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What is mlcs (march 2013)


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What is mlcs (march 2013)

  1. 1. WHAT ISMLCS?
  2. 2. Imagine a classthat looksforward tocollege level workinstead ofbackward at highschool.A class with thegoal ofdevelopingflexible problemsolvers instead offilling skill gaps.
  3. 3. Imagine a classthat only takesone semester andallows studentsto get ready forliberal arts math,statistics, orintermediatealgebra.A class that givesstudents optionsin case theychange theirmajors.
  4. 4. Imagine relevant,interestingcontent designedto engage andchallenge thedevelopmentallearner.
  5. 5. Imagine relevant,interestingcontent designedto engage andchallenge thedevelopmentallearner.
  6. 6. Imagine relevant,interestingcontent designedto engage andchallenge thedevelopmentallearner.
  7. 7. Imagine aclassroom that isactive, filled withconversationsaboutmathematics.
  8. 8. A class wherestudents work ona variety ofproblemsincluding open-ended problemsthat take time tosolve.
  9. 9. Imagine a mathclass wherestudents seealgebra as auseful tool,instead of a set ofprocedures tomimic.
  10. 10. Imagine a classwith balancedinstruction,alternatingbetween wholegroup directinstruction andsmall groupexplorations.A class wheretechnology isused as aninstructional tool,not as areplacement forinstructors.GroupWorkDirectInstruction
  11. 11. MathematicalLiteracy forCollegeStudents,or MLCS, is sucha course.MLCS
  12. 12. MLCS wasdevelopedthroughAMATYC’s NewLife Initiative andis related to theCarnegieQuantwayInitiative.
  13. 13. We have beendeveloping aversion of thiscourse since2010. Our workis based on thework Kathleendid with theAMATYC andCarnegieInitiatives.Pilots began atour school in fall2011.Kathleen AlmyHeather Foes
  14. 14. Our goal was tocreate a coursethat works forstudents andinstructors. Wehave createdmaterials thatsupport any levelof instructor withdetailed notes,answers,prompts, rubrics,and more.We made thematerials flexibleso that schoolscan add or deletetopics to theirliking.
  15. 15. These materialswill be availablethrough PearsonEducation andwill be titledMath Lit.The text uses abroad range ofproblems andcontexts toengage thedevelopmentallearner. It is aliving textbook,where studentswrite on thepages thatinclude theory,exercises, andproblems.
  16. 16. Student successis built into thecourse in itsdesign,development,lessons, andassessments. Alllessons thataddress studentsuccess alsoinclude amathematicalobjective.
  17. 17. Students aretaught to beflexible problemsolvers whopersist whenchallenged. Theylearn multipleways at lookingat problems.They readarticles,developingliteracy as well asmathematicalliteracy. Flexibility Persistence Agility Literacy
  18. 18. Student alsolearn algebraicskills along theway and useMyMathLab todevelop masterywith them.Paper conceptualhomeworkaccompaniesassignments toconnect andapply the ideaslearned.+
  19. 19. MLCS has fourareas developedin an integratedfashion, movingthrough all fourareas in each unitbut delvingdeeper as theunits progress.Throughout thetext geometryand statisticsappear often toconnect andextend ideas.
  20. 20. Technology isused as it is in theworkplace:whatever makessense at the time.That could be acalculator butoften it is mentalmath or Excel.MyMathLabsupportsinstruction butdoes not replaceit.
  21. 21. Together, theseaspects combineto form a richcourse that isengaging for all.More than that,it providesappropriatepreparation fornon-STEMcourses whilemaintainingstandards andrigor.EngagementStandardsRigor
  22. 22. MLCSMath Literacy forCollege StudentsA course that isdesigned to createa new experienceand a newpathway for thedevelopmentalmath student