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Connecting you


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Connecting you

  1. 1. An evening to equip and refresh you: •Connecting You – to God, to children & young people, to each other,to SU & our partners, to new ideas & resources Connecting You •Choose two workshops that suit your needs(please indicate your choices on the form) •Browse and/or buy resources to help you in your ministry •Be encouraged in your ministry as we share in fellowship Training 2010 Equipping and refreshing those working with Programme: children and young people 6.45 pm - Registrations, refreshments and resources 7.00 pm - Connecting You (Part 1) Barnstaple Tuesday May 10th 19:00 – 21:30 7.20 pm - Workshop 1 – see choices on form St John the Baptist 8.10 pm - Break South Street, Newport EX32 9DT 8.20 pm - Workshop 2 – see choices on form Choice of stimulating workshops 9.10 pm - Connecting You (Part 2) 9.30 pm – Resources and Networking
  2. 2. Cost £6 Working as a volunteer team: Some ideas and advice on £8 (if booked after 4th May or on door) how to make this working as a team more effective. Take a look at team roles and how your personal gifts might be used to Price includes refreshments enhance and grow the ministry you are part of. Scripture Union is a registered charity (no. 213422) and a limited company (registered no. 39828). Registered office: 207–209 Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2EB. Registered in England and Wales. BOOKING FORM: Connecting you Training Barnstaple May 10th Booking by May 4 will help us with th theWorkshop 1 at 7.20pm - Please choose one from: administration of this eventTeenagers – what are they like?! Explore the world of young First Name:people and some of the themes of teenage life. Consider how Surname:understanding their context may help you to engage more Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Rev, other – please specify)effectively with young people. Address:Developing Links between Church and School: Whetheryou are just considering this or have a range of experience, comeand share ideas and explore further opportunities to connect with Postcode:your local school. Phone number:Exploring the Bible with Children & Young People:Consider your own approach to the bible and your level of Email address:knowledge and understanding. Explore how to use the bible with Date of birth (if under 18)integrity with children and young people and share stories with Church or group name, address and postcodeimagination and impact. . Your role in the church/groupWorkshop 2 at 8.20pm - Please choose one from: Please indicate your workshop choices overleaf.X:Site Come and hear about this exciting resource from SU; Please complete this form and return with a cheque made payable todesigned to help you develop an area-wide event for 7-11 year ‘Scripture Union’, to:olds. Each event involves churches working together to offer arange of activities so that children can have a good time, worship Chris Sparkestogether and learn about Jesus 6, GreenwoodWorking with a Wide Age Range: Many volunteers are Willandworking with a wide age range of children and young people in Collumptonthe same group .Come and be encouraged and pick up some EX15 2SYideas and advice on how to make this work effectively.
  3. 3. A booking receipt will be sent to you.Please let us know if you would like any other information.