Our family´s dilemma.


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Our family´s dilemma.

  1. 1. Our family’s dilemmaThis is the story of my family and the several problemswe had to deal with when we were living in the city. I amThomas and I am the oldest child in my family. I hope thatwith this story people can be conscious about the problemswe are facing now because of the expansion in industry,technology, science and overpopulation among others
  2. 2. We were used to living in a rural town, where the onlysounds were those of birds, barnyard birds, cows and thewater of the river running near our house. It was a reallypeaceful life there, and at night things were even better; nocars around and just the sounds of crickets that made usfeel comfortable at home.
  3. 3. We are seven members in my family; my mother, my father,two girls and three boys. We enjoyed playing at the fields nearmy house after school and we never found any danger there.My parents were always confident and we could play freely.
  4. 4. Two years ago, my father was asked to work in the city becauseof his experience as a manager in a company that has beenestablished some years ago in our town. Due to its expansion toother cities in our country, the company was hiring people withexperience in order to start their business in other cities. Myfather was chosen to work in a big city and they offered somebenefits that were difficult to reject; a high salary for our father,a big well furnished apartment and a good school for us tostudy.
  5. 5. At the beginning we were amazed when seeing the bigbuildings, stores and places we always wanted to know. Mysiblings were really excited when visiting restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King as well as seeing toys they had neverseen in their lives. My parents also were surprised with all thenew things at the city.
  6. 6. Everything was good when we arrived, but our first nightthere was a sign of the coming days in that big city. After anexhausted day, we decided to go home and sleep. It was eighto´clock and there was a lot of traffic outside. The noise inthat moment was terrible, and thinking that maybe becauseit was Friday, things would change after that weekend. Butthings did not change, and during a common day in theweek things went worse.
  7. 7. In the morning , we did not hear the cows or birdsanymore, and instead cars’ horns and smoke were part ofour lives. My father told us that the company he wasmanaging was also a very noisy place, and people thereused to ask for things by shouting aloud. On the otherhand, our school was a very nice place, but in the same waythere were industries around making a lot of noise.Moreover, there was an airport nearby.
  8. 8. For all these reasons we decided to go back home. Weunderstood that money can not buy peace and tranquilityand even though we do not have a lot of money, we are veryhappy now.