind-body balance and an integrated approach to wellness.
  16. 16. Best developments in Costa Rica  Flamingo Marina The hotel will be approximately of 4 acres, it will also has 45 townhomes with attached marina slips and some condos as well. Amenities provided at the marina will include satellite communications and WIFI internet access, high-capacity and reliable shore power, exclusive yacht club facilities to cater to the specific needs of different types of boaters.
  17. 17. Best developments in Costa Rica  RIU Hotels The first RIU Hotel will be a 5 stars construction in first line to the sea. It will has 701 rooms total.
  18. 18. Best developments in Costa Rica  Guacamaya Beach Development It’s a 900 hectare project, and it will has 150 room Ritz-Carlton Hotel and 800 residential homes. The residential area will be based on the beach, equestrian and ecological theme and will include a golf course, spa and a marina with 220 slips for yachts.
  19. 19. Best developments in Costa Rica Viceroy Hotels • Opening early 2009 • Will open a 150 room. • It’s a 5 star luxury resort. Westin Resort • It’s currently under construction near Panama Beach. Exclusive Resorts • These stunning single-family residents feature spacious and comfortable lodging.
  20. 20. Best developments in Costa Rica Miraval • Opening late 2008. • Currently planned for 100 guest rooms and 40 villas. Mandarin Oriental • This 130 room will open in 2009. • The resort´s natural beach, lines with coconuts palms, will also provide the perfect backdrop for active watersports. Rosewood Costa Carmel Costa Rica • Opening 2010, will combine a resort, residences and spa on 112 acres. • It will include 80 luxury suites and 31 two to five- bedroom casitas and villas.
  21. 21. Diamante property
  22. 22. Diamante  Location: Matapalo, Guanacaste  Dimensions: 281 Has In concession: Approximately 24 hectares Titled: Approximately 257 hectares  Topography: Rolling Hills  Zoning: Hotel/Touristic Development  Beachfront/Ocean View  Ocean views that overview the National Park Santa Rosa, Papagayo, Four Seasons, Hermosa Beach, Coco Beach, Ocotal, all of the Matapalo Bay, and to the south part of the bay that looks out to the Guacamaya  More than 1 km of frontage to the public road  No legal problems
  23. 23. L o c a t i o n
  24. 24. Property 1 mile oceanfront
  25. 25. Property Incredible view
  26. 26. Property 360º mountain views
  27. 27. Property 400 mts. Beachfront
  28. 28. Property High Percentage of use of Rolling Hills for a Development
  29. 29. Property Great inner infrastructure of roads
  30. 30. Property Property advantages • The property is located in “Punta Gorda”, an area where the biggest developments of Guanacaste are in the process of emerging. “Punta Gorda” starts with the property of Las Catalinas and finishes with Diamond Point. • The exclusive area of “Punta Gorda” divides Coco Beach and Papagayo with the area of Flamingo, making its location unique in regards to its proximity to both places in Guanacaste. • It holds views that are very similar to those of the area of Papagayo, plus an impressive flora and fauna.
  31. 31. Property • Although the area is very much like Papagayo, it is not as restricted in regulations because it does not have the same legal zonification than the one in Papagayo. • The property has always been superbly maintained. Thanks to it has few areas that have to be kept under an environmental protection regime and thus more area of the land can be used in any future development. • Water has become a big issue for Guanacaste developers but this property has no problem with that. Because of its proximity with Ocotal and the Coco Beaches, it can use the water services of “Coco Water”. In addition, it has its own water wells.
  32. 32. Contact Ronald Umaña Email: Tel: (506) 2670 1000 Mobile: (506) 8878 9988 Playas del Coco Boulevard Guanacaste, Costa Rica