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Class newsletter pp

  1. 1. Our Classroom Activities This presentation is an in depthexplanation of what we will be doing in class during the next two weeks.
  2. 2. What you should know after thispresentation: This presentation will inform you of what your child will be learning during our next unit in 1st grade. This unit is entitled, “How we write, about what we do.” During this unit your child will learn how to write extensively, using verbs to show action. This unit will last approximately two weeks total. This presentation will make you aware of what is expected of your child during this time.
  3. 3. What are the objectives for this unit?During this unit the following objectives will beconsidered: Your child will complete a project, which includes creating a short story describing their favorite trip. Students will collaboratively proof read each others papers, demonstrating that they know how to find mistakes within writing. Students will use technology to research one interesting fact about this place, which they did not already know. (This will be supervised) Students will demonstrate in writing their stories that they can use verbs to describe what they did.
  4. 4. What EXACTLY will your childhave to do?During this unit your 1st Grader will begin our unit byparticipating in a lesson describing what verbs are and howwe use them in our writing. We will have a short lesson eachday before beginning work on our project. I will have yourstudents do a short worksheet to demonstrateunderstanding. Next, they will begin writing their storiesabout their favorite trip. This could be a family vacation to atrip to the toy store, it doesn’t matter. During this time theywill describe their trip, and what they did during it usingcomplete sentences, verbs and correct punctuation andcapitalization. They will also illustrate this book. We willrotate books during the last week and proofread each othersbooks. We will create the final products and present them onFriday two weeks from now, during a classroom popcornparty!
  5. 5. How can you help?Parental participation is very important during a child’slife, especially when they have something “big” or out ofthe ordinary going on. So during this time I suggest thatyou: • Ask you child questions about their project and understanding of the concept entirely. • When reading with your child, have them point out the verbs in sentences. • Show lots of interest!! The more excited you are, the more excited your child will be!!!
  6. 6. My Role as The Teacher:During this unit, at every given opportunity, I will be:• Pointing out verbs to your students• Assessing their ability to write using complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization.• Helping them with collaboration skills during group time, reading others stories.• Observing each student’s work daily to make sure they understand the concepts we are covering daily.
  7. 7. Project Based Learning: During this unit your student will be a part of “Project Based Learning.” This is when teachers, basically, teach using projects. In my experience, this is much more enjoyable for children. The students learn the concept much better than when they simply copy sentences that I have written on the board. This project should serve as an instrumental reinforcement behind the lessons being taught each day.
  8. 8. Contact Information:If you have any further questions about this unit, oranything about our classroom, please feel free tocontact me using one of the sources listed below:• Email:• Home Phone: (287) 567-3445• Cell Phone: (287) 456-9000You are also welcome to call the school during myplanning period from 1:45-2:30• (287) 567-8997
  9. 9. I am enjoying having each ofyour students in my class thisyear! Thank you so much for youhelp!