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SES Chicago Presentation - Relationship Building


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My presentation from SES Chicago 2012 for the "Screw Linkbuilding, it's Called Relationship Building" session.

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SES Chicago Presentation - Relationship Building

  1. 1. Screw Link Building, It’s Relationship Building Katherine Watier VP, Online Strategy and Market InsightsChicago | November 12–16
  2. 2. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHI• Slide text. The leading search marketing conference in Europe and continues to get bigger and better year-on-year. Bringing together the industrys brightest minds and most seasoned practitioners.• Learn how to optimise your web site for the most efficient crawling and indexing. Use keyword analysis to discover top converting words and phrases for optimum conversion.• Make link building for super ranking at the major search engines second nature. Tackle local, mobile, video, analytics and social media like a marketing Ninja. In fact, become your own leading search marketing expert.• And while youre at it, network and mix with your peers and the leading vendors and suppliers in the industry.• Optimise and rank better with pay-per-click campaigns. Learn how search engines rank web pages and optimise yours. @kwatier
  3. 3. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIKetchum’s Online Strategy Approach to Pitching• We pivot the pitch• We personalize based on previous conversations, online data• We test subject lines• We use campaign tracking to track open rates• We ask for and love social shares• We are not a traditional search firm or PR firm
  4. 4. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIWhy? Because we are afraid of this:
  5. 5. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIOnline Pitching = Link Building
  6. 6. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIOnline Strategy’s Online Pitching WorkOur world is chaotic:• Client projects are different• Each client has a different account person who talks to the client directly (we often do not)• Some are long term projects, some are short• Our team does the measuring• Executing plan can happen quicklyThis is why we need a relationship management/link buildingtool. We picked BuzzStream.
  7. 7. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICoordinating Multiple Clients and Teams• We often have to create new niche lists quickly• Spreadsheets were not working – out of date, not sharing of conversations• Traditional media databases don’t have good blogger info and don’t measure mozRank• Backlink checking was too time consuming• We need to save time (and our clients $)• Our solution: BuzzStream
  8. 8. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICustomizing BuzzStream• We broke the tool• We created a taxonomy of custom pitch topics (almost 500 categories) using custom fields for links
  9. 9. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIHaving Conversations with our Link Prospects• Every pitch is personalized with intel hand added to the database, or correspondences from previous pitches• BuzzStream collects contact and social media profile intel that is also added into the pitch requests
  10. 10. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIFull Circle Relationship BuildingProfile: Dr. Steven Chen, 39San Francisco Provider in Planning Stage 10 10
  11. 11. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIEngaging Contacts on Multiple Platforms• We spend quite a bit of time mining the data• We grab new links found by BuzzStream, research the contact and often ask them to join client’s social media properties and blogs to develop an even closer relationship• Often we outreach based on RSS feed activity• Twice a month we use our database to find opportunities to deepen relationships or follow up on link building pitches
  12. 12. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIUtilizing LinkedIn• Content generation for group, posted by client• Client also re-posts on other LinkedIn groups we target• We provide new lists of potential group members for her to upload regularly• We use LinkedIn to find social media engaged doctors for future pitches
  13. 13. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIFull Circle Relationship Building• We use ONC’s Twitter handle and LinkedIn group to identify influencers in those spaces• We build relationships with influencers and target them with pitches based on their interests• Linkbuilding from provider association sites to• Creation of LinkedIn group for HHS ONC to encourage conversation• Relationship building with providers
  14. 14. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICase Study: Pitching via email and phonePitching Timeline:• Ketchum team pitched via email on a Friday• Mr. Mearian followed up that day confirming interest• Ketchum team followed up on Wed of next week via email to confirm interest• Mr. Mearian emailed and called our team that day confirming interest• We pitched the story via phone• Story was covered that day• Thank you email follow up that evening
  15. 15. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIExample: Lucas MearianComputer World – Article & Tweet
  16. 16. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIImportance of Face to Face Interactions • Pitched Mom It Forward (MIF) Blogger a story, did not hear back • Met MIF blogger in person, discussed why she had not picked up the story, and what she looks for in a pitch • MIF blogger provided advice on best practices for subject line, content, etc • Invited MIF blogger to attend Ketchum event for DC Week • Continued relationship via email • Pitched IBM story for IBM 5 in 5 • Worked with mommy blogger to write lifestyle feature story
  17. 17. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIPick In many cases, a combination ofup the emailing and speaking over thePhone! phone led to links & better stories
  18. 18. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIWe Ask: What do you want from us?• Sometimes its easier to just ask the bloggers/major media publications what they want in a pitch instead of guessing• We interview contacts at major publications and now have targeted tips of how to pitch:• Ketchum blog post…
  19. 19. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICase Study:Pitching that resulted in social sharesAssignment: Pitch testimonial aboutyoung mom and survivor of cancer whouse electronic health records to nichecancer bloggers • We identified the blog Stupid Cancer as major influencer in this space. They are the self proclaimed “voice of young adult cancer” • Stupid Cancer reaches a huge audience via their social media platforms – 47,184 Facebook Likes – 12,681 Twitter Followers• In pitch, asked that they share link via Facebook and Twitter
  20. 20. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIStupid Cancer – Facebook Post & Tweet
  21. 21. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICase Study:HHS/ONC maintenance link building• Site transitioning from old to new, we outreached to all webmasters that linked to the old site asking them to change their links• We received these responses:“I would like to thank you for “Wow! That is thoroughletting us know about the follow-up! We will update.upcoming change. This is Thanks for making it soprobably the first time that we easy for us. I amhave been notified in advance of impressed!” mozRank: 5.53a change in a URL. It is greatlyappreciated!” mozRank: 4.72
  22. 22. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIUsing Pinterest to Pitch ProspectsChallenge:• Pitched infographic to food bloggers, but they did not want to publish on their blogSolution:• We identified food bloggers that also had Hi, Rachel Pinterest boards Thanks for the information. While I wont• Pitched food bloggers to be able to integrate this into my blog, I did add it to one of my boards on Pinterest! share this infographic via Thanks again. And happy Valentines Day! their Pinterest board Jennifer
  23. 23. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHITracking Pitching SuccessesWe use a combination of:• BuzzStream: – BCC stores all emails in the database – Relationship status changes once email is sent and backlink finds a link.• GA Campaign tracking: – Because we use email addresses, it helps track email click through rate.• Open Site Explorer & Google/Bing Webmaster Tools • Use often to find backlinks from particular web properties• Traditional media monitoring• Bitly
  24. 24. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIClear Takeaways• Hoard data about your prospects and automate data collection when necessary• Track all conversations and use to leverage for each pitch• Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, ask the blogger questions, interview them about what information they would like to share• Ensure that all prospects are invited to follow on social and are asked to share on social
  25. 25. Contact Katherine Watier VP, Online Strategy and Market Insights Ketchum | 202-729-8355 | @kwatier www.ketchum.comChicago | November 12–16