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Digital marketing or E marketing


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Ultimez Technology is one of the leading digital marketing company in Bangalore, India. We offer Web design, website development, E-commerce website development, Software development, Mobile application development and many other relevant web services.

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Digital marketing or E marketing

  1. 1. Digital Marketing or E-Marketing Topics included  Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Optimization  Email Marketing  Content Marketing  PPC Management & Conversion Rate Optimization
  2. 2. What is SEO? “The activities to optimize the website” Increasing organic traffic as per the rules of Search Engine is perfectly a Search Engine Optimization. Getting up ranking of a site in major SERPs is the major function of SEO. The result displayed after paid advertised website is the effort of SEO activities which makes users to click on it and increase the visibility of particular website over Web world.
  3. 3. What are the major SEO activities? “The activities listed below (& other than this) are the SEO activities” On Page SEO activities Off Page SEO activities Keyword Research & Density Social Bookmarking Title tags, Meta tags Article Submission Meta description Directory Submission H1 tags Blog submission Alt tags (for images) Press release submission URL structure Forum Posting and Q&A posting Internal linking and content Blog commenting
  4. 4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) “The distinct rather communicative world is Social Media” Engaging over different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, G+, and many other networks brings numerous traffic to your website. The key to success here is strong and creative bond with global audience. You can also advertise your products there and can make global people aware about your business.
  5. 5. Email Marketing “The Cost effective way to reach till targeted audience” Yes, Email marketing as digital marketing tool has positive impact in respect of cost and time to the businesses. Sending an imperative information to group of people at once is email marketing. The points needs to be considered in it are:  Analyze the target receiver  Collect the strong database  Segment the data and audience properly  Create customized and amazing mail template or message to be passed  Send the template or message to segmented audience  Use the latest tool to track the exact record  Attain the maximum ROI
  6. 6. Content Marketing “An impressive way to attract audience” Content Marketing is the strategic way to attract predefined audience by creating relevant as well as valuable content and then distributing it in appropriate sites. An amazing and trending content is more likely to entice target people, once posted it in social and other relevant sites chances are more to attain great discussion on it. The success depends here on  Content should be of customer’s interest in particular area  It should be fresh and attractive  It should include the trending topics  Images should be included in body of content  It must have social sharing links (in case if anyone likes, they can easily share)  You can also provide your site link at the end
  7. 7. PPC Management PPC Management: “ Have Direct traffic to your website” Pay per click marketing and management is marketing way but include cost. It can also proved to be effective since the website owner needs to pay to the publisher when the add has been clicked by users which will directly drive enormous traffic and higher visibility over SERPs.
  8. 8. CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION Conversion Rate Optimization: "Welcome the new customers” It is the way to optimize the landing page of website, sponsored search Ads, and overall website design to bring the new customers, in the same way to convert that leads into customers as well as to increase the performance of website. This method works as key performance indicator for businesses and used to have wow feedback from customers
  9. 9. Thank you Hope I have concluded up to the mark about this topics, Looking forward for relevant queries and share it with us @ our social networking sites. we love to contribute. We will come up with current indications. For complete discussion connect us Contact No:8095715366