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Digipak Analysis 'Arctic monkeys'


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Digipak Analysis 'Arctic monkeys'

  1. 1. Arctic Monkeys Album Cover Analysis Front Cover… The band members are wearing stereotypical clothing associated with indie musicians (denim jacket, skinny jeans etc) which highlights and reinforces their genre of indie rock/alternative music. This album cover incorporates a vintage/retro element t it, as the colour of the image is quite faded giving it that old and ‘quirky’ edge to it. As with many typical indie/rock bands, the Arctic Monkeys are not dressed to meet a certain criteria or made to look like a manufactured band in any way, as the album cover is quite unique and simplistic. The title of the album is placed in the far left hand corner and is a simple sticker on top of the album image itself. The positioning of the title means that it doesn’t ruin the simple photo of the cover. The writing is in bold capital letters, as this will attract their audiences’ attention by making it stand out. The bands name, the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ is written in a stylistic ‘quirky’ font and is placed over a contrasting colour to make it stand out against the background. This is effective in that it will grab the attention of their target audience.
  2. 2. Back Cover On the back of the album there is a list of songs which are features within the album ‘Humbug’ . The font used on the back is the same font as used for the title of the album, thus showing consistency in presentational devices. The back of the album contains some record label information; including the rights of the record company, the record label logo and where the album was manufactured. Unlike with many albums, the back of this cover is just a plain background with no image, therefore it makes the text stand out and appeal to the audience. The large bold font of Arctic Monkeys could be used to represent the bold quirky side of the band itself. This will appeal to their target audience and it shares similar characteristics of a young indie audience.
  3. 3. CD itself This is quite an unconventional CD design, as it doesn’t incorporate any features which are often applied to this particular genre of music; such as band members, instruments or quirky images, instead its an image of a pie with the letters ‘A’ and ‘M’ which obviously stand for A rctic M onkeys.