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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1: In what ways doesyour product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. Differences Similarities Fan effect Simple used on her masthead hair Font colour scheme isSpecial ‘300th’ red, black andissue number whiteclearly shownon the front Similar maincover imageInterview coverline Pull out quote What’s inside the magazine Name printed in bold, inPrice labelled centre underon the front the main image
  3. 3. Differences Similarities Fan effect Simple used on her masthead hair Similar main imageWhats insidethe magazine Name printed in bold, in centre under the main imageInterview coverline Special edition on the front Font colour scheme is Price labelled black and on the front white
  4. 4. Differences Similarities Date is in the Simple corner Contents Title Similar images ofHeadings an artistsplitting up and a band.what is insidethe magazine Images have cover lines Font colour scheme is black, red, grey and White white background
  5. 5. Differences Similarities Fan effect Simple used on her Contents title hair Black2 simple backgroundimages used onthe contentspage SimilarHeading for the images of ansort of things artist and ainside the band.magazine Font colour scheme is Images are at a black and slant white
  6. 6. Differences Similarities ColourArtists Name scheme isat the top of black red andthe page white.One image Big Fontused in the used on thecorner of the first letter ofpage the paragraph Page numbers Pull out used quotes used Magazine Pull out quotes logo used in in different the corner of colour than the page. other text.
  7. 7. Differences Colour scheme Similarities Artists Name at the top of the is black, pink page and whiteOne imageused inthe cornerof thepage Pull out quotesBig Font usedused on thefirst letter oftheparagraph Pink font used in the Page interview numbers used Different colours Black Pull out quotes in different to show which on background colour than other text. is the question and the answer
  8. 8. My magazine uses the forms and conventions of real media products such as ‘Q’. This mediaproduct and my media product have very similar layouts with the simple mast head, coverlines, main image and very little text on the cover. This is because the image itself draws thereader in because of the eye contact made with the model, and also because the colours arebright more people would be drawn to it because they may be fascinated to the colours. Ifeel that the fact that the artists name is on the front cover really draws the reader inbecause from my perspective if I see some-one’s name for example Beyonce I would beinterested on it even though I would recognise her face if she was on the cover. I think thatthis makes my magazine look interesting because of the information on the cover as it mayintrigue my target audience to read my magazine.I named my magazine ‘Label UK’ because I felt that the name was more feminine than just aletter or some of my other ideas for example; ‘New Sound’ or ‘WSK’. I chose to use this fontbecause i felt that because of the fancy writing it would draw my target audience in becausemales wouldn’t really look at the font and think that this was a males music magazine, theywould automatically think it was a females music magazine.I thought that the name ‘Label UK’ was suited to this sort of magazine because there arerecord labels in the music industry and also because my target audience is females I thoughtthat label could also imitate the use of labels on clothing which is more feminine than it ismasculine.I feel that I have challenged the conventions of other media products because some othermusic magazines for example ‘Fader’ as the front cover is a plain simple cover with a mainimage with only a couple of cover lines, which makes the cover look empty and not very eyecatching where as mine is full with information but obviously not too much that it was overcrowded.
  9. 9. I felt that I had to chose afeminine colour scheme for mymagazine to fit my targetaudience to make sure that itwould stand out to them anddraw them in.I also feel that the coloursmatched the images that I tookbecause of the white clothing andwhite background, and the darkhair and the rosy cheeks.I think that the colours I chosewent well because the darkcolours draw the readers inbecause it’s different than mostmagazines with the whitebackgrounds and black writing, soI thought that I would give it a bitof a change to normal and try andcatch the readers eyes with thebold colours.