9 Frame Analysis


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9 Frame Analysis

  1. 1. 0.3This shot shows a sepia (old film) effect of the band in natural play via a long shot showing the fullbodies of the members, the images are slowed down (slow-paced) to possibly give an indication thatthe music tempo is going to be rather slow.0.22Within a few second of this shot in the video the camera goes in and out of focus making it veryeffective and gives a more casual feel to the video. At this point the filming is taking place in a studioand the headphones are a huge indication to this as it’s a stereotypical feature of recording studioequipment.0.24This is a medium-long shot of a band member and is giving us a taste of another location within thevideo, both day time and night time are used throughout the duration of the video to givealterations in lighting and so on.0.39This shot shows a close up of the lead singer in his element, the low key lighting give it an effectivefeeling and the red tint makes it more unique.0.43
  2. 2. Within this shot sound perspective is used as the bass comes into play and the camera shows onlythe bass player within the studio, this is a mid-shot showing only the important parts of him whilstplaying the instrument.1.53An extreme close up is used on the symbols at this point, possibly to show the importance of themto the music itself, no member is showed within the shot so possibly indicating that the symbols arethe only thing with relevance to the music at this stage.3.03This shot shows the narrative and song intertwine with each other as the band members arewhistling; this is a meat show showing only the band members head as they perform the narrative.High key lighting is used outside to give it more of a relaxed feel.3.26This shot shows two of the members with most importance to the music at this point, it zooms inand out of focus to show each one individually and also give effective use of the camera, the lightingis low key and uses a green hint and this is at one of the main parts of the song.4.09This is a mid-shot showing the lead singer back in the studio, his facial impression shows him puttingall effort into the final seconds of the piece, the low key lighting once again give the correct feelingthe song genre should be giving, then the music slowly fades out.