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Using songs effectively in class


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Using songs effectively in class

  2. 2. Using songs in the English Classroom • “Music is the universal language of mankind” Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHave you ever heard of anyone who doesnt like music? Some people may not like art, dancing, reading, or movies, but almosteveryone likes one kind of music or another. Most people like many different kinds of music.
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  4. 4. Techniques for Using Music with L2 Learners  Introduce a new theme or  Teach pronunciation topic and intonation (Christmas/colours/feelings)  Teach songs and  Break the ice in a class rhymes about difficult where students dont grammar and spelling know each other or are rules that need to be having difficulty memorized communicating  Teach reading  Change the mood comprehension  Teach and build  Inspire a class vocabulary and idioms discussion  Review material  Teach listening for (background music details and gist improves memory)
  5. 5. Tips for Using Music Effectively The possibilities are endless. Music and songs are fun, andmost people enjoy them. Makesongs a regular feature in your lessons!
  6. 6. Can’t get it outta my head!Expose students to a certain song manydays in a row. Within a few days,students will not be able to get the songout of their head!
  7. 7. ADDING ACTION TO ITChoose interactive songs whenever possible. Adding actions enhances languageacquisition and memory.
  8. 8. POSITIVE ATMOSPHEREHave soft or upbeat music playing before class toencourage a positive atmosphere. Turning themusic off is a great way to signal to a large classthat it is time to begin.
  9. 9. … and most importantly ..ENJOY IT!!!
  10. 10. REFERENCES AND CIBERGRAPHY• Lems, Kirsten, Using Music in the Adult ESL Classroom, ERIC Digest, 2001.• Medina, Suzanne L, The Effect of Music on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition, ‘National Network for Early Language Learning’, Vol 6-3, 1993.• Murphy, T (1992), The discourse op pop songs, TESOL Quarterly 26”(4), 770-774.• http:// classroom.htm••