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Increase Your Hotels Market Share


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Increase Your Hotels Market Share

  1. 1. Increase Your Hotel’s Market Share Serve the Large and Growing Market for Sensory Friendly Hotels this is the growing market that has been under-served by most hotels until nowThere is a growing segment of the traveling population that needs or prefers to lodge in sensory-friendly hotels andresorts. This untapped customer base presents hoteliers with a new opportunity to significantly increase market share.The Sensory Star™ program was established to connect hotels with this under-served segment of the traveling public inorder to capture this opportunity. Participation is easy and the investment is nominal.Visitors to the website can easily locate participating hotels and resorts. Each participating hoteland its sensory friendly amenities will be featured on this website on its own showcase page which will directreservation traffic to your own website for your processing. is at the top of page one of Google searchresults for “sensory friendly hotels”.Sensory Star™ program certification and logo indicate to the Public that they will experience guest accommodations thatmeet or exceed our recognized standards for sensory-friendly hotels. These standards have been identified by ourAdvisory Board of trusted and dedicated experts in the field of sensory processing.Sensory Star™ hotels are those which provide a few guestrooms with a softer & gentler experience for guests. Theseguestrooms offer such amenities as: quieter environment, non-florescent softer lighting, decorated in softer coolcolors, child resistant door latches & curtains, less offensive cleaning materials, unscented personal hygiene products,& softer sheets and pillowcases, as well as a Sensory Lounge™ as a social gathering place for these clients.Each hotel that meets or exceeds the simple requirements may be certified as a Sensory Star™ location and their hotelor resort will be featured on for direct access by those seeking such accommodations (nominalchanges to a few rooms may be required). Qualifying hotels will be licensed to use the Sensory Star™ designation andlogo to identify the specific property and the Sensory Star™ guestrooms.The market is larger than most hoteliers realize. The requirements are simple and straight forward. The rewards areincreased market share and profitability. The untapped customer base is surprisingly large. It is estimated that up to 10% or more of newborn infants develop some level of sensory challenges early in life. Statistics also indicate a dramatic increase in the number of people with allergies/sensitivities. Requirements for obtaining Sensory Star™ certification are simple, uncomplicated and require only a minimal investment. The rewards for participating in the Sensory Star™ program will be higher occupancy rates, resulting in higher ADR and RevPAR outcomes.Sensory Star™ is the first and only program of its kind to standardize the requirements for sensory friendly hotel andresort accommodations. It is the first service to connect under-served travelers to hotels and resorts that areresponsive to their needs. If you are the owner or operator of a quality hotel or resort who is interested in providing asensory friendly environment that complies with the Sensory Star™ program, we would be delighted to welcome you tothe program.Upon completing the few requirements, you receive certification and license to include the Sensory Star™ designationand logo in promotional media and to exhibit the logo to identify designated guest accommodations.Please review the information on our Google-friendly website at, or simply visit the contact page to contact us for any questions.Our goal is to provide sensory friendly accommodations in as many hotels and resorts as possible for the growingpopulation that desires it. Together with your help we will be one step closer to our goal.Thank you for your interest.Sensory Star™Sensory Friendly Hotels & Resorts