-11. Gothic looking girl putting a large CD/cassette player on a desk next to
cups and empty wine bottles, mid shot - no m...
keys i lost my. 2 secs.
30. back to gaga with gloves and microphone - phone. 1 sec.
31. two girls on the sofa playing with...
67. dancing in the room again indian at the back - and. 1 sec.
68. gaga standing on a sofa pouring drink out of a bottle -...
106. mid shot of man singing. indian and girl in purple dancing around him -
cant believe my eyes. 2 secs.
107. brunette l...
141. man dancing in robotic dance moves, mid shot - dada da mmm just
dance. 2 secs.
142. mid shot of gaga coming out of a ...
180. gaga in paddling pool splashing, mid shot - dont slow. 2 secs.
181. rolling on the floor can only see pink heels...
Lady Gaga said that her video is about when "If you've ever been so high that
it's, like, scary, the only way you can deal...
with a disco ball. There are also shots of the CD player where the word
‘DISCO’ is written in luminous green. Also there a...
Also the borders are getting bigger like people are able less and less to stay
conscious. It is nearly the end of the vide...
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Lady Gaga Shot by Shot


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Lady Gaga Shot by Shot

  1. 1. -11. Gothic looking girl putting a large CD/cassette player on a desk next to cups and empty wine bottles, mid shot - no music. 2 secs. 2. Close up of fingerless glove pressing play - No music. 1 sec. 3. Car driving towards camera in the dark with headlights on, mid shot - Intro music starts. 2 secs. 4. Medium shot of people lying all over each other - Intro music. 1 sec. 5. Limo pulling up with feet sticking out of the window wearing large heels, mid shot - Intro music. 3 secs. 6. Walking over bodies in the same large heels as before, long shot - Intro music. 1 sec. 7. The back of a blonde girl in pink walking into a concrete building with two people walking behind her like body guards, group shot - Intro music. 1 sec. 8. Shot of the front of the blonde girl in sunglasses walking away from the limo with body guard girls - Intro music. 2 secs. 9. Man sitting on the toilet leaning against the wall with a squirrel costume hat on, mid shot - Intro music. 1 sec. 10. Girl standing in pink and sunglasses with hands on hips, body guards walk away - trip. 1 sec 11. Close up of gloved hand on record player - Backing music. 1 sec. 12. Blonde girl turning around so her hair flies up still wearing sun glasses, mid shot - Backing music. 1 sec. 13. Blonde girl with blue eye make up on with hand over half of her face in a black and white jacket - red one. 2 secs. 14. Girl taking off pink jacket with people on the floor, mid shot - convict. 1 sec. 15. Posing on a sofa in a black and white striped poncho, lamp in the corner - gaga. 1 sec. 16. Close up of heels and legs with people lying on the floor - backing music. 1 sec. 17. Blonde girl naked with sunglasses and gloves on singing into a microphone - oh oh. 1 sec. 18. Manikin in black and white chequered skirt on yellow background next to a blue pillow with a microphone - eh. 1 sec. 19. Lady Gaga (blonde girl referenced earlier) singing into microphone with sunglasses and black and silver dress, moving arm up and down - i've had a little bit too much. 3 sec. 20. Man lying on the floor looking confused - oh oh (over lapping) much much. 3 secs. 21. Room of people lying on the floor getting up -all of the people. 2 secs. 22. man lifting his head up off the table with red in his hair - start to rush. 2 sces. 23. Close up of gaga's face with electric blue lightening bolt under her left eye black and white jacket on - start to rush by. 2 secs. 24. Girl getting up off sofa - how does. 1 sec. 25. girl on the floor with her knee on her forhead - he twist the dance. 1 sec. 26. gaga sitting on sofa waving her hand in stripey poncho dress - cant find a. 1 sec. 27. girl drinking from a glass - drink oh man. 1 sec. 28. close up of hands rummaging through stuff - backing music. 1 sec. 29. girl in underwear emptying out her bag with girl next to her - where are my
  2. 2. keys i lost my. 2 secs. 30. back to gaga with gloves and microphone - phone. 1 sec. 31. two girls on the sofa playing with a phone - phone. 1 sec. 32. gaga sitting on the sofa again - backing music. 1 sec. 33. holding up a key ring, close up - what's. 1 sec. 34. gaga on sofa - go. 1 sec. 35. glove and microphone scene, takes of her glasses - ing all on the floor. 2 secs. 36. close up of CD playing the word 'disco' stands out - i love. 1 sec. 37. medium shot of gloves on record playing - this record baby. 2 secs. 38. gloves and microphone, singing - but i cant see straight any. 2 secs. 39. boy taking off his glasses and waking up - more. 1 sec. 40. gaga on leopard print sofa in black and white poncho and blue lightning make up - keep. 1 sec. 41. old woman putting round glasses on dressed in gold - it cool. 1 sec. 42. pan from legs up gaga's body, singing - what's the name of this club i can't. 3 secs. 43. people dancing with bottles in hands - remember but. 1 sec. 44. lady gaga in gloves singing into a microphone moving hand over her eyes - alright a. 2 secs. 45. flash to dancing people party scene - alright. 1 sec. 46. same as shot 44 - just. 2 secs. 47. people dancing and drinking camera moves with the dancing - dance gunna be ok. 2 secs. 48. lady gaga dancing in sunglasses and singing into the camera - dadadoo just dance. 2 secs. 49. gaga dancing with glitter ball, body shot - spin that record. 2 secs. 50. gloved dj dancing next to records - babe. 2 secs. 51. glitter ball in the air - dadada ooh mm. 2 secs. 52. dancing with her sunglasses, arm in the air - just dance. 1 sec. 53. singing into microphone with gloves again - gunna be ok. 1 sec. 54. black man dancing with a girl dressed as an indian - d d d. 1 sec. 55. singing into microphone wearing gloves and leaning up the wall - dance. 1 sec. 56. dancing shot with people - dance. 1 sec. 57. gaga with microphone - d d. 1 sec. 58. dancing shot with people, gaga dancing waving her hair around - d d d d. 1 sec. 59. gaga on sofa with black and white poncho dress - d d d d. 1 sec. 60. gaga dancing throws head down - dance. 1 sec. 61. throws head back up - backing music. 1 sec. 62. lady gaga with lightening makeup singing into camera licks her own finger - wish i could shut my playboy mouth uh oh. 3 secs. 63. wearing the same as above moves hand in front of mouth - oh oh. 1 sec. 64. dancing around the room can see her back and her bra dancing with other people - how'd i turn my shirt inside out. 3 secs. 65. gaga with blue makeup pulls top up to hide her face - inside out babe. 2 secs. 66. gaga singing with gloves and microphone - control your poison babe rose have thorns they say. 4 secs.
  3. 3. 67. dancing in the room again indian at the back - and. 1 sec. 68. gaga standing on a sofa pouring drink out of a bottle - we're all getting hosed tonight. 2 secs. 69. gaga dancing in her bra, close up of body - oh oh. 1 sec. 70. close up of cassette player - oh oh. 1 sec. 71. squirts bottle on sofa again - backing music. 1 sec. 72. dancing with body guards, moving hips to the music - what's going. 2 secs. 73. straddling sofa - all on the floor. 1 sec. 74. close up of CD player - i love this. 1 sec. 75. sitting on the arm of the sofa, own arms out in front of her - record. 1 sec. 76. dancing moving arms - baby. 1 sec. 77. close up of face with lightening make up puts two fingers in front of her eyes - but i cant see straight. 2 secs. 78. gaga dancing around the men wearing sunglasses and a trilby, holding onto her hat - more. 1 sec. 79. upward shot of her standing on the sofa and dancing - keep. 1 sec. 80. girl stroking the stomach of the man with the squirrel hat on - it cool. 1 sec. 81. shot of girl upside down - what's the name of this. 2 secs. 82. girl in wardrobe with cigar - i cant remember. 1 sec. 83. man on the floor taking a picture into the camera - but it's alright. 2 secs. 84. close up of her face, waving her hands in front of her - alright. 1 sec. 85. gaga shaking her head from side to side behind beaded curtain - just dance. 1 sec. 86. gaga lying on the floor shot upside down - gunna be ok. 1 sec. 87. man and girl falling over covered in fairy lights - da da doo mmm. 2 secs. 88. on the floor upside down singing - just dance. 1 sec. 89. fairy light couple on the floor - spin that. 1 sec. 90. group dancing shot - record babe. 2 secs. 91. gaga and body guards dancing together - dada do doo just. 2 secs. 92. throws head back - dance. 1 sec. 93. gaga in sunglasses pulls up top - gunna be. 1 sec. 94. old woman in gold again - ok. 1 sec. 95. gaga 'march' dancing - da da da da. 2 secs. 96. gaga in navy hat saluting - dance dance. 2 secs. 97. gaga and body guards dancing together, group shot - backing music. 2 secs. 98. boy dancing on the floor with red trousers, mid shot - dance. 1 sec. 99. same as shot 97 - backing music. 2 secs. 100. a girls back and legs wearing a white dress, mid close up - d. 1 sec. 101. same girl drawing the word 'dance' on a mirror in lipstick and underlining it to the beat. mid shot - d d d. 2 secs. 102. same girl kissing under the word 'dance' and leaving lip marks, mid shot - backing music. 1 sec. 103. man singing sitting on the floor with people around him, in a suit and sunglasses. group shot - when i come through on the dance floor. 2 secs. 104. moves to sit higher up the sofa, girls around him singing into camera, group shot - checking out that catalogue. 2 secs. 105. gaga throws her head back, has a towel round her neck and says hey - hey. 1 sec.
  4. 4. 106. mid shot of man singing. indian and girl in purple dancing around him - cant believe my eyes. 2 secs. 107. brunette looking at camera putting on lipstick - so many women without a flaw. 2 secs. 108. gaga seductively dancing with a girl, mid shot - hey. 1 sec. 109. man sitting on sofa with girls dancing around him, group shot - and i aint gunna give it up steady try to pick it up like a . 3 secs. 11o. chinese girl on cycling exercise machine, mid shot - car hey. 1 sec. 111. man lying in a bush, you can only see his legs, mid shot - im a hit. 1 sec. 112. singing into the camera, man in sunglasses mid shot - im a hit. 1 sec. 113. girls eating the same piece of spaghetti getting close, close up - and flew and do it to tomorrow. 2 secs. 114. gaga in white and black poncho, egyption pose, mid shot - yeah. 1 sec. 115. girl coming out from behind the sofa, long shot - shorty i can see. 1 sec. 116. gaga dancing with a man - that you got. 1 sec. 117. gaga sitting on the sofa next to a black man dancing and laughing with a drink in her hand - so much energy. 2 secs. 118. gaga coming out of a curtain, mid shot - backing music. 1 sec. 119. lady gaga lying down, close up - the way youre. 1 sec. 120. man sitting on sofa with lots of girls dancing, mid shot - twirling up them hips. 2 secs. 121. gaga lying on sofaon her own sticks leg up in the air, mid shot - round and round. 1 sec. 122. gaga throwing confetti in the air - and now. 1 sec. 123. close up of black man holding up white girls hands - theres no. 1 sec. 124. group shot of people dressed up and dancing on the sofa - reason at all. 1 sec. 125. same shot as above, different people - why you cant. 1 sec. 126. gaga dangling a microphone in front of her face close up - leave here with. 1 sec. 127. gaga close up with lightening make up one hand over her face - me. 1 sec. 128. gaga on sofa waving her legs around, mid shot - in the mean time. 2 secs. 129. man sitting in front of white background, fancy dress people dancing in front of him, group shot - stay and let me watch you break it down and. 3 secs. 130. man and women about to kiss - dance. 1 sec. 131. man coming onto gaga - gunna be ok. 1 sec. 132. gaga laughing and pushing him away - dada doo mm just. 2 secs. 133. shot of girls and boy's legs, close up - dance. 1 sec. 134. flashing images of the party - spin that record. 1 sec. 135. mid shot of gaga singing into a microphone with gloves on - babe. 1 sec. 136. more flashing party images - backing music. 1 sec. 137. gaga singing with gloves again - dada. 1 sec. 138. more flashing party images - dada mm just. 1 sec. 139. gaga on sofa throwing her head back and opening her arms - dance. 1 sec. 140. bouncing up and down on the floor with the body guards - gunna be ok. 1 sec.
  5. 5. 141. man dancing in robotic dance moves, mid shot - dada da mmm just dance. 2 secs. 142. mid shot of gaga coming out of a netted curtain - spin that record babe. 3 secs. 143. party scene people dancing, mid shot - spin that record babe. 1 sec. 144. gaga coming out of the curtain - dance gunna be ok. 2 secs. 145. close ups of bodies moving - da da da dance. 1 sec. 146. mid shot of gaga singing into the camera - dance. 1 sec. 147. gaga hanging off of netted curtains and dancing, mid shot - dance. 1 sec. 148. gaga dancing on sofa, long shot - da. 1 sec. 149. gaga face close up - da. 1 sec. 150. same as 148 - da. 1 sec. 151. black screen - dance. 1 sec. 152. mid shot of girl in a multicoloured dress straddling a chair - backing music. 1 sec. 153. blurry close up of man's face - backing music. 1 sec. 154. girl watching a televison, mid shot - backing music. 1 sec. 155. gaga in short skirt playing the keyboard close up on bum and legs - backing music. 1 sec. 156. gaga body shot playing the keyboard - backing music. 1 sec. 157. mid shot of gaga in a paddling pool on a blow up whale - backing music. 1 sec. 158. neon writing flashes - backing music. 1 sec. 159. humping the blow up whale - lets go. 1 sec. 160. gaga with gloves and microphone, jerky movements, mid shot - half psychotic sick. 2 secs. 161. girl watching television waving her head - hypnotic. 1 sec. 162. gaga again as above - got my blueprints. 1 sec. 163. robot man dancing again, mid shot - its symphonic. 1 sec. 164. gaga riding blow up whale - half psychotic. 1 sec. 165. gaga singing with one hand over her eye then covers the other eye with hand, mid shot - sick hypnotic got my blueprint. 2 secs. 166. boy sitting cross legged on the floor banging the drum that's on his head, mid shot - electronic. 2 secs. 167. gaga sitting on the whale splashing, mid shot - half psychotic sick hypnotic. 2 secs. 168. two girls fighting, long shot - got my blueprints. 1 sec. 169. gaga on whale again, mid shot - its symphonic. 1 sec. 170. gaga on sofa waving her legs, mid shot - half. 1 sec. 171. gaga covering eyes with her hand, close up - psychotic sick. 1 sec. 172. girls fighting again - hypnotic. 1 sec. 173. black girl in colourful clothes hammering a bit of ice, mid shot - got my blueprints electronic. 2 secs. 174. mis shot of gaga splashing - go. 1 sec. 175. gaga on the floor flipping her hair back - use your muscle. 2 secs. 176. moving her hand up and down surrounded by people - carve it out work it. 2 secs. 177. gaga singing with gloves and microphone - i got it just stay close. 2 secs. 178. gaga rolling on the floor seductively, mid shot - enough. 1 sec. 179. long shot of black man dancing and people lying on the sofa - to get it. 1
  6. 6. sec. 180. gaga in paddling pool splashing, mid shot - dont slow. 2 secs. 181. rolling on the floor can only see pink heels - drive it. 1 sec. 182. in paddling pool with two men gaga smoking a pipe and rubbing the men - clean it lights out bleed it spend the lasto. 3 secs. 183. camera pans over man lying on the floor - ive got it. 1 sec. 184. lady gaga sitting down singing into camera and waving legs to the music - in your pocko. 1 sec. 185. camera moves in and out of people in scene sitting on the sofa - i got it. 1 sec. 186. gaga dancing in original black and white poncho dress - just dance. 1 sec. 187. party scenes flashing again fade out form gaga's face - gunna be ok. 2 secs. 188. girl with glitter ball for a head moves it down see lady gaga mid shot - da da doo mm. 2 secs. 189. in white sunglasses singing into camera - just dance. 1 sec. 190. close up of belts and clothes on the floor - spin that record babe. 2 secs. 191. mid shot of gaga pulling herself up and down a pole - dada. 1 sec. 192. gaga in paddling pool seductively - da doo mm. 1 sec. 193. long shot of chucking glitter ball and getting dragged away - just dance. 2 secs. 194. gaga hanging of net curtains, mid shot - baby (overlapping chorus playing too) 195. in pool splashing to the beat - dance. 1 sec. 196. crouching on the floor people walking past her, mid shot - spin that record babe. 2 secs. 197. singing into the microphone with gloves on - baby. 1 sec. 198. party scenes flash and end on the word dance written on the mirror - dance. 1 sec. 199. sitting on sofa with party people, group shot - gunna be ok. 2 secs. 200. rolling on the floor, close up - da da. 1 sec. 201. gloved hands djing close up - spin that record baby. 2 secs. 202. rolling over people at the party, group shot - dance dance. 1 sec. 203. sitting on the sofa in black and white poncho dress, mid shot - dance. 1 sec. 204. gaga in blue lightening make up waving gloved hand over her eye and singing into microphone, mid shot - ju ju ju ju. 2 secs. 205. gaga standing with her back to the camera holding up a bottle of wine, long shot - just. 1 sec. 206. gaga with lightening blue makeup with hand over her eye closes her eyes in time to the end of the song, extreme close up - dance. 1 sec. Conclusion: Lady Gaga’s music video of “Just Dance” was directed by Melina and produced by Kim Dellara. The video is set in three main locations. The sofa, the living room party and Lady Gaga singing on her own with a flowery wallpapered wall as a backdrop. Also with a short few shots of Lady Gaga in a paddling pool.
  7. 7. Lady Gaga said that her video is about when "If you've ever been so high that it's, like, scary, the only way you can deal with it is not deal with it, so you just kind of dance through the intoxication.” The video starts with a gothic looking girl putting a CD player on a table covered in alcohol and turning it on. As she turns it on the music starts giving a sense that the party has begun. The next shot is of Lady Gaga pulling up in a limo. This shows that Lady Gaga is the centre of the party, she is followed in by two “body guard” type girls, giving her an important status. Everything is brightly coloured which insinuates a party feel from the start. It’s dark however Lady Gaga is wearing glasses, this again shows her important status. Plus it gives her a sense of mystery as you can’t see her eyes. There is a shot of a man dressed as a squirrel sitting on the toilet. This is a particularly abstract image that shows the viewer that she’s going to a mega party. Everything is larger than life including her. Lady Gaga walks over bodies in huge heels, this shows that she doesn’t care what she does and she’s there to do what she likes. Plus the bodies don’t object, she’s literally walking all over them because of who she is. The room where the party is set is a reasonably normal looking room. This is the main scene for the whole video. The walls are wallpapered with flowers. Although some of the furniture is quite bright and vibrant it looks like an average house. This implies that Lady Gaga is bringing the party with her. Everyone at this point is on the floor, however when she arrives the party begins. The camera kind of sways side to side as it shows images of the people at the party, this gives the impression of being out of control and feeling drunk. Many shots of Lady Gaga are of her on her own on a sofa, she is wearing a striking black and white dress. She has a lightning bolt in blue under her eye. Lightning bolts generally symbolise fear because you anticipate them after thunder. Plus they can also cause lots of damage. I think Lady Gaga has one of these painted on her face because it’s a striking image plus it could also link it with the fear of loosing control when you are drunk. She also covers her other eye with her hand, I think this is to intensify her makeup and make sure that is all you notice. She pulls Egyptian looking poses, this could do with the fact that she is constantly showing the viewer her status at the party. She is like an Egyptian princess. Lady Gaga also has many shots of her singing into a microphone, again with the wallpaper backing, she has gloves and sunglasses on. Her gloves are leather with gives the impression on dominatrix. She looks in control and is singing the music at the party. She is looking straight at the camera and is very confident. There are lots of shot of people moving about the floor, drinking and another where two girls are emptying a bag looking for a phone. Around them they is a dark border which looks hazy, almost as if that’s how they’re feeling. However in all of Lady Gaga’s shots the lights are bright and you can see everything. There is even a lamp on in the shot where Lady Gaga is on the sofa with the lightning bolt makeup. This again shows how she is in control and it’s very much her party. As she keeps singing there are more shots of the house where people are waking up and slowly starting to move. The house is a mess and pictures o the walls are wonky. This shows they have all been drunk and trashed the house. Then when the chorus of Just Dance comes in they all have gotten up and are jumping around and dancing again. Lady Gaga herself is dancing too
  8. 8. with a disco ball. There are also shots of the CD player where the word ‘DISCO’ is written in luminous green. Also there are many shots of a DJ with some decks. Everything is a little bit strange and out of the ordinary in this video. There is an old woman in gold putting on some glasses that say ‘2006’. Also the DJ has white gloves on and is in a suit, which contrasts with the rest of the party. It’s all very imaginative with all the colours and looks like an illusion you would see when you were intoxicated. There are many shots of girls walking about with bottles of wine, which obviously shows everyone is drunk. As the next verse comes in everyone is getting a little bit more outrageous. Lady Gaga is singing about her “playboy mouth” and has her top taken off by another girl. Lady Gaga gets more seductive and sexual. There is a shot of Lady Gaga standing on the sofa and is pouring a bottle of champagne over the floor. This shows her wealth and how she is now getting out of control. There are also shots of Lady Gaga dancing with her “bodyguard girls” like she is entertaining the whole party. Now the party is more outrageous there are people hanging upside down from chairs and hiding in cupboards. This all just shows the abnormality and extent of the party. The shots are getting quicker and closer together as if it’s getting madder and people are losing control. The camera is also moving around so its difficult to make out what’s happening. Next there is a new singer who is sitting on a sofa surrounded by girls and people dresses up. This change in singer shows that Lady Gaga is having fun at the party too. The man is in a suit and sunglasses so you associate him with her. He makes her seem like she has classy and cool friends. In the second chorus there are more images of girls nearly kissing and a girl and a boy getting close. Lady Gaga as well is seen with a man but she pushes him away laughing like he can’t have her because of who she is. The images now flash quicker than before showing people getting even more out of control. Some of the dance movements are quite robotic which almost gives the impression of having a seizure and malfunctioning. Everyone is wearing clashing colours and patterns which blurs slightly as the camera pans round, this give a kaleidoscope effect. Next the music changes to a bridge where Lady Gaga is in a paddling pool with a blow up wale. Neon lights are flashing and there is a girl shaking her head around. This again looks like some sort of seizure. The paddling pool is quite childish yet she moves over the wale in a seductive way. This is effective and gives mixed effects, emphasising how out of control she now is. Also now Lady Gaga has the same black blurry border around her shots so she is now at the same state as everyone else. Some of the images shown are quite abstract and appear disturbing, for example the is a boy on the floor with a drum on his head and he is banging it. This with the music looks quite sinister. Also in this section of the song there are images of people destroying things with hammers and bottles and hitting each other. It’s all still stylised and you never see anyone hurt yet it is still quite surreal and disturbing. Lady Gaga is again in the paddling pool however she is now joined by two men who are rubbing her. She has a pipe in her mouth which shows she is doing things she wouldn’t usually do, because she is drunk. The shots now constantly flash and merge into each other slightly, as the song is about to finish. There are shots of Lady Gaga all over the party like she can’t keep still.
  9. 9. Also the borders are getting bigger like people are able less and less to stay conscious. It is nearly the end of the video and Lady Gaga is hanging off of the walls and curtains and lying on the floor like she can’t support herself. She is still drinking and rolling on the floor all over people. The final shots is her with a bottle of wine and then her closing her eyes like she’s finally had to stop. I think the setting of this video very much symbolizes the characters involved at the party. It is a nice place that has been trashed because they are so drunk they don’t know what they’re doing. Lady Gaga starts off sober then you watch her get drunk but continue to dance through it until she can’t stand up.