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Gender communication in social institutions


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Gender communication in social institutions

  1. 1. Gender Communication inSocial Institutions: Work Katie Jones CMS 498 December 8, 2012
  2. 2. Gender/Sex Issues at the Work Place…who is most vulnerable?
  3. 3. Answer: The Black Woman• WHY?• Intersectionality;• Sexism• Racism• Stereotypes
  4. 4. Is this work?*YES!*Men and women stay at homeas parents.*For the most part, our culture thinksworks is outside of the home.*What is your work ethic? Do you not have one if you are onwelfare?*Blue vs. White collar work…do we think of work as masculine?
  5. 5. Is this work? Do we have enough jobs for everyone?
  6. 6. Most People think of this as “Work”
  7. 7. It’s hard to balance family & work no matter who you are and what you do! *Finding perfect balance is key to a happy family life
  8. 8. Equality in the Workplace?
  9. 9. He has a great work ethic! What about welfare mothers, do they?
  10. 10. Sexual Harassment• Hostile Work Environment• “Girl Watching”• Sexual Joking• Sexual Orientation• Not a woman’s only issue• Interpretation?• Race & Harassment• Sexual Harassment LawsALL the above matters!
  11. 11. “Power” PayIs there still a gap in pay for men vs.women? YES! How far have we come?
  12. 12. Do men gossip?
  13. 13. More than just Sex Difference • Masculine emotions • Feminine emotions • Stereotypes • Gossip • Socialization
  14. 14. Emotions at Work• Who do you think is more emotional at work? Men or Women?• There really is no difference, just what one may think is an “emotional expression”, may vary.
  15. 15. Look at her, happily working! Or is she?
  16. 16. These two are a great team! At least their boss thinks so…
  17. 17. Does he think he is being harassed?
  18. 18. Why are you looking at me like that, Mr. Bossman? Yes, I want to move up in the company but…
  19. 19. Work & Education• Is there a link?• Yes, power struggles in school can set back future work experiences.• Organizational division (race, gender/sex, class, etc.)
  20. 20. Who has what Jobs?• Do all women stay at home?• Are all black women maids?• Do all men work in construction?• Are all women teachers and nurses?• Are prison guards all male?Of course not but historically things were different and certaingroups of people were controlled and powerless in what type of jobthey could have. Do you think this still occurs???
  21. 21. Had enough?
  22. 22. Work can be Empowering!• Economic Independence• Self Esteem• Can build solid families
  23. 23. Sources:• DeFrancisco & Palczewski: Communicating Gender Diversity (2007). Sage Publications, Inc.