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Crowdfunding for Impact, July 2016


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Slides from the crowdfunding workshop given at Impact Hub Geneva on 13 July 2016. Emphasis is placed on reward based crowdfunding and communications.

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Crowdfunding for Impact, July 2016

  1. 1. CROWD FUNDING FOR IMPACT 13/ 07/ 16 @ Impact Hub Geneva
  2. 2. 1. Quick overview of the market 2. Types of crowdfunding 3. Benefits of crowdfunding 4. Questions to ask before crowdfunding 5. Pre-Campaign work 6.During Campaign work 7.Post-campaign 8.Useful insights CONTENT OUTLINE
  3. 3. TYPES OF CROWDFUNDING equity or investment based lending based donation based reward based
  4. 4. EQUITY CROWDFUNDING Contributors become part-owners Generally 6-figure+ investment goals Not relevant to nonprofits Generally heavily regulated in countries
  5. 5. LENDING CROWDFUNDING Also known as peer-to-peer lending Offers easier, faster and cheaper access to financing Platforms help investors to fix an interest rate
  6. 6. DONATION CROWDFUNDING Contributors do not receive anything in return Generally small amounts given Used by individuals and for social fundraising initiatives
  7. 7. REWARD CROWDFUNDING Contributors receive rewards/perks for contributions Small to moderate amounts given For-profit and nonprofits can run campaigns (some platforms only serve one of the two)
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF REWARD CROWDFUNDING Market Testing Build & Improve your Story Fail Fast Succeed Faster Raise Money Brand Awareness Build Community
  9. 9. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE RUNNING A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN Why do you need to raise money? Do you have the resources to run a campaign that could last a year? Have you done the math? Do you have the key networks in place?
  10. 10. STARTING CHECKLIST There are 3 phases to a crowdfunding campaign and much of your success will depend on how much you put into the pre- campaign phase.
  11. 11. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! RESEARCH - similar campaigns - your existing community - potential partners - potential networks - relevant press contacts
  13. 13. Send out press release Launch email campaign Launch social media content and outreach Provide regular updates and thank supporters Analyse and tweak perks During the Campaign - 2/3 hours a day
  14. 14. inform your supporters about results send out final press release deliver your perks keep your supporters updated THE FINAL STAGES
  15. 15. MARKETING REACH A typical call to action to visit campaign page has a 3% conversion rate. Of that 3% , 1% will invest. If you set your campaign goal at $ 10, 000 and use the $ 25 perk as your base. You will need 400 donors. That means you need your marketing reach to be 1, 330, 330 to gain 40, 000 clickthroughs to your campaign page. With the 1% invest rate, you will then get your 400 donors and reach your goal. CALCULATION
  16. 16. UPDATES Around 12 updates throughout campaign On avg, 40% of contributions come in the first & last 3 days START/FINISH On avg, they added 9 perks. $10- $30 perks are the most popular PERKS Need tech, business, and comms savvy people TEAMWORK Campaigns with videos raise 8 times more VIDEO US, Canada, UK, Australia & Germany are biggest contributors GLOBAL REACH INSIGHTS OF SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS source: IndieGoGo
  17. 17. THANK YOU! 13/ 07/ 16 All images courtesy of Freepix