90 Years of Healing and Growing
We salute our nine decades of serving children and
their families with a look at our wonderful Child
Life staff in Nine Re...
1921 1922
Johns Hopkins social worker Hortense Kahn
Eliasberg founds Happy Hills Convalescent
Home for Children at home ...
Sometimes a patient’s sibling
needs help coping.
Kids talk, play games
and meet other kids
like them in our
SibShops pro...
Just like Our Patients, We’re Growing, Too!
The Diagnostic Evaluation Clinic in the Division of
Pediatric Psychology has e...
It is rewarding to
help infants reach
their development
milestones and
grow stronger
every day.
Polly Hurlburt,
Child Li...
Lois Bower, Manager
Child Life and Therapeutic
Recreation Department
I feel privileged to work
with such a great staff—
Healthy Living Academy at
Coppin State University: The
MWPH Center for Pediatric
Weight Management and
Healthy Living part...
come home. We also provide training for parents and
other caregivers so they know how to manage their
baby’s complex medic...
We are going through our own version of Extreme
Makeover here at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital,
thanks to the generous...
1996 1998
Sleep Clinic launched. The fol-
lowing year, MWPH enters into
ownership with North Arundel
Hospital and a new...
Balance Clinic
Burn and Wound Care
Concussion Assessment
and Management
2005 2006
Innovative Weigh Smart®
program added as multi-
disciplinary and holistic
approach to pediatric
weight manage...
Since our earliest days, Mt. Washington Pediatric
Hospital has taken on an active role in the community,
providing educati...
Gillian Acca
Stephanie Alban
Steven Alessandro
Taniesh Amon
Mansa Annunziata
Terry Arvidson
Monica Atkinson
Elizabeth Bail...
Jessica Fugate
Sue Gaegar
Meghan Gallogly
Amanda Gamerman
Julie Garcia
Estelle Ginsberg
Sarah Glorioso
Jerome Golomb
Marguerite Moran
Christopher Morrow
Grace Murray
Stephen Nichols, MD
Kate O’Brien
Simone Odwin-Jenkins
Kimberly Porfido
Capital Campaign Gifts
from July 1, 2008 through
December 31, 2011
Gifts $1,000,000  Over
Samuel and Margaret Gorn
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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Annual Report FY 2011
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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Annual Report FY 2011


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This report takes the reader through 90 years of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital history. The place formerly known as Happy Hills, started as a convalescent home for children in the 1920s but over the years transformed into a leading specialty hospital for children in the Baltimore region. It is affiliated with both Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical System.

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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Annual Report FY 2011

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT: FISCAL YEAR 2011 90 Years of Healing and Growing
  2. 2. We salute our nine decades of serving children and their families with a look at our wonderful Child Life staff in Nine Reasons We Love Child Life. These child development experts help children navigate the stressful and uncertain waters of being in a hospital and coping with an illness, injury or disability. Financially, we have had a successful year, achieving a healthy fiscal margin in spite of the ongoing rise in healthcare costs and limits on reimbursements. We have achieved this strength by continuing to apply operational efficiencies wherever possible, while always focusing on the high quality care we provide to our children. In closing, we offer our continuing gratitude to you. Through the years, your devotion to the work of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital—through your philanthropy, advocacy, and volunteerism—contrib- utes invaluably to the functioning of this institution and helps us carry out our mission: to maximize the health and independence of the more than 7,500 children we served in 2011. Dear Friends, This has been a special year for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital—not only because of our staff’s continued dedication to providing premier care to our young patients, but also because 2011 is a very big milestone for us: it’s our 90th year as the place where children go to heal and grow. In this report, we’ll share some of the growth we have experienced in our clinical programs—through the eyes of two of our patients. We’ll also look at the growth we’ve experienced in the Center for Neonatal Transitional Care, where we began a major expansion in 2011 to serve more of our youngest patients. Also, we’ll tell you about the good work we have been doing in the Community Advocacy and Injury Prevention program and profile our two new board leaders. We’ll introduce you to two inspiring patients, one just five years old, and the other now a young woman: Although at different ends of the age spectrum, they share something in common: a battle against a sud- den, life-threatening illness. We’ll also tell you about two new devices that they’ve been using to great success: devices that we were able to acquire this year through generous contributions. The incorporation of devices such as these has enabled Mt. Washington Pediatric to evolve with the times, yet still provide the highest quality health care since 1922. As we continue to advance in meeting the needs of our region’s children, we see an increasing demand for services in such areas as our Sleep Clinic, which helps in the diagnosis of serious but treatable conditions like sleep apnea, and our Developmental Pediatric Services, which provide testing and evaluation of behavioral and psychological conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, and speech, language and learning delays, among others. Sheldon J. Stein President and CEO Lawrence C. Pakula, MD Chair, Board of Trustees 1
  3. 3. 2 1921 1922 Johns Hopkins social worker Hortense Kahn Eliasberg founds Happy Hills Convalescent Home for Children at home off Falls Road, a place for children who no longer needed hospital care, but were not ready to go home. An 11-acre estate is donated for the hospital by Edward Morris, the first vice president of Happy Hills. A Lifelong Love for Pediatrics hospital’s boards and inspiring a new cadre of hospital supporters. He also wants to build greater awareness of Mt. Washington’s important role in the community. “I have a long association with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital as a practicing pediatrician,” he says. “And I know the leaders at both the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Health System feel strongly about the importance of this institution.” We are very fortunate to have an individual of Dr. Pakula’s experience, talents and conviction leading Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. It seems Dr. Lawrence C. Pakula has been preparing for his role as chairman of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s Board his entire life. As the son of a pe- diatrician in Kansas City, Dr. Pakula had an early exposure to medicine. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, serving his internship and residency in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins. Upon completion, he was drafted into military service and served as Chief of Pediatrics at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. During the Vietnam-era buildup, Dr. Pakula’s patient population grew rapidly, from two thousand to 10 thousand youngsters. As he treated the children of military families strug- gling with the stresses associated with separation, injuries and deaths, Dr. Pakula became determined to focus a significant portion of his practice on treating behavioral and developmental disorders in addition to general pediatrics. “I love being a pediatrician,” says Dr. Pakula. “I can’t imagine being in any other field of medicine.” Dr. and Mrs. (Sheila) Pakula have a long record of professional and community service. Dr. Pakula has been on the pediatric staff at Johns Hopkins, Sinai, GBMC and St. Joseph Hospitals and is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has served in several capacities with the American Academy of Pediatrics and has testified before Congress, advocating legislation to improve access to childhood vaccinations. As Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s Board chair, Dr. Pakula’s goals include completing construction of the hospital’s Center for Neonatal Transitional Care, attracting a new generation of leadership to the
  4. 4. 3 Sometimes a patient’s sibling needs help coping. Kids talk, play games and meet other kids like them in our SibShops program. Sarah Beale, Child Life Specialist Why We Love Child Life 1930July 10, 1922 One year into the Great Depression, Happy Hills appeals for state aid. The Whitelock Estate on West Rogers Avenue is purchased and includes a mansion and room for expansion. Happy Hills welcomes first patient and is soon filled to capacity with eight boys and twelve girls. Just two years later, Happy Hills partners with Baltimore’s public school system. A teacher and school supplies are provided and a room is converted for classes. work with families and other health care providers to: • Prepare children for medical procedures/treatment and speak to kids in language they understand • Help children with coping strategies to reduce anxiety and enhance cooperation with the health care team • Coordinate school and community outings to work on problem-solving, social and life skills, memory, orientation and accessibility • Provide recreational therapy to help patients recover motor function, reasoning abilities, socialization skills and to build confidence • Answer family questions about developmental milestones, coping and adjustment, infant massage and safe car seat use. If your son or daughter were ever in the hospital, you would know how frightening it can be. It’s likely you were especially thankful for the skills and compassion of a Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. These child development experts help hospitalized patients cope by offering education, activities for kids to express themselves, medical procedure support, assistance in reaching developmental milestones and other vital services. These degreed professionals establish treatment plans to address a patient’s psychosocial and developmental needs. Our Child Life staff are on duty seven days a week at both the W. Rogers Avenue and Prince George’s sites. Staff understand how important family support is for a patient to heal and grow. Child Life Specialists Why We Love Child Life Photo: From left: Sarah Beale, Lindie McDonough, Caroline Langrall, Polly Hurlburt, Lois Bower, Kim Adkins. On the following pages, you’ll meet some of our Child Life staff, in Why We Love Child Life.
  5. 5. Just like Our Patients, We’re Growing, Too! The Diagnostic Evaluation Clinic in the Division of Pediatric Psychology has expanded capacity, working with more families of children to help determine the nature of their behavioral, emotional or school con- cerns. Referrals consist of evaluation for diagnoses including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Learning Disability, Mood Regulation Disorder and related conditions. Each family meets with a psychologist to discuss their child’s test results, diagnoses, and appropriate recommendations. Recommendations are tailored to the specific needs of each child and assist parents, pediatricians, educators and other mental health practitioners in the appropriate treatment. For an appointment, call the intake and scheduling specialist at 410-578-5199. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is now one of only 217 hospitals in the country with a Stage 6 designation for electronic medical records. “We’re proud to be on the cutting edge, but the real achieve- ment is improved quality of care for our patients,” said Tim Brady, MWPH Director of Informa- tion Systems. HIMSS Analytics™ developed the Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) to evaluate the progress and impact of EMR systems for hospitals in their database. Medical Records Go Digital In spite of their challenges, patients can still take part in sports and leisure activities—whether it be wheelchair basketball or adapted golf. Adrienne Blizzard, Child Life Specialist, Clinical Specialist/ Therapeutic Recreation 4 October 22, 1930 1934 Happy Hills is dedicated. Dr. Wilfred H. Smith, Director of Johns Hopkins Hospital, writes to trustees: “Happy Hills has met a real need in Baltimore. I prophesy that the future will demand of you still further expansion.” Happy Hills staff expands to three doctors, a dentist, and additional nurses. More than 1,700 children receive specialized care. Creating Sweet Dreams To answer an increased demand for services, The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt. Wash- ington Pediatric Hospital has expanded to include an additional sleep room. Our state-of-the art, child- friendly sleep laboratory operates seven days a week. We offer comprehensive evaluation and care for children with sleep-disordered breathing including: • Snoring and suspected obstructive sleep apnea • Known obstructive sleep apnea requiring CPAP or BiPAP therapy • Suspected sleep-related respiratory failure or apnea related to neuromuscular disease such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy • Conditions that increase the risk of sleep-disordered breathing such as obesity, Down syndrome, and achondroplasia. Each room contains a second bed for a caregiver to spend the night with the child. For an appointment in The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, call 410-955-2035. Why We Love Child Life Photo: Danielle Onheiser, LPN referring to electronic medical records system.
  6. 6. It is rewarding to help infants reach their development milestones and grow stronger every day. 5 Polly Hurlburt, Child Life Specialist Striking the Right Balance: Demi’s Story organization, motor control, and stability. Floor sensors detect shifts in weight and measure balance. “One of the best things is, you can use it for objective evaluation and treatment,” says Garner. No other hospital in Maryland is using it for pedi- atrics. Children with cerebral palsy, coordination disorders, and traumatic brain injuries are good candidates for NeuroCom. “It really distinguishes us at Mt. Washington,” Garner says. It reminds some patients like Demi of the Wii FitTM game. “I like it,” she says, slowly forming a smile. In fact, her smile was what tipped off mom something was wrong. Around her birthday, Friedel pleaded for a photo: “Real smile. Come on, Demi.” But her daugh- ter’s face seemed droopy. Yet, the little girl insisted: “I’m doing it, Mom.” Within days, Demi was at Johns Hopkins. Doctors discovered bleeding in her brain stem. Her case was handled by renowned brain surgeons Drs. Ben Carson and George Jallo—Dr. Jallo performed the surgery and successfully removed the clot. “It was amazing,” says Gina. “In no time, she was back to her old self, joking.” After Hopkins, Demi began therapy at Mt. Washington. Therapists are working to strengthen Demi’s left- side and right-side motor skills. Her balance is much improved. She comes to Mt. Washington only twice a week now. “It takes time,” says Gina Friedel. “But we’re very, very optimistic.” For Balance Clinic information, call 410-578-5224. To schedule an appointment, call 410-367-2222. In a three-sided booth, Demi Friedel is surrounded by a mountain scene. On a computer screen, a figure skater moves side to side. “Get that skater in there,” says physical therapist Christy Garner. “It’s tricky be- cause the walls and floor are moving. Yes, you did it!” Just a month before, the 5-year-old Perry Hall girl fell down numerous times during this exercise. Since then, staff have seen much progress and are using measurable results to back them up. They can thank the NeuroCom Balance Master® . The hospital Foundation purchased the $100,000 device for Mt. Washington’s new Balance Clinic. It’s making a meaningful difference for children like Demi, recovering from brain surgery. “You can see such a big change,” says mom Gina Friedel. NeuroCom evaluates a patient’s sensory 1940s19421938 The war years place further workload demands on staff—particularly nurses— who influence trustees to hire our first volunteer coordinator. Some of these volunteers are shown at left. Happy Hills celebrates its 20th anniversary. More than 2,700 children had been cared for since its opening. A new $45,000 wing includes a cardiac unit and is paid for through gifts. The Cardiac Unit opens November 1, 1938. Why We Love Child Life
  7. 7. Lois Bower, Manager Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Department 6 I feel privileged to work with such a great staff— our department can have such a positive impact in the lives of so many children. 1952 1950s Richard F. Cleveland, eldest son of U.S. President Grover Cleveland and last original founding member becomes Board President. More patients admitted with polio. Happy Hills answers the patients’ needs with specialty areas of medicine, therapy, nutrition, education, and recreation. Improved technology means the addition of electrocardiograms and x-rays. Why We Love Child Life Left to right.: Frank Kelly III, Carole Sibel, Sheldon Stein, Don Hutchinson and John Kelly Samson Never Forgets Our Kids at MWPH it’s an excellent way for us to support a community treasure and to remind people of our important mission. In addition, our staff has taken part in other activi- ties at the Maryland Zoo, such as Bunny BonanZoo in the spring and Zoo Boo in October, when thou- sands of youngsters have fun and learn how to lead healthy and active lifestyles. We are proud to be a partner with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and to sponsor the zoo’s elephant exhibit. We believe the connection with the zoo, especially with “baby” elephant Samson (who is rapidly growing), symbolizes our chief goal: to help children heal and grow. Like our children’s hospital, the Zoo attracts a diverse group of youngsters and their parents—we believe
  8. 8. Healthy Living Academy at Coppin State University: The MWPH Center for Pediatric Weight Management and Healthy Living partnered with Coppin State University to provide nutrition and fitness education twice a week to more than 175 elementary through high school students in the Coppin-Rosemont neighborhoods. Walk of Love: The Covenant Guild held its 24th annual Walk of Love to benefit the hospital. Walkers stretched with BMore Fit’s Jon Kaplan before hitting the 1.5 mile course through Mt. Washington. The event has raised nearly $200,000 to help our patients. Fashion Fever Heats Up: Glam- our took center stage at the hospital’s spring benefit: Fashion Fever 2011. Held at the Grand Lodge in Hunt Valley, the event brought out area fashionistas and local celebrities, including WJZ’s Weijia Jiang and Adam May, the Ravens’ Melanie LeGrande and FOX 45’s Brian Jarosinski. Revved Up for Kids: There were smiles all around as The National Corvette Restorers Society Mason-Dixon Chapter, and the Blue Knights Int’l. Motorcycle Club brought their hot wheels to the hospital. Each has donated thousands of dollars to help our kids. Mt. Washington Goes to Annapolis: It was a proud day as MWPH was honored in March for 90 years of service to the community by the House of Delegates and State Senate in Annapolis. We thank Delegate Dr. Dan Morhaim (D-11th District) and Senator Lisa Gladden (D-41st District) for introducing the proclamations. 11th Annual MWPH Golf Tournament at Bulle Rock: Ra- vens standout Matt Stover was among the many golfers at the 11th annual Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Golf Tour- nament in October 2010 at Bulle Rock. We’re thrilled to have such support for our patients. Spirit Moves Halloween Stores to Give: The Spirit of Children program brought out volun- teers and colorful costumes as the Spirit Halloween Superstores hosted their annual party. The chain has raised thousands of dollars, which has paid for, among other things, adjustable basketball hoops at the outdoor play court. Tuscan Dinner at Boordy: The hearty flavors of Tuscany were abundant in our fall 2010 fundraiser at Boordy Vineyards. MWPH supporters danced the night away after dining on Northern Italian cuisine and enjoying a variety of fine wines. 90 Years of Caring for Children Photos: Golf: Sen. Frank Kelly, Joe DiMaggio, Tracy Johnson and Former Raven Matt Stover. Healthy Living: Students learn Yoga moves during HLA. Boordy: Sharon Meadows,RN and husband get in the swing. Walk: Jon Kaplan leads a stretch before Walk of Love. Fashion: WJZ’s Weijia Jiang models a spring frock. Revved up: Mehki Blue behind the wheel of a Corvette. I love promoting CL/TR through car seat checks, teaching interns and making sure infants get appropriate developmental stimulation. Caroline Langrall, Senior Child Life Specialist 7 September 19751960s Happy Hills becomes Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. Happy Hills celebrates 40th anniversary in 1962, having provided care for over 6,000 children. The Baltimore Sun noted “its likeness to a special pedi- atric hospital rather than a convalescent home.” Why We Love Child Life
  9. 9. come home. We also provide training for parents and other caregivers so they know how to manage their baby’s complex medical needs once they are home. In addition, the expanded endowment will provide income to fund new patient care initiatives, such as the Grow Your Own nurse training program, which provides specialty skills in pediatric nursing. It will also be used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for treating inpatients with many medical issues, as well as help outpatients in the Diabetes Clinic, the Feeding Day Program, and the weight management program. We continue to approach potential campaign sup- porters with invitations to visit the hospital and see first-hand how this wonderful project is coming to life. If you would like to assist in this campaign or receive more information, please contact Brigid Kernan, Director of Development, at 410-578-5315. Caring for premature babies. Advanced training for nurses. Improving treatment for children with special needs. That’s what the Building for the Future of Every Child: the Campaign for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is all about. As of June 30, 2011, more than $8.2 million has been raised. The campaign’s $9.2 million goal comes with two objectives: renovating and expanding the Center for Neonatal Transitional Care (CNTC) and building the hospital’s endowment. When completed, the neonatal unit will serve an additional 100 premature infants and other babies with serious medical conditions each year. It means a total of 600 babies will be able to come here each year and receive the best specialty care possible. Also, the increased capacity will enable us to meet one of our region’s growing critical service needs, by bridging the gap from the intensive care unit to a place where families can see their babies grow strong and then Building for the Future of Every Child I love knowing that I not only help kids while in the hospital, but also with the transition home, into the community and back to school. Horse racing legend Bill Boniface and Mojave Moon visit MWPH. 8 Lindie McDonough, Senior Therapeutic Recreation Specialist 1979 1984 September 26, 19861985 Certification from Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (TJC). Accreditation awarded by Center for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). First children’s hospital in Maryland accredited for comprehensive inpatient rehab infant and early childhood development, and respite care. Groundbreaking marks the begin- ning of construction for a brand new hospital. Unfortunately the deterioration of the 100-year-old mansion left it too expensive to save. MWPH establishes Home Health Agency to extend care into homes of pediatric patients in Balti- more area. Why We Love Child Life
  10. 10. We are going through our own version of Extreme Makeover here at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, thanks to the generous supporters who have donated to our Capital Campaign. We are pleased to update you on our progress: • The project began November, 2010 • 3rd floor office renovations are completed • 2nd Floor Center for Neonatal Transitional Care (CNTC) reception area is completed • CNTC Family Lounge with Murphy beds, full kitchen, and flat-screen TV is completed • 2nd Floor Family Resource Center is completed • CNTC patient unit renovations are on schedule The project is set to be completed at the end of 2012. If You Build It, They Will Come I enjoy teaching parents and caregivers infant massage to help with emotional bonding and sensory stimulation. Megan Greffen, Child Life Specialist 9 Photos: Above left: Making room for more babies in the CNTC. Left: A newly completed room in the CNTC. November, 199019891986 Rosenberg Center for Outpatient Care Center opens. Services include Develop- ment Education, Orthopedic, Adaptive Seating, and Down Syndrome Clinics Dedication: September 15. Mayor Kurt Schmoke declares it “Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Day” in Baltimore. Construction completed on $17 million Pediatric Rehabilitation Center. Why We Love Child Life
  11. 11. 10 1996 1998 Sleep Clinic launched. The fol- lowing year, MWPH enters into ownership with North Arundel Hospital and a new unit opens at Prince George’s Hospital Center. Outpatient Pediatric Pulmonary Clinic, Pediatric Neuropsychology program, and Psychiatry Day Treatment program are added. Respiratory and Security departments are brought “in-house.” A dressing change can be scary and painful for a child. By supporting and distracting the child, we can decrease the child’s fear. Kim Adkins, Senior Child Life Specialist Cierra Foxx: An Inspiration to All Instead, Cierra was transferred to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for a lengthy rehabilitation. “Initially, Cierra was unable to use her right side to write, dress herself, and walk,” says Long Clark, Senior Occupational Therapist. “Anyone would have compassion for her.” Cierra received inpatient therapy six times a week, using various splints, electrical stimulation, rigorous exercise, and small hand manipulations for dexterity. It was hard work, but she was dedicated to getting stronger. She now works with the Bioness® system to improve walking, balance and lower extremity strength. It was purchased through a $12,500 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life grant. “Cierra is one of our most inspiring patients,” says Kathy Gray, OT and Clinical Specialist in Acquired Brain Injury.“She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.” Gray even helped Cierra find a driving rehabilitation course. She passed with flying colors. “Overall, I feel there’s nothing I can’t accomplish,” Cierra says. “Mt. Washington and everyone who’s helped along the way are my saviors. I’m very optimistic.” “She has really persevered,” says physiatrist Stephen Nichols, M.D. “I admire her determination to get stronger and more independent—Cierra has a bright future.” In fact, Cierra received her Associate’s Degree and has been accepted at Towson University. She plans to help others with medical conditions, so they too can accomplish their goals. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program: • 410-367-2222 Cierra Foxx first noticed something felt strange at the bus stop, when her right arm and leg went to sleep. Hours later, she was limping. Her grandmother also noticed she was “talking funny” and called 911. An ambulance took Cierra to University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. She had suffered a stroke. She was only 17 years old. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that three children in 100,000 suffer a stroke each year. “At first I was in denial. I thought I would be the athletic person I was,” Cierra says. Why We Love Child Life
  12. 12. Programs Services Balance Clinic Burn and Wound Care Cardiology Concussion Assessment and Management Dermatology Developmental Disorders Diabetes Management Endocrinology Feeding Day Treatment Program Feeding Evaluation Gastroenterology Lead Poisoning Center for Neonatal Transitional Care Neuropsychology and Psychology Neurodevelopmental Services Neurology Nutrition Services Orthopaedics Physiatry Psychiatry Psychology Pulmonology Radiology Services Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Sleep Testing and Evaluation Center for Pediatric Weight Management and Healthy Living For more information Outpatient Services: 410-367-2222 Inpatient Services: 410-578-8600 Or visit * Includes value of stock portfolio brought into UMMS investment pool this year Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Fiscal Report: 2008–2011 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 28,931 29,559 32,059 34,830 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 22,112 23,122 22,506 22,936 $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 revenue expenses OUTPATIENT VISITS TOTAL EXPENSESPATIENT DAYS TOTAL REVENUE* (Operating and other) $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 $60,000,000 42,923,183 46,577,048 50,678,222 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 42,117,575 44,301,757 46,581,560 46,453,61255,826,787 29,559 32,059 34,830 009 2010 L YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 23,122 22,506 22,936 $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 revenue expenses ATIENT VISITS TOTAL EXPENSESTIENT DAYS TOTAL REVENUE* (Operating and other) $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 $60,000,000 42,923,183 46,577,048 50,678,222 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 09 2010 L YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 42,117,575 44,301,757 46,581,560 46,453,61255,826,787 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 28,931 29,559 32,059 34,830 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 22,112 23,122 22,506 22,936 $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 revenue expenses OUTPATIENT VISITS TOTAL EXPENSESPATIENT DAYS TOTAL REVENUE* (Operating and other) $0 $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000 $60,000,000 42,923,183 46,577,048 50,678,222 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEARFISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 42,117,575 44,301,757 46,581,560 46,453,61255,826,787 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 28,931 29,559 32,059 34,830 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 22,112 23,122 22,506 22,936 $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 PATIENT DAYS $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 2008 2009 2010 FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR FISCAL YEAR 2011 FISCAL YEAR 20012000 Sheldon Stein named CEO/President. Feeding Program begins. Jack Mae Rosenberg Center for Pediatric Respiratory Medicine opens, housing expanded outpatient services. Child Life becomes department under Rehabilitation.
  13. 13. 12 2005 2006 Innovative Weigh Smart® program added as multi- disciplinary and holistic approach to pediatric weight management. Center for Pediatric Adolescent Rehabilitation (CPAR) renovations completed. It includes a child-friendly theme and transitional apartment for families. MWPH becomes jointly affiliated with University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Health System. MWPH: Why are you involved with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital? FW: The kids! I’ve been in- volved with Mt. Washington since 1976 and I have seen this institution change a great deal. It’s more sophisticated and complex, but treating children with chronic conditions and helping them to go home healthier has remained a constant focus. MWPH: What makes this hospital different from other healthcare organizations? FW: Mt. Washington has some- thing exceptional about it—it’s the emotional warmth that permeates the institution. You feel it when you walk through the halls and speak with the staff. It’s very different from other hospitals. Mt. Washing- ton has a nurturing environment that everyone, but especially the kids, responds to. The hospital board is very aware of this unique quality and wants to maintain it even as we grow and change. MWPH: How has Mt. Washington changed over the years? FW: The hospital has evolved from a long-term care facility to a place where the focus is on getting children well enough to go home. When I first came, patients were here for months or sometimes years at a Fred Wolf III: Board Chair, MWPH Foundation time. Now, the average stay is only about a month. Today, our focus is on getting children back with their families. MWPH: As the new board chairman, what do you see as the Foundation’s role in relation to the hospital? FW: The Foundation plays an important role by participating in and leading the fundraising effort for Mt. Washington. It also provides seed money for launching and supporting new programs until they can be funded by the hospital’s budget. MWPH: What do you look for when you are seeking new Foundation board members? FW: We seek members with an interest in children, of course. And we want them to understand what’s happening at the hospital and what issues drive its operations and future, although the foundation board does not engage in medical discussions. And we like to bring on people with contacts in the community for fundraising. To find out about how you can help the Mt. Washington Pediatric Foundation, contact Brigid Kernan, at 410-578-5315.
  14. 14. Since our earliest days, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital has taken on an active role in the community, providing education and programs to assist families and agencies catering to the needs of children. We also actively engage in advocacy in both the national and state legislative arenas. Community Advocacy Program In 2011, we saw major headway in our Commu- nity Advocacy and Injury Prevention Program. Through this program, Mt. Washington has made an impact on nearly five thousand Baltimore area families, providing education and tools to live a healthier life. Goals include lead poisoning prevention, nutrition, infant care and parenting skills. Also, in affiliation with UMMS, we took part in health fairs such as Spring into Good Health and Fall Back into Health. Mt. Washington clinicians and experts continued to reach out to the community in 2011, offering knowl- edge and skills to help families stay healthy and safe. Precious Cargo Child Safety Seat Check At MWPH, we take car seat installation seriously. Experts agree that child safety seats save thou- sands of lives every year, but only if installed correctly. That’s why we host the Child Safety Seat Check every year, and why our certi- fied technicians participate in more than two dozen others. We team up with area child safety experts to 90 Years of Service to the Community inspect dozens of vehicles for correct installation. We also provide Spanish-speaking technicians. SibShops of Maryland We are proud to serve as the lead agency for SibShops of Maryland. This interagency effort offers counseling and support to brothers and sisters of children with special needs. Sessions are a way for kids with similar family backgrounds to connect. Camp NOAH Baltimore city high school students attended a week-long program called Camp NOAH (Nursing and Other Allied Health). Participants are students ages 15-18 interested in pursuing a health care career. Students observe care practices while working directly with nurses, respira- tory therapists, child life specialists and other health care professionals. MWPH Goes to Washington In May, we joined dozens of other hospitals in Washington DC to advocate on behalf of children’s health care programs. Helping us to make our case was the Pelovitz family of Severn, MD. 6-year-old Nadiya lives with a complicated seizure disorder and global disabilities, and comes to MWPH for treatment. We thank the Pelovitz family for helping spread the word that the needs of children should not be forgot- ten in the health care debate. Photos: Advocacy: Melissa Beasley, Community Advocacy/Injury Prevention Coordinator. Precious Cargo: Child Safety Seat Technician Adrienne Blizzard, gives a mom pointers. NOAH: Nurse Educator Linda Morrison, RN with Camp Noah participants. Washington, D.C.: Nadiya Pelovitz (center) with sister Anastasiya (left) and Miranda Cosgrove from the show, I-Carly. 13 20102009 Concussion Clinic opens. Community Advocacy program begins. Balance Clinic opens with new NeuroCom® equipment. Unique Grow Your Own program educates nursing graduates in specialty pediatric care. Weigh Smart Jr.® begins for weight management of toddlers and preschool-aged children.
  15. 15. Gillian Acca Stephanie Alban Steven Alessandro Taniesh Amon Mansa Annunziata Terry Arvidson Monica Atkinson Elizabeth Bailey Susan Barton Theresa Bering Mary Biordi Amanda Boodhoo Justine Borzumato Ruth Ann Boykin Cassie Brown Tracey Burke Barbie Burks Katherine Carver Elizabeth Cayce Harris Chan Kevin Chodnicki Jamie Chudakoff Matthew Cohen Alyssa Collier Christine Costello Bennett Cummings Claire Cummings Aileen Cunnane Kathleen Davis Shannon Delfini Barbara Dent Melina DiPrato Samantha Dizon Joshua Dumbroff Micaela Dumm Laura Eburg Eric Emerling Paula Farrell Lauren Ferraioli Kristie Ferraro Kaila Flambeau Katherine Freedman THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS! Annual Fund FY 2011 Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital gratefully acknowledges FY 2011 Annu- al Fund gifts made between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. If we have made any omissions or errors, please contact us at 410-578-5040 or development@mwph. org, so we can correct our records. Gifts: $10,000 and above The Abell Foundation, Inc. Baltimore Community Foundation General Mills Foundation Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Rite Aid Foundation Spirit Halloween Superstores, LLC Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation Gifts: $5,000–$9,999 Blue Knights International Covenant Guild, Inc. Golfers’ Charitable Association, Inc. Mr. Sol W. Goodman The Morris A. Mechanic Foundation, Inc. Mt. Washington Tavern Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. O’Neil, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Sapir State Mechanical Contractors, Inc. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Gifts: $1,000–$4,999 Baltimore Washington Medical Center Becton, Dickinson and Company Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Blake The Lois and Irving Blum Foundation Borders Express Books Brady Corporation Bunting Door Hardware The Campbell Foundation, Inc. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Carpenter Mr. Robert A. Chrencik Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cohen Mr. Matthew L. Cohen Ms. S. Tracy Coster and Mr. Chan W. Galbato Cove Electric Inc. Ms. Anita Cox Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Dolce Dr. and Mrs. George J. Dover Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ellis EMJAY Engineering and Construction Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Fenton Mr. Benjamin K. Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrington Hereford Pharmacy Johns Hopkins Corporate Security Transportation Johns Hopkins Medicine Hord Coplan Macht Richard M. Katz, M.D. and Ms. Martha Lessman Katz Mr. and Mrs. Carey Kelley Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Kelly Kelly Benefit Strategies Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Mrs. Leslie M. Krause Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Loughlin March-Westin Co., Inc. Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants, Inc. Maryland General Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Harry Merriken III Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds The Miller Family Charitable Fund Miriam Lodge, K.S.B., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Murk Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Oakey Ohr Knesseth The Travelers Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pakula Mr. Thomas S. Paullin Mrs. Emily Powderly T. Rowe Price Foundation Quotient, Inc. Ravens All-Community Team Foundation Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company Respironics The Rothschild Charitable Foundation Safeway Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Shapiro Sleep Services of America, Inc. The Slotnick Foundation Starlight Children’s Foundation Mid-Atlantic Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon J. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stoler Sun Trust Bank Symetra Financial Ms. Lynne Trautwein University of Maryland Medical System Foundation Gifts: $500–$999 Baltimore magazine Bank of America David W. Buck Family Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Camp Express Scripts Ms. Mary Fraiji Ms. Frances S. German Mrs. Margaret A. Gorn Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Hawes Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Hinds Hood Scholnick, P.A. Indigo Ink Administaff Insperity, Inc. Johns Hopkins Pediatrics at Home Mr. Frederick S. Koontz Mason Dixon Chapter of N.C.R.S., Inc. McManis Consulting Ms. Mary D. Miller and Mr. Charles S. Hirsch National Document Services Mr. Ronald Peterson Pryor Pryor–Sigma Delta Kappa Dr. and Mrs. Beryl J. Rosenstein Mr. G. Daniel Shealer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hanan Sibel Sodexho Len Stoler Automotive Victor Graphics, Inc. Gifts to $499 Ms. Diane Adler-Wailes Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Aiken Mr. Jeffrey L. Ajello Ms. Elizabeth A. Albright Mrs. Lynda Alper Mr. Thomas Alston Ms. Sally C. Altman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Anderson Mr. Bruce W. Armstrong Ms. Jennifer D. Arrup Asset Management Concepts, Inc. Mrs. Monica Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Auen Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Dallas G. Baker, Sr. Ms. Susan Barton Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baylin Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Beckett Ms. Lisa J. Belman Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Benton Mr. and Mrs. Mel Berger Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Betten Mr. and Mrs. Leroy S. 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Dalsheimer Mr. John H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison Daycon Products Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Defeo Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Denny Dex Imaging of Maryland, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. DiMaggio, Jr. Mrs. Katharine D. DiLullo Mrs. Caryn Dombrow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dubroff Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dulski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Dushel Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eisenberg Mr. Jonathan H. Elkind and Ms. Suzanne Mintz Ms. Leslie A. Engel Giving is Healing. Thank You!
  16. 16. Jessica Fugate Sue Gaegar Meghan Gallogly Amanda Gamerman Julie Garcia Estelle Ginsberg Sarah Glorioso Jerome Golomb Marie Gounaris Elizabeth Gravallese Cindy Gress Colleen Grogan Cynthia Hafele Sarah Haley Rebecca Hardin Barbie Hargrave Amy Hart Lauren Heery Holly Hiltner Jessica Hoehn Laura Hough Deborah Hynson Mara Irwin Deborah Jack Stephanie Jarvis Katherine Johns Brittany Johnson Meagan Keane Sarah Keenan Kristen Kelley Lauren Kelly Danielle Kelly Deborah King Rachelle Koehl Kathi Kramer Carrie Larkin Selma Levi Amy Lieu Kathleen Lindenstruth Alexis Lipinski MariaSanta Mangione Kyle Marden Elizabeth May Madeline McCooe Celia McGrain John Mathias Judy Merkle Bessie Miller Lucy Mohler Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Eppig Erlanger Properties Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Farrell Ms. Lois Feldstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ferrari Mr. Bryan Fick Mr. Jack Finkelstein Mr. and Mrs. Morton P. Fisher, Jr. Mr. Ronald Fishkind Mr. and Mrs. John B. French, Jr. Ms. Sue Gaeger Dr. and Mrs. Earl P. Galleher, Jr. Mr. Paul J. Garner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Gassner Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart Ms. Sandra L. Gerstung Mr. Mark D. Gibson Mrs. Estelle Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Gittlen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Giulio Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gold Mrs. Louise G. Goldberg Ms. Jaleh Goodale Mr. Edward C. Goodley Mr. and Ms. James W. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guth Mr. and Mrs. Burton Halpert Ms. Maria C. Halton Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hanauer Mr. Quinn Hanna Ms. Kristina Hare Mr. David Harrah Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harris Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Hecht Mr. Karl R. Heiser Mrs. Teri Helms Mrs. Judith B. Henderson Ms. Sandra D. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Toby Hess Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Hettleman Mrs. Judy J. Hicks Mr. Bruce Higinbotham Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Himmelrich, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Hirschhorn Ms. Judith Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Hollins Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Holtschneider Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hord Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hossfeld, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hough Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Huether Mrs. Jill Rosato Huey Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Irrgang Mrs. Elaine E. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Sanford G. Jacobson Ms. Darylene Jenkins Miss Nancy Johnson Ms. Tracy B. Johnson Mr. Alan M. Jonas Mr. and Mrs. James E. Judd Mrs. Ann N. Kahan Misbah Kahn, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kargon Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kaufman Ms. Kristen Kelley Mr. And Mrs. Hal Kilberg The Kimmel Company Mr. and Mrs. Norval King III Mr. and Mrs. Neal I. Kitt Ms. Pamela B. Klima Ms. Jill A. Kolodner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Kolodny Mr. and Ms. Robert Kornhauser Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kotchick Ms. Colleen B. Krammar Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Kronthal Ms. Ina Kronthal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lagas Mrs. Maureen Lalley Mr. Richard Lansburgh Ms. E. J. Lapides Mr. and Mrs. John Laporte Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lare Mrs. Corinne M. Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Larkin Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lawson Ms. Peggy Lazaron Ms. Kathleen R. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Lemerman India B. Lesser Foundation Trust Ms. Alice Levin Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Levin Mr. Robert I. Libertini Ms. Kathleen Lindenstruth Ms. Loraine L. Lobe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Macks Ms. Leona A. Maddock Ms. Audrey F. Magann Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Mailman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Malis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mance Ms. Joanne Mandato Mr. Malcolm Marshall Maryland Academy of Technology Health Sciences Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marziale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maschal Mrs. Jackie Mattheu Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Matz Mr. and Mrs. John McCuen Mrs. Elizabeth L. McShane Mr. Alex McVeigh and Ms. Kimberly Timbol Mr. and Mrs. David Meadows Ms. Lisa Meiers Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Meyerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milburne Dr. Ann Miller Mr. Dale D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Mitnick Ms. Lucy Mohler Ms. Mary A. Mohler-Knoerlein Mr. Michael Monheit Mr. and Mrs. John Moran Ms. Marguerite Moran Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morgan Mrs. Constance Morrison Mrs. Linda J. Morrison Ms. Mary F. Mundorf Ms. Monna L. Nabers Ms. Sophia Nagel Ms. Elizabeth Narrow NCAS Ms. Elizabeth Neave Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Needleman Mrs. Phyllis Neuman Mr. Oscar Newman Mr. and Mrs. The-Hung E. Nguyen Ms. Wendy A. Nicholson Ms. Julia Nickles Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Niman Ms. Kara Nolte Dr. and Mrs. Sean R. O’Brien Oui Oui Music Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olshefski Mr. Bodil Ottesen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pariser Ms. Sally Parker Mr. and Mrs. William M. Passano, III Ms. Arlene S. Paul Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pearlman Miss Anastasiya Pelovitz Mr. and Mrs. Craig Pfeifer Mr. Alfred A. Pietsch Ms. Kathleen M. Pinheiro Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Plant Ms. Tamara S. Plant PNC Wealth Management Ms. Lori Pollack Mrs. Carol Pondfield Ms. Arlette Poney Mrs. Stephanie Pons Mr. and Mrs. James R. Porter Ms. Diane E. Powderly Mr. and Mrs. David S. 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Stysley Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Surdin Ms. Beth D. Svrjcek Ms. Teresa A. Taber Ms. Barbara Taylor Ms. Kathleen M. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Sanford V. Teplitzky Ms. Katelyn M. Thorne Mrs. Mary D. Tilghman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Toth Mrs. Rebecca A. Tucker Mr. C.C. Veirs Mr. and Mrs. Herman Venick Ms. Margaret F. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Walters Ms. Whitney F. Wasson Ms. Genelle Watts Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Weglein Mrs. Ingeborg B. Weinberger Mr. and Mrs. Ray N. Weinstein Ms. Abby Weinstock Ms. Nancy Wells Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Wells, III Mr. and Mrs. David Wessel Mr. and Mrs. George K. Whatmough Ms. Julia A. Wilhelm Mrs. Ellen Wingert Mr. Joseph K. Wolf Miss Sarah Woods Mr. Hamilton B. Wylie III Ms. Vivian Yaffe Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Yerman Mr. and Mrs. David Yumkas Ms. Johanna L. Zentz Mr. and Mrs. Nello Zuech Ms. Evelyn Zulver
  17. 17. Marguerite Moran Christopher Morrow Grace Murray Stephen Nichols, MD Kate O’Brien Simone Odwin-Jenkins Kimberly Porfido Tiffany Potterfield Denise Pudinski Michael Oakey Edith Querido Deborah Reid Sarah Righter Aviva Rockwood Eva Rosenberger Rochelle Rudo Robbie Reuter Jamie Sabatino Nahal Sadegh Douglas Sawch Sydney Schildnecht Karen Schwartzman Melissa Scholnick Rebecca Sciliano Claire Semerjian Lisa Shifflett Heidi Shullenbarger Crystal Shumgart Jen Silberzahn David Slotnick Emily Smith Joan Smyth Mary ‘Elaine’ Smyth Courtney Spahn Carolyn Sutton Maryclare Taylor Karla Townsley Kristen Vidreiro Rachel Warner Melpa Warres Christine Webbert Krystin Wessner Alyssa Whiteman Camille Wilson Amanda Woodward Nora Zietz Jaquelyn Zoine Evelyn Zulver Gifts in Kind Ms. Debbie Aldridge American Radiology Services, Inc. Baltimore Alumnae Association of Kappa Delta Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Baltimore City Firefighters Baltimore Jewish War Veterans #167 Ms. Linda Barkenbush Mr. William Barrett III Ms. Francis Bashford Ms. Beth Ann Bayne Ms. Sallie R. Beaver Beej Flamhotz, LLC Blasting Gaming Blue Knights International Bluestone Grille Ms. Valerie Bonincantri Boordy Vineyards Borders Express Books Ms. Nicole Bourgeois Ms. Mary Teresa Bressler The Brewer’s Art Ms. Alysa Buchanan Bulle Rock John and Barbara Butta Ms. Vikki Byerly Care Wear Ladies of Glen Meadows Ms. Lisa Cary Casey Cares Foundation The School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen Celebrations Unlimited, Inc. Celie’s Waterfront Inn Donna Slaughter’s CF Interiors Chaucey’s Surf Shop Dr. Lynn R. Chincheck Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Clark Clarksville Elementary School PTA Ms. Betty Cole Comfy Covers ConKerr Cancer Lori and Sean Casey Ms. Kirsten Cook Ms. Karen Cosby Ms. and Mrs. Carl F. Coscia Country Club of Maryland Covenant Guild, Inc. Ms. Katrina Crawford Creative Exposure Baltimore Ms. Wendy Crites Ms. Trish Davis Delaware Head Huggers Mr. Jamal DeVillasee Ms. Laura Dozier Ms. Jessica Dulin Dunloggin Middle School Ms. Mary Duvall Ruth Parker Eason School Susan and Lawrence Eden Educational Affairs Division of the MD Office of the Attorney General Ms. Patricia Ferraro Fern Hill Design Fleming’s Steak House Mr. Philip C. Frederico Fresh! Boutique Friendship Wine Liquor Tiffany and Paul Garner Glen Meadows Retirement Community Godiva Chocolatier Mr. Miguel Gonzalez Graul’s Market Greater Baltimore Church of Christ Greenfields Nursery Landscaping Company Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gulley Ms. Kathy Gutierrez Harmony Glass Jewelry Henderson’s Wharf Mr. Robert Herrmann Deanna Hickey Ms. Tangier Hollis Hope Church Hotel Brexton Hunt Valley Golf Club Mr. Saul D. Jacobs Mr. James Jefferson Jewels JoAnna Gray Shoes Jolly Rogers Amusement Park Ms. Paulette Kamelgard Senator and Mrs. Frank Kelly Kelly Benefit Strategies Kids Wish Network–Hero of the Month Program Mr. and Mrs. Hal Kilberg Ms. Debbie Kimble Kitchen By Design Ms. Nancy Klasmeier Mr. and Mrs. Rick Koehler Ms. Helen Kucey Carrie Z. Larkin Lake Presidential Golf Club The Lehew Family Lighthouse Baptist Church Lingerie Lingerie Linwoods Sonny and Betsy Liston The Little Shoebox Lori K Boutique Loyola University Ms. Mary Beth Loup Ms. Joy Lunitz Lyndwood Square Wine Spirits Ms. Lisa A. Mack Ms. Jean M. Maddux March-Westin Co. Inc. Mari Luna Latin Grille Mason Dixon Chapter of N.C.R.S., Inc. Mars Super Markets, Inc. Mattel Philanthropy Programs Ms. Mary Jane Maxwell Maya Wrap Ms. Stephanie McDonald Meade Middle School Milly’s Crafty Angels, Inc. Ms. Lucy Mohler Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Mora Mt. Washington Running Store Mt. Washington Tavern Ms. Elizabeth Murray NAIFA National Association of Women in Construction Stephen Nichols, MD Ngueyen Family Northrop Grumman Ms. Colleen O’Brien Ocean City Golf Club Ocean Pride Seafood The Oregon Grille Oui Oui Music Ms. Dominique Owens The Owl Bar The 13th Floor Ms. Rosa Paige Mr. David Peikon Anastasiya Pelovitz Ms. Gail Pelovitz Nadiya Pelovitz Mr. Steve Pelovitz Personal Touch Home Care Jess Pilarski Pinnacle Health Wellness, LLC Project Linus Project Linus–Howard County Radebaugh Florists Raimondi’s Florist Ravens All-Community Team Foundation Real Life Community Church Red DiVA’s Social Club Ms. Candace Richardson Ms. JoAnne Riemer Rifton Equipment Mr. Ryan Roberts Roland Park Country School Ms. Donna Ruckart Mr. Thomas F. Russo Rutland Beard Florist Ms. Victoria Salese Mr. Christopher Samuel Mr. Jon C. Scheer Kurt and Jackie Schumacher Ms. Sharon Selko Mrs. Carolyn B. Servance Shawnee Country Barn Shlomo Cohen Photography Smyth Jewelers Ms. Shauna Snidow Snyder’s of Hanover Sparrows Point Country Club Spirit Halloween Superstores, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stoler Stone Mill Bakery Studio 1612 Swiss Colony Inc. Ms. Teresa A. Taber Tark’s Grille Ms. Jessica Taylor Ms. Carol Toth Mr. Jason Turner Valve Options Maryland Ms. Kayla Volrath Ms. Tina Volrath Mr. Brandon Walsh Ms. Cecilia Warner Wee Chic, Inc. Ms. Carin Weinreich Wells Discount Liquors Winter’s Run Golf Course Mr. Kyle Wise Woodlawn Garden Club Work Strategy, Inc. Woodpeckers Guild YOICKS! To learn more about volunteering, contact Angie Wenman, Volunteer Administrative Coordinator, at or call 410-578-5067, or visit The Horizon Society The Horizon Society recognizes supporters who have included Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in their estate plans. The following people are charter members of the Horizon Society: Ella M. Cohen Nancy and George W. Gephart Samuel G. and Margaret A. Gorn Sandra D. Hess Mary and Harry Merriken III Erna B. Schoenberg
  18. 18. Capital Campaign Gifts from July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2011 Gifts $1,000,000 Over Samuel and Margaret Gorn Foundation, Inc. Mt. Washington Pediatric Foundation Gifts $500,000–$999,000 Florence H. Austrian Trust Charles T. Bauer Foundation State of Maryland Gifts $100,000–$499,999 Clark and Jodi Lare and Family The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc. Jack and Mae Rosenberg Charitable Trust State of Maryland Roslyn and Len Stoler Gifts $50,000–$99,999 Anonymous Donor Ben and Zelda Cohen Foundation David R. Dalsheimer France-Merrick Foundation The Louis H. Gross Foundation, Inc. Hearst Foundations, Inc. Middendorf Foundation, Inc. Tom and Pam O’Neil Sheila and Lawrence C. Pakula, MD Gifts $10,000–$49,999 The Jess Carson Foundation, Inc. S. Tracy Coster and Chan W. Galbato Barbara and George Dover, MD Golfers’ Charitable Association, Inc. Benjamin K. Greenwald David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation Tee and John Kelly George Lentz, MD MT Bank Lois and Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund Phyllis C. Meyerhoff Middendorf Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Peterson E. Allen Robinson Carole and Hanan Sibel Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon J. Stein The Aaron Straus Lillie Straus Foundation,Inc. Susan A. Paul C. Wolman, Jr. Fund Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children of Baltimore City Gifts $1,000–$9,999 The Adams Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Attman Mr. and Mrs. Scott Basik Ann Betten and Alan Betten Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bernstein, Jr. Brady Corporation Robert A. Chrencik Lee and Chris Cockrum Matthew L. Cohen Sally De Arruda Susan and Richard Dubroff Alan J. Eade Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eppig Vivian Finney Sonya and Jerry Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrington Sandra D. Hess Richard M. Katz, MD and Martha Lessman Katz Carey and Sharon Kelley Brigid D. Kernan Frederick S. Koontz Dave and Sharon Meadows Mary Miller and Charles Hirsch The Hollins Family Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Nichols Thomas S. Paullin Mark and Denise Pudinski Beryl J. Rosenstein, MD Linda Ryder Barbara Scharf Morris Shapiro Family Foundation Brad and Justina Starobin Jay M. Weinstein Whiteford, Taylor Preston LLP Fred Wolf III and Peggy K. Wolf Gifts to $999 Ajoke Ajayi-Akintade Elizabeth A. Albright Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Applefeld Tamara L. Aviles Alexander C. Baer Lorena Bailey, MD Steven and Eve Band Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baylin Willis Belgrave Shira Benhorin, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Berg Mr. and Mrs. James E. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Billig Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blank Lois Bower Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brave Mr. and Mrs. Joel Brenner Ella Brown Jill Brune Tamara Burgunder, MD Sarah Burke Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cahn II Frank Callender Mr. and Mrs. Edward Casel Twyla Dockery-Cathion, CPNP Edward B. Chambers Shannon Chojnacki Valderine Charlton Robert A. Chrencik Long Clark Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cohen Suzanne F. Cohen Eileen W. Cohn Robert and Venetta Conley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cooper Steven J. Czinn, MD Michelle E. Demeule Douglas M. Dent Ilene Devorah Heather Dewan Judge and Mrs. Paul A. Dorf The Eliasberg Family Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Morton J. Ellin Ashley Emphasis Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fader, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fader Faith Feingold Debra Fike Mr. and Mrs. Joel Finkelstein Ilde and Gil Mary E. Fisher Ronald Fishkind Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fleishman Nguegni Dorine Fobi-Takusi Marilyn E. Footman-Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fradkin Dr. and Mrs. Moises Fraiman Sloane Francis Jennifer Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Frenkil Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Fried Hannah L. Fries Bethany Gallagher Sonia Gann Suzzy Gann Frances S. German Mr. and Mrs. Norman Glick Mr. and Mrs. Burton Gold Dr. and Mrs. Neil Goldberg Bonita Grady Gertrude Gray Mr. and Mrs. Gary Greenberg Toby A. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Greif, Jr. Susan Hager Hammett Family Jody E. Harden Diane and Tim Hawes Margot Heller Sandra Helm Lewis M. Hess, Jr. Sue L. Hess Linda Himmelrich Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Himmelrich, Sr. Virginia Hof Lloyd Honeyghan Michele Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Sanford G. Jacobson Mr. John W. Jenkins Erica Jones, BSN, RN Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. James E. Judd Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jules Ann N. Kahan William Kahn Darryl A. Kane Katie Kane, PsyD Mr. and Mrs. Shep Kaplow Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Katz Mr. and Mrs. G. Arnold Kaufman Tracy Kelly Misbah Khan, MD, MPH Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klein, Jr. Pamela B. Klima Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kogan Phyllis Kolodner Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kolodner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Kolodny Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Kopilnick Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kuntz Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kushner Glory Laben Caroline Langrall Stephen Leaderman Kathleen and Erik Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Levy Mr. and Mrs. Mort Libov Dr. and Mrs. Antolin Llorente, Jr. James Maddock Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Malin Sajid H. Manzoor Phyllis Maynor Charmayne McCain Lindie A. McDonough Raymond E. Mitchener Linda J. Morrison Donna Morris-Snoussi Mr. and Mrs. John H. Muldoon Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Myers Melissa Myers Monna Nabers Barb Nosek Simone Odwin-Jenkins Promise I. Okafor Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Oliner Vonda N. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oppenheim Opus2, Inc. Ivan B. Oshrine Tony Parker Sandy and Pat Piskor Mr. Charles J. Piven Tamara S. Plant Holly Preble Patricia Quigley, MD Stephanie S. Reap Jerome P. Reichmister, MD Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Richman Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ries Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Rochlin Kimberly Rohrbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Burton Rosen Howard and Jodi Rosenberg Mr. Howard Rosenbloom and Dr. Michele Gelkin Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Rosenthal Nan D. Rosenthal Nina G. Rosenzwog Rosalie Rosenzwog Sharon Keller Rothman, MSN, CPNP Karen Rubeor Cynthia Russo Katie Sams Mr. and Mrs. William Saxon, Jr. Sonia Schnaper Sharon Selko Mr. and Mrs. James Servance Kathy Shanks Amy M. Sharma G. Daniel Shealer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sheinbach Deborah A. Simon Anita Smith Ashley Smith and Letitia Mitchell-Smith Earnie Standley Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stoller Dale Swartos Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Tapper Margaret B. Thalheimer Durel and Patricia Thomas Nancy Virgil-Foster Beverly Wellman-Thiam Rylee Darnall-Wenman Cathy and Dave Williams Sandy Williams Harriette and Harrison Wimms Ellen Wingert Lesley Wofford Judith and M. Richard Wynn Philanthropic Fund Nicole Zuech Thank you to our Building for the Future of Every Child Campaign Donors! For information on how you can help support the Campaign in reaching its goal, call Brigid Kernan, Director of Development, at 410-578-5315.
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