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  1. 1. The Key 2 Unlocking youth & children’s work togetherWelcome toThe Key 2The Key 2 is the second in the seriesof interactive and informative trainingresources which aims to equip those whowork with children and young people in a variety of church settings.Created by the Education departments from the Diocese of Bath and Wells, theDiocese of Bristol and the Diocese of Exeter, The Key 2 builds on The Key and isprimarily aimed at volunteers, However it can also be used as a next steps toolfor existing volunteers or paid workers.The Key 2 has been specifically designed to support and enhance conversation andlearning experienced through The Key. Three more sessions explore and unlockyouth and children’s work further in a fun and engaging way.The style of the three sessions are interactive and fullof games, quizzes, reflections, ideas,practicaladvice and group work. The Key 2 willhopefully stimulate, motivate andact as a pathway to further trainingand development.The coreaims ofThe Key 2are: I Togaina be erunderstandingof the worldthroughtheeyesofchildren and youngpeople I Explore discipleshipandnurturing children and youngpeoplein their fa hjourney I Become moreconfident and equipped whenworkingin avariety ofroles and se ings
  2. 2. Understanding Session 1Understandingthe world of youth & children’s work Aim of the session: To help those who work w h children and young people see the world through the eyes of a young person and understand children’s and youth work in the wider context Learning outcomes: I To gain an understanding of the world that children and young people live in, their influences, pressures and opportun ies I To explore their iden ty as leaders/volunteers and the responsibil ies that underpin their work w h children and young people I To introduce some core children’s and youth work values into their own context
  3. 3. Developing Session 2DevelopingFaith, spirituality & discipleship Aim of the session: To encourage those who work w h children and young people to reflect on their own fa h journey and gain the confidenceandskillsneededfordevelopingworkanddiscipleship. Learning outcomes: I Haveanawarenessofthedÿerencebetweenspir ual yandfa h I Iden fysign icantspir ualandfa hexperiencesintheirlivesandhowtheyaffecttheirwork w hchildrenandyoungpeople I Equipchildrenandyoungpeopletoexplorefa handsharew hothers
  4. 4. Work ng i Session 3Workingmore effectively with children & young people Aim of the session: To inspire those who work w h children and young people to become more confident and develop their skills and conduct as caring Chris an youth and children’s leaders and volunteers. Learning outcomes: I Developlisteningskillsw hpar cularfocuson pastoralcareofchildrenandyoungpeople I Recognisethedÿerentrolesindividualstakeonina groupworkcontextandhowbesttofacil atethem I Iden fyandapplytheskills,qual iesandg ts neededinleadership I Engageandempowerchildrenandyoungpeople inleadershipopportun ies a ailable v > Reflect>> Relate >>> Respond The original 3 sessionsWWW.THEKEYRESOURCE.CO.U K FormoreinformationortoordercopiesofTheKeyandTheKey2goto: