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Openedweek 2013


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We all know that creating or adapting high-quality OER can be pretty difficult, but it doesn't have to be. OERPub and Connexions, as well as other partners, are working together to build a next generation open-source web editor, that helps authors create rich open educational resources (OER) from scratch or using their existing educational materials. These new tools make it easy to collaboratively create, adapt, and distribute OER so students can get them however students need them (print, web, computer, mobile tablet or phone, etc).

In this webinar, we will show of the latest advances in open education publishing technology as well as invite discussion about what authors need to create truly interactive learning content.

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Openedweek 2013

  1. 1. An OER Editor for the Rest of UsUser-friendly authoring and an efficient production pipeline for online, print, and mobile Kathi Fletcher Ed Woodward,,
  2. 2. Textbooks – expensive toTextbooks – expensive to buyproduce By Theodore Scott (Flickr: Look At That Booty) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  3. 3. Textbooks – expensive (andslow) to produce David Wilbanks (CC-BY-SA
  4. 4. Textbooks – often static and boring content silosnegFoto (CC-BY-NC-ND
  5. 5. Instead ... Nanotubes Knowledge forms a network knowledge Geometry AlgebraArt History Music History Linguistics
  6. 6. Instead … content iseverywhere learnersare Fisher (CC-BY-SA
  7. 7. Instead … open textbooks tied tointeractive learning
  8. 8. But, authors face technicalBut authors face technical challenges challenges Photo by Michele Campeotto, CC-BY-SA, from David Wilbanks (CC-BY-SA
  9. 9. So we are building tools to Write Once, Share EverywhereAnything in Edit & Adapt Everything out Formats in: Word, OpenOffice Google Docs, LaTeX Web pages, blogs, slides Problem Sets Multimedia More info:
  10. 10. remix.oerpub.orgPerhaps start with a Google Doc
  11. 11. remix.oerpub.orgConvert the Google doc to common format
  12. 12. remix.oerpub.orgEdit and adapt (including math) for a textbook
  13. 13. remix.oerpub.orgadd some description to help others find it
  14. 14. remix.oerpub.orgpublish (shown here at
  15. 15. What makes this possible?  HTML5 format (language of the web) Publish to web and printEdit in browser and ebook More info:
  16. 16. What makes this possible? HTML5 format (language of the web) Separate structure and style
  17. 17. User friendly authoringas much like word/gdocs as possible More info:
  18. 18. User friendly authoringdrag and drop examples, exercises, support alllearners with accessible images, tables, media More info:
  19. 19. User friendly authoring simple math editing More info:
  20. 20. What makes this possible? HTML5 format (language of the web) Separate structure and style Community : Components, APIs, Open Source, Embeddable editor More info:
  21. 21. What makes this possible? HTML5 format (language of the web) Separate structure and style Community : Components, APIs, Open Source, Embeddable editor – Connexions, Siyavula, OERPUB, Booktype, Aloha – Interest From • Bookshare, VIBAL, Pressbooks, Polish Foundation, and more More info:
  22. 22. Device Demo Collaborative Statistics – Viral textbook
  23. 23. Collaborative Statistics Derived Copy Locations (Custom versions)
  24. 24. Collaborative Statistics Adoption Locations – US and Canada
  25. 25. Collaborative Statistics On a Nook Reader – separate style and structure make it easy to produce e-reader versions
  26. 26. College Physics
  27. 27. College Physics Connexions Android app Nexus 7
  28. 28. College Physics Browser Nexus 7
  29. 29. College Physics QuizCards Android app - – Autogenerated by finding all definitions in the book Nexus 4
  30. 30. College Physics - QuizCards
  31. 31. College Physics iPhone
  32. 32. College Physics - iPad