Do boys hate craft?


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Do boys hate craft?

  1. 1. n ews Do boys Summer 2011 Thinking back to the craft activity, the girls results come from their desire to please hate craft? the leader, and to do it ‘right’, so it’s best for them to do exactly as they have The curious case been shown. (Girls brains are significantly of the 13-eyed- larger than boys in the emotional areas— stereotypes do come from somewhere! alien from space. —relationships/ pleasing others is crucial.) ECG ( is a conference we’ve been Boys however like the freedom to ‘take involved in for a few years a risk’, to stick an extra bit of felt on the and where we’ve had great top and see if it looks like a giant afro! Iffun leading all-age and 7-11’s work there. In one of the kids sessions this Easter, it doesn’t work or looks stupid then itI was fascinated by one particular craft activity... the making of finger puppets. will just be rejected as a failed attempt without a second thought, or even madeWe split the 9-11 girls and boys into single sex groups for small group activities, into something more ridiculous becauseand following the games it was time for craft—all neatly laid on a sheet on the it’s funny! They need the freedom to movefloor. First up: the girls. The puppets were lovingly and carefully made as precise around (perhaps on a mat on the floor)replicas of the example that Hannah (who had prepared all the craft) had made, to get something or show someone theireven matching the hair, ‘skin’ and nose(!) colour! Next up: the boys. It couldn’t have creation so far!been more different! I’ve never seen such variety! They excitedly created puppetswith giant afros, 13-eyed-aliens from space, lions with crazy manes, men with weird Let’s do our best to think outside the box aand wonderful beards and even one poor puppet with a massive green nose! bit and think how we can do things that will help our boys to engage as well as our girlsA simple activity giving children the freedom to create what they wanted confirmed do… maybe single sex groups are the waymuch of what we’ve been thinking recently with regards to girls and boys (particularly forward?! Hmmm... the curious case of theage 7+) and how incredibly different they are. 13-eyed-alien from space continues...Boys don’t hate craft as the title of this page implies… I believe what boys actually For more reading on this stuff check outstruggle with is long, complicated, prescriptive crafts in which they are required to Slugs & Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails bybe still and ‘trapped’ around a table (which so many craft activities seem to be). Carolyn Edwards, The Wonder of GirlsOn our travels we often hear phrases like: ‘We have such trouble with the boys’; and The Wonder of Boys both by Michael‘The boys are so easily distracted’, ‘They just can’t sit and listen, or sit and do Gurian.anything!’. This really saddens me. I feel like we’re letting our boys down andcriticising them for being just who God has created them to be. Jo SquiresThere are always exceptions, but studies show that in the genetic make-up of boys Co-directoris the desire for risk and activity. Confining boys to a small area and asking them tosit still for long periods, is highly likely to result in fidgeting and ‘disengagement’. Thisis not because they are ‘naughty’ but, rather, because they have an inbuilt desire tobe active and take risks. How much space is there in our Sunday mornings to be really active and how comfortable would be allowing that to happen? Little people. BIG God. BIG Ministries Unit 4, West Court, Buntsford Park Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3DX t: 01527 556639 e: w: BIG Ministries is a registered charity. No. 1116509. So there.
  2. 2. Get all the latest on BIG Ministries life... Sign up to our blog and get £12 (+P&P ) “10 BIG Bible Stories is a fantastic way of help e deals 10 BIG Bible Stories 3 the amazing stories in ing children get into Packagle online the Bible. I can’t recomm end it too highly. ava ilab Get it and use it with your children.” Robert Willo The trilogy is complete! Lecturer in New Testament ughby 10 BIG Bible Stories: Volume 3 at London School of Theology Guide to the Bible’ and ‘So, and author of ‘The Children’s Who is God?’ 10 BIG Bible Stories: Volume 3 is now available for Volume 1 01 Creation 02 Noah overut 10 BIG Bible Stories... purchase. I’d like to say that I came up with all of the 03 Gideon “Help your children disc by truth that will transform BIG Bible Stories series is fantastic!st resource we have used in our juniorThe books are full of great ideas and 04 David & Goliathn ways to involve all children.” Rachel Holland South Molton Baptist Church stories myself but that would be a lie. I copied them 05 Elijah using these resources.” 06 Bartimaeus Dave Roberts timesed stories from this book loads of from the Bible... so did Jo. I hope God’s okay with on andervices. They’re really easy to puty a great message in a simple way.” Michael Whiteman Sounds of Salvation 07 The Lost Parables Children Matter! 08 Zacchaeuski & Jo Squ ires it. Myself and Jo first wrote Volume 1 with the idea 09 Jesus’ Death & Resurrection Jonah Esther behind it being that we wanted to produce a book of 10 Paul & Silas Bible stories that involved all of it’s listeners through Volume 2 01 Moses Philip & the “The 10 BIG Bible Nicodemus Ethiopian 02 Samson Stories series is varying forms of interaction; and not only that but 03 Naaman fantastic! 10 more interactive Bible stories 04 Daniel & Friends It’s the best we wanted people to be able to use the book inevents for children, each told in 3 different ways. 05 Nehemiah “BIG Ministries is the mostfun and challenging. dynamic, creative and relevant training events. children’s work that I have seen. resource we havebook I wholeheartedly recommend 06 The Birth of Jesusu… this work and encourage every church and church leader to and all-ages. fully engage with it.” An adaptable resource for use with children a variety of settings (like in all-age services or B60 3DX. Gavin Calver National Director of Youth for Christ 07 Calling of the Disciples used in our junior 08 Five Friends on a Roof church. The books groups). The positive feedback that we received 09 Jesus Feeds 5,000+ are full of great ideas 10 Pentecost and fun ways to from Volume 1 led us to believe that it would be a good idea to write some more... and involve all children.” Volume 3 01 Abraham so we did. It was definitely a lot of fun to write, but also, I’ve come to realise that the Bible 02 Jacob & Esau Rachel Holland you South Molton Baptist Churc Didthere Pssst... 03 Joshua h is quite complex—who’d have thought? Therefore, a fair amount of study has gone into know that g 04 Jacob hoppin are a w s in 05 Esther the Bible’s chronological order and various Hebrew traditions in order for us to produce ie 106 stor Bible BIG 06 The Woman Healed on the Sabbath the 10 a book that’s factually correct (I hope). The Bible is indeed a one-of-a-kind book and we, series! Stories 07 Kingdom of Heaven Parables 08 Jesus Clears the Temple at BIG Ministries, hope that the 10 BIG Bible Stories series will aid other people in better 09 Nicodemus 10 Philip & the Ethiopian understanding it’s amazing messages. [James Rubacki] kids have said e of the things Here are som Pssst. .. numb There are e a appropriate) in the r of song found: (tick as that we have BIG T writers confusing Damia eam challenging q n bu the ke Herbert is t q amusing q y proce person in ss so the clean water? t have ople who don’ story th of ho is is the w he do to help pe sert in Africa and works . 4 What can we ter over the de to fly a helicop em.” “Get my dad of water for th drop buckets rship 4 8-year-old: Woatever you wh means to “do you can, for can, as well as e Him.” God, be cause you lov We use th at one a lot. ou’re not 4 To Damian: “Y ally. funny.” (H e is actu Sometimes.) penned an 4 A 5-year-old ale including fem excellent song d to ilet humour. Owen & C Super lovely pho haris War to rell // oacp by our friends body parts an Inside BIG Ministries’ Pop Factory out a window hotography 4 While looking s arms out a .com and stretching hi ice as y said in a vo 6-year-old bo AKA The Guest Room low as Barr y White’s “Jo, look at .” erful wooorld God’s wooond I call it my studio. Kate calls it the computer that resembles a backing track; I finish the lyrics and record allenging 4 4-year-old ch Guest Room... and sometimes it is. vocals over the top. Goliath to a fight to the Either way there is a room in our death. I, then, pop it on my iPod® and play it to the BIG Team and a few s dressed as house where the songs begin. 4 When Baz wa g to be lost select little people for their opinions. There’s always something to be ndin a sheep prete led 3-year-old sid For me, there isn’t a set formula for improved and this critique leads to better songs. The song is critiqued and lonely a : “I’ll be up to him and said writing songs. Sometimes it starts and rewritten until it is truly finished and ready for wider consumption. your friend”. with a melody, sometimes a few bly of God is in the whole process; In the initial spark of inspiration and 4 A whole assem story and e th chords and sometimes a couple of kids misheard the hours of creative labour, in His Word as I try to understand and it was about lines that popped into my head in thought that e Meteorites. communicate truth, in the critique of friends and in the room as I cry Gideon and th the shower. Sounds exciting... out “O God, why can’t I find a rhyme for purple?” girl speaking I build the song around that snippet 4 A 7-year-old robot/Dalek So that’s how we make a song, it’s that quick and easy! We promise ing into a fan, do by playing guitar, writing lines in impressions saying... the next BIG Album is on its way. It’s just staying in our Guest Room for dare you. one of my countless notebooks “I am a robot, how you. a while... [Damian Herbert] I am a ro bot, how dare and by piecing together different how dare you. I am a robot, instrument parts using computer • Let us know what sort of stuff you think we should be writing about... etc etc...” software. Sometime later (even girl: • Also, if you have some really cool recording equipment to donate... 4 A 4-year-old erything. weeks!), I have something on the “If God made ev e chairs?” Did God mak
  3. 3. news sent straight into your inbox! • Gaffer Tape BIG Inclusion Is there anything it can’t do? Everybody’s welcome You may have heard urban myths of gaffer tape being used as In all-age services we often sing a song called Everybody’s bandages or fixing broken aeroplane wings. But isn’t building Welcome and we all know that’s true but what does it mean and a giant photo frame or a life-sized cardboard vending machine how do we do it? much more important than that? I get so excited when I see a group of people all worshipping Here at BIG Ministries, we make a lot of props for our stories and together but doing things in a way that is most appropriate and games. Baz has grand ideas, and then has to watch his vision relevant for them. being hurriedly knocked together out of cardboard, gaffer and Being created in the image of God means we all have something marker pens. It’s amazing what you can build — golden calves, unique and valuable to contribute. the walls of Jericho, the sun, whales, bicycles, wings (you know, for flying)... all held together with lashings of gaffer. At BIG Ministries we feel very passionate about inclusion and want to ensure that when we are doing an event we are catering for Early on in the days of BIG Ministries, it was decreed that every the specific needs of everyone! Inclusion is about providing equal equipment box should have a roll of gaffer inside. Whether you’re opportunities and celebrating the differences between us. We are sticking cables to the floor, fixing ripped trousers (it happens) or all different and so we need different things. building an Ark of the Covenant, you need it! And yet, at events, you’ll always hear someone asking, “Anyone seen the gaffer?”... We use a ‘safe space’ (a comfortable area slightly away from the [Sarah Joy] main activities) to enable everyone to participate. Here a child can be calm and quiet, or jump around if that’s what they need to do! We have lots of activities to support people who find it difficult to We REALLY need your engage with an upfront programme. We want everyone to know We love what we help! they are welcome, accepted and valued. [Louise Edgell] do and the fact that we reach so many kids with the life-chang ing good news of Jesus. ministry has grown, so As the too have our financial Who am I? needs. It costs us aro und £4,500 a month s about 3 years function, around £1,75 to I am Steve and I joined BIG Ministrie 0 of which is given by I was there right from our ago—although, as Jo’s husband, fantastic team of sup evil plans for world porters (events being our the beginning as she concocted her other main source of inc ome). domination in our spare bedroom. opposite. When I say As things currently sta [When I say ‘evil’ I mean entirely the nd we are looking at know what I mean, deficit of up to £7k for a ‘world’ I mean... well, I don’t really the financial year 2011 it just sounded good.] We would love for you /12. to consider being part istries? resolution to this proble m and helping us to contin of the Why do I hang out with BIG Min is packed ue out with BIG Ministries because it to grow. An increase of £750 each month I am very proud to say that I hang would sharing this ministry! Initia lly I joined BIG put us in a much healthi er position. We have aro full of my friends with whom I love has gone by 800 people on our mailin und Ministries to help my wife fulfill her God-given ministry but as time g list so if just 25% of tho I too have been able to use my gifts.gave just £5 a month se I have found it to be a place where we’d easily meet our target What do I do? (at BIG things)(or if everyone gave £1 ... etc!). [Steve Squires] ng ts, designing publicity, editing, writi Please prayerfully cons I work in the office: preparing for even events ider s on the ‘money side’ of things. At how you could help. songs (sometimes), and often focu ing or ie-zone’ or narrating stories or sing I’m often found residing in the ‘tech is, in As a little incentive (alt ng that putting equipment in the van do the maths it works hough I know if you ‘puppetting’ or teaching or pretendi out more expensive) we’ll be giving away a actual fact, a giant game of tetris... free CD or 10 BIG Bible BIG Ministries? Stories 2 or 3 when you What do I think when I think of and loads of cool gifts in leading children partner with us. I think of how God has given my wife Just complete and retu that seeks to enable others to do the same. how cool it is to be part of a charity 10 new interactive Bible stories each told in 3 different ways. rn An adaptable resource for use with children and all-ages. the form overleaf.
  4. 4. Why not stick this to your fridge as a d! i ndee e i dea ea able a reminder to pray n as o a ry re li k e a ve k for us? ms m se e -> t h is s Recently Soon .. . m. mm Hm we’ve been here... we’ll be here...Keep up to date with what we’re up to by visiting: Training & All-age, Riverside Birmingham BIG Weekend, Cambray 22 January 2011 (Sat-Sun) 18 June 2011 (Sat-Sun) BIG Weekend, Redditch Churches Together BIG Party, Wellingborough 29-30 January 2011 (Sat-Sun) 24 June 2011 (Fri) Children’s Ministry Conference, Eastbourne 4 February 2011 (Fri-Sun) *Stars BIG Strategy Day, Birmingham 25 June 2011 (Sat) our favourites from Training & BIG Party, South Molton the last wee while... Cathedral Services, Birmingham 26 February 2011 (Sat) 4 July 2011 (Mon-Fri) BIG Party, Thomas Aquinas, Birmingham Spring Harvest 2011 HOLIDAY, OFFICE CLOSED 16 March 2011 (Sat) Skegness Weeks beginning 11 & 18 July 2011 We were really excited to be invited to be BIG Party, Guildford BIG Party, Sheffield Community Church 19 March 2011 (Sat) involved in Spring Harvest. The team led two 30 July 2011 (Sat) daily all-age celebrations on the theme of BIG Weekend, Barnsley All-age, Barnt Green Route 66 (the Bible!). We also did an acoustic 26 March 2011 (Sat-Sun) 31 July 2011 (Sun) set in the Skyline (exhibition area), led a BIG *SpringApril 20112011, Skegness Harvest Party for families, helped host the Big Start Detling Conference 2011, Detling Printed on FSC approved paper. From well-managed forests. 9 (Sat-Thu) 6 August 2011 (Sat-Thu) each morning and celebrated Matilda’s first ECG Conference, Llandudno birthday (and Kate’s too, although it wasn’t BIG Holiday Club, Hoylake 28 April 2011 (Thu-Mon) her first). We had a great team and a lot of 22 August 2011 (Mon-Fri) Protecting the home of the Golden Lion Tamarin. Big Church Day Out, Wiston House fun at this brilliant annual event. BIG Holiday Club, Holcombe Brook 28 May 2011 (Fri-Sun) 30 August 2011 (Tue-Fri) *BIG Holiday Club, Bedford 30 May 2011 (Mon-Sun) BIG Party, Warfield Churches Together 12 June 2011 (Sun) Bedford Holiday Club Christ Church Bedford It was great to work with the team at Christ Church Bedford in delivering our BIG Academy holiday club. Stories, puppets, songs, rotation (where we go around in Book us now! teams doing loads of different activities). We had a fantastic host home too! Our heart is to serve churches all over the UK. We offer BIG Parties, All-age Services, and Training. Call us to chat about how we could help you: 01527 556639.» Please send me... Unstoppable CD q 10BBSv2 q Nothing (keep it!) q I want to support BIG Ministries... q Tick this box if you are already a supporter and My personal details are... 10BBSv3 q paying an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax we claim on would like to increase or decrease your giving. *We can claim up to 28p for every £1 you give. You must be a UK taxpayer, …giving the sum of £ ________ every month (until further notice) …giving a one-off gift Address: ___________________________________________ your donation. Please inform BIG Ministries if you cease to pay tax. …starting the _____ (day) of _____________ (month) / 20 __ of £ _________________ ___________________________________________________ CASH / CHEQUE _________________________ Postcode: ________________ (Please put a date of final payment if you want to give for a specific period ____ /____ /____). (delete as appropriate) Tel: ______________________ Mob: ____________________ My account details are... Email address: ______________________________________ First name: ____________________________ Surname:____________________________ Comments? ________________________________________ Account in name of: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Account number: Sort code: Branch name: ______________________________________________________________ q We promise not to bombard you with loads of pointless things but if you would prefer not to receive anything in the post please tick this box. Person you wish to pay: (Office use only). Please return this Branch address: ____________________________________________________________ Name: BIG Ministries completed form to: BIG Ministries ______________________________________ Post Code: __________________________ Bank: Lloyds TSB Bank Unit 4, West Court q I am a UK taxpayer, please reclaim the tax on all my gifts* (please tick & sign). Account number: Sort code: Buntsford Park Road Bromsgrove Signature: _____________________________ Date: _______________________________ B60 3DX