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Descriptive Analytic Research

Summary of Anderson's article

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Descriptive Analytic Research

  1. 1. ANDERSON, W.G. (1971). DESCRIPTIVE-ANALYTIC RESEARCH ON TEACHING, QUEST, 15, 1-8. Kathleen Wack and David Robertson
  2. 2. Type of, purpose of study/paper, theoretical framework/background • Review of Descriptive-Analytic Research • Described five illustrative studies • Examination of possible future contributions to physical education
  3. 3. Background and significance of study…what did it report to add? • Identified characteristics of DAR • Call for change not only to use DAR in PE, but to call for a research effort in PE altogether • Outlined a framework for research effort
  4. 4. 1:33.48-1:36.00 1:38.23
  5. 5. Kentucky Duke
  6. 6. Source for image: 6763193
  7. 7. Source for image:
  8. 8. Methods/Analysis • Identified past research in teaching • Analyzed current research--two illustrative studies in teaching and three in P.E. • Identified 5 stages for future research
  9. 9. Analysis Methods • Analyze audio tapes of History Teachers-Teachers more active—Roles in place Teacher and Student Cycles of teaching (21 identified) Most common teacher question student respond • Categories of questioning range from simple to complex---range of cognitive processes • Physical Education specific—Movement Education—Verbal behavior and student response---Teacher behavior and social and emotional climate---Augmented feedback provided by teachers
  10. 10. Findings/Main arguments • “Provide the tools of inquiry as well as the data needed to intelligently monitor and guide the process of change.”
  11. 11. Conclusions/implications for practice and/or future research • Need for sequential research effort • Outline for “crucial stages:” 1. Development of systems specific for PE 2. Test with large sample size 3. Examine new teaching methods with systems 4. Use tools to conduct studies to measure teaching and learning 5. Enrich Teacher Education Programs • Better understand research and the job of teaching!
  12. 12. Questions?