Networking for Success


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University of Maryland - College Park
Business Mgmt 367, Career Search Strategies in Business
Guest Lecture topic: Networking for Success
Presenter: Kathleen Berger

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Networking for Success

  1. 1. April 8, 2013Business Mgmt 367 Networking for Success Kathleen Berger Northrop Grumman Corporation Recruitment Marketing & Communications Specialist @kathleen_eliz
  2. 2. It’s not just aboutit’s about who you know and
  3. 3. Overview WHEN/WHAT Networking 101 WHY The Power of Networking HOW Building and Maintaining Your Network WHO Your Personal Brand Networking for Success3
  4. 4. Networking 101 – The Basics • Network: an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like • Networking: a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest Formal vs. Informal Networking Informal Formal Informal networking can be Formal networks may include done through coffee groups, organizations such as clubs, friends, family, former industry and business colleagues, sports clubs, networking groups and churches and other community anywhere that brings them into organizations you belong to. contact with lots of people.4
  5. 5. Networking 101 – Tips & Etiquette• A handshake should be friendly and respectful, last 3-4 seconds or 2-3 pumps – avoid the ‗lady finger‘, two hand and ‗fish hand‘, don‘t use a forceful grip• Hold your food or beverage in your opposite hand (so that the hand you shake with isn’t preoccupied or wet/cold)• When someone introduces him/herself, repeat his/her name (this will help with recall) – “Hi John, it’s great to meet you!...”• If nametags are required, its recommended that you wear it on your right side 2-3 in below your collar bone• Have plenty of business cards handy and a copy your resume accessible on the go• If you plan on standing, wear comfortable (yet appropriate) shoes• Avoid touching you hair or other nervous habits• Stay home if you’re sick…but if you happen to sneeze or cough, turn away into your elbow (warning: people will be grossed out)• First impressions matter - don’t forget to be professional and courteous5
  6. 6. Networking 101 - Conversations • Show passion around the topic/industry • Listen actively, show interest, focus, don’t interrupt • Ask questions (open-ended), inquire, compliment • Smile, make and keep eye contact, exude confidence • Think before you speak, clearly enunciate, be concise • Be sensitive to non-verbal cues of your listener, be aware of your own body language • Talk to as many people as possible, don’t waste time talking to “me-ers” or people you already know • Have a conversation exit strategy How can I help you? What other events do you What do you like/go to? Hi, I‘m Jane! do? Who do Why did you you work for? get involved in XXX?6
  7. 7. Networking 101 – Day to Night DAY NIGHT ________LOCATION_______ ________LOCATION_______ Location matters. Go where you can meet RSVP early for parties related to your people relevant to the industry. industry. __________DRESS________ __________DRESS________ Your appearance speaks volumes about Keep it classy. If you wouldn‘t visit your your credibility. Dress accordingly. mother wearing it, don‘t punish your industry peers with distracting or distasteful outfits. _________SPEECH_________ _________SPEECH________ Your focus should be on matters of Stick with topics that keep conversation business alone. Build partnerships during rolling such as music , TV or food. the day by inviting others into your network. _________DRINK__________ __________DRINK________ Make sure the drink in your hand has Don‘t drink too much. Make sure to stay caffeine, because you‘ll need it to stay hydrated – drink water in between alert. cocktails. _________PEOPLE_________ __________PEOPLE_______ Forge new relationships and partnerships. Introduce yourself to as many people as Go after the movers and the shakers in possible. Bring plenty of business cards. your industry that you don‘t already know. _______PUNCTUALITY______ _______PUNCTUALITY_____ Punctuality matters. Arrive early. Ok to arrive fashionably late (within 30 mins of start time), but don‘t make it a habit.7
  8. 8. The Power of Networking - Endorsements Are your skills and experience not a perfect match for the requirements stated in the open job description? Did you apply and not hear back? Getting noticed is only the first of many steps in getting the job you deserve. Networking builds strong relationships which leads to endorsements/referrals. Endorsements matter. Strong referrals from influential people matter more.8 Networking Gets You Noticed
  9. 9. The Power of Networking – By the Numbers Applicants hired from a referral will start their new position sooner than their counterparts – referrals are hired 55% percent faster than those who come through a career site. Referrals have greater job satisfaction and stay at companies much longer than their counterparts – 46% of referrals and 39% of those hired through careers sites stay at a company for three years or more, while only 14% of those hired from a job board stayed. While only 7% of applicants come from referrals, this small number accounts for nearly half of hires (40%). Referrals are hired at a rate of 1 out of 3 applications for top-performing firms and 1 out of 10 at average firms. Compare that to an average applicant to hire ratio of 1 out of 18 from all sources. 70% of employers felt referred hires fit the company culture and values better. 30% of companies plan to invest more in referrals. SOURCES: 2011, Jobvite index 2012, CareerXroads 2011 – 2012, Dr. John Sullivan and Associates research 2008-20119
  10. 10. Get Connected - Building Your Network • Socialize, get involved, participate • Engage, be proactive, be present • Speak, publish, have a voice • Be creative, express yourself • Stay authentic Build Your Network Before You Need It10
  11. 11. Stay Connected - Maintaining Your Network • Get organized, have a plan • Follow up, create a timeline, keep constant contact • Keep learning, stay knowledgeable about industry news/trends • Pay it forward, become a resource • Remain flexible, diversify Nurture Your Network11
  12. 12. LinkedIn is Key
  13. 13. Personal Brand - ChecklistAssess your current reputation • Google yourself; set up alerts to monitor and maintain online reputation; are you maintaining a consistent, real image and personality across all media/websites/profiles?; get 360º feedback Define or refine • Keep information on your social media profiles and resume up-to-date; clean up negative content online; engage in industry-specific/professional topics conversations to establish credibility; establish what you want to be known for, your mission/vision, interests/passions, values, strengths, needs, etc. Always be prepared • Keep your resume handy; know the dress code, dress to impress; always carry business cards; polish your communication style; create and practice your elevator pitch; be in the know about industry news/trends Be smart • Update privacy settings on social media; when posting online - think twice, publish once; know your audience; act with integrity – take the high road; be consistent and conscientious; establish time management for personal brand upkeep13
  14. 14. Personal Brand - Elevator Pitch • Start by asking yourself a few questions: – What is the purpose of the pitch? – What value do you provide? – How do you provide this value? – What is unique about your offer? – What is your target market? • Follow 4 simple steps for crafting your pitch: 1 Begin with an ACTION PHRASE that is NOT a noun. (‖I am a X‖ — but don‘t use a ―label‖ in the blank. You don‘t want people to put you in a box.) 2 Add a one-sentence statement about what you DO. (‖I do Y‖ — What do you help people or businesses do? What is your degree or field of study?) 3 Give a statement of the SPECIFIC IMPACT. (‖People who utilize my process find Z‖ — list one or two things from the perspective of your potential employer. ―I am looking to start my careers in/at Z‖ – what is your target industry or firm? Include a statement of passion for the work/industry.) 4 End with a CALL TO ACTION. (‖I am looking to be introduced to A‖ — be specific! For example, request a contact or connection. If you ask for something non-specific you are likely to get it. What good is that?) • Practice: develop your elevator pitch; introduce yourself to your neighbor in 30-60 seconds keep it short - stay authentic - make it memorable14
  15. 15. Elevator Pitch - Templates Hello, my name is __________ and I am completing a __________ degree in ___________ at UMD with a minor in _________. I am interested in a career in (or position as a) __________ in the ___________ field (industry). I have been involved (during college) in __________ and developed skills in __________. I have also had an internship position (employment) as a ___________ with __________ and discovered that I really enjoy __________. Could you tell me more about __________? Hello, my name is __________ and I am (personal introduction)_______. My interests are (relevant to listener’s needs) _________. I know about your organization (I have done research) ________. My skills/accomplishments are (I can do what needs to be done)________. I would like an interview/meeting/referral (I feel confident you will benefit from the meeting)_______.15
  16. 16. Elevator Pitch - Examples ―Hi, my name is Jane Doe. I am a University of Maryland student who will be graduating with a degree in Marketing this Spring. I am the content designer for our student news website and the captain of my lacrosse team. I am interested in utilizing my creative talents and leadership skills when I start my career. If you know anyone in marketing around this area, I‘d love to meet them to discuss potential opportunities.‖―Hi, my name is John Doe. I‘m a recent college graduate from theUniversity of Maryland with a degree in Business Management. Iam looking to start my career in the defense industry in the DCmetro area. This industry fascinates me because I see the potentialof using my newly acquired skills in business management toincrease operational effectiveness and develop new businessstrategy. You spoke of Northrop Grumman, which is a leader in thisindustry. Would you know someone at Northrop Grumman that Icould talk to? I‘d like to hear more about Northrop Grumman tobetter understand how my talents would be a fit in that industry.‖
  17. 17. Key Takeaways • It’s not just about WHO YOU KNOW, it’s about who you know and WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU KNOW • Build your network before you need it • Nurture your network • It’s a small world– don’t burn bridges • To get noticed, endorsements/referrals from influential people matter • Be mindful of your personal brand17
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  19. 19. THANK YOU! @kathleen_eliz