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Encouraging giving


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Encouraging giving

  1. 1. Encouraging GivingResource Sheet: Children and Young PeopleDiocesan Officers:David Bell, Children’s AdviserContact: tel: 01244 620444 email: david.bell@chester.anglican.orgMark Montgomery, Diocesan Youth OfficerContact: tel: 01244 620444 email: mark.montgomery@chester.anglican.orgChildren:Diocese of LiverpoolLearning Preach Exodus section of this website includes five weeks ofactivities for children, adults and all-age groups based on Exodus, alongwith a harvest service. Following the Exodus story, the activitiesexplore issues of poverty, money and possessions as part of the widerquestion of what it means to be the people of God.Giving supportThe following Christian development agencies offer specific resources andinformation for individual children, families and groups who give to them:The Toybox Charity – supports work with street children in Latin America.Toybox, PO Box 660, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5YTTel: 0845 466 0010 Fund – development projects around the world. This offersinformation to childrens leaders and a website for 7-10s.Tel: 0845 355 8355 the message Page 1
  2. 2. Young People:Church of EnglandEpisodesEpisodes contains six different sessions for use with youth groups andyoung people to explore a range of stewardship issues. The sessions usean active learning process – where having successfully completed achallenge, teams then reflect on the experience, and finally consider aBible passage in the light of the challenge, and its application to Christianstewardship. people.htmDiocese of Spiritualityby Jenny Baker; published by Spring Harvest Publishing and AuthenticMedia, £6.99Ten creative and imaginative sessions on spirituality, one of which is ongiving.See attached sheet Ideas for engaging with children and young peopleabout stewardshipGiving: the message Page 2