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  • Studio One – won over 40% of vote to perform at RAH in November – majority came from overseas via Facebook Page
  • News is cyclical - Sept 2011 blog post on 01202 code in Bournemouth – radio ads - Nov 12 goes live
  • Social Media: Features & Benefits

    1. 1. Soci@lite Social Media: Features & Benefits by Katherine Hanson Soci@liteThe only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about (Oscar Wilde)
    2. 2. Soci@liteAbout Me Social Media Training Consultancy Believe Social Media is the online equivalent of Word of Mouth which really encapsulates its usefulness to businesses Passionate about helping businesses to navigate the world of online marketing & master the metrics so they can raise their online awareness Mission to help businesses understand why Social Media can help them, not just how
    3. 3. Soci@liteSocial Media is…. The online equivalent of word of mouth, the oldest form of marketing in the world yet still the most powerful and driven by people Permanent & broadcast – no reliance on somebody remembering what they have heard about a business and passing it on to somebody else An ongoing practice, the immediate purpose of which is not to generate leads & business but share information & engage in the same way that you would in the real world Websites tell you about a business and Social Media tells you about those in a business Social Media is ultimately about solving readers problems Love or hate it? It’s here to stay – there is even a globally-recognised Social Media Week
    4. 4. Soci@liteWHY?
    5. 5. Soci@liteWhatever your customers and competitors are doing you also need to embraceIncrease customer loyalty whilst driving traffic back to your websiteReach other markets for virtually no cost, other than in time & effortSpreads your message to those who want to hear what you have to sayHarness the collective power of a captive audience and they will spread the word for youConduct competitor analysis and stay ahead by posting information before they doAsk questions and obtain instant feedback from customers, peers & prospectsAudit trail of online activity - crucial for testimonials/referrals & permanent reference pointNo geographic boundaries - only 15% of business’ fans are local to them - go VIRAL!Open & honest business not afraid to share knowledge & deal with issues in a public forumKeeps your customers & target audience returning to your website regularly
    6. 6. Soci@liteWHAT?
    7. 7. Soci@liteThe same etiquette applies as offline – don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t face to faceBrainstorm ideas with colleagues, family and friends if youre not sure what to write aboutAsk questions via Surveys & Polls, etc.FAQs – answer questions & comments via your Social Media channelsBlogs – these win when they are full of passion and helpful informationMake personal stories into lessons - People do business with PeopleResources your customers find helpful, e.g. Reviews, Links, Tutorials & ‘How To’ articlesRepackage content from company literature and your website – news is cyclicalCall to Action with an Ethical Bribe, e.g. download a free e-book – gauges interest andcaptures leads and further engages a follower with your content/website
    8. 8. Soci@liteUsing Social Media channelsThere are really only FOUR STEPS:1. Find people interested in your products or services2. Post content not adverts, e.g. articles, blogs, comments, etc.3. Capture information with an ethical bribe for name & email address, e.g. free e-book4. Stay in touch and create a valuable exchange, e.g. Newsletters, webinars, etc.
    9. 9. Soci@liteHOW?
    10. 10. Soci@liteSync Social Media channels to maximise your audience, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInThink about your customers and what sort of information would be helpful to themTreat every post as an opportunity for a Google listing under a new keyword or phraseAdd Social Media buttons so readers can share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc.Choose a keyword or phrase to focus on and then measure the results to see what hasresonated most with your followersUse titles that are easy to understand so people want to click on them to read moreBuild relationships with industry experts/influencers and share their contentDelegate to a ghost writer or encourage colleagues to blog or brainstorm ideas for contentSubscribe to other blogs – read what is being talked about and join the conversationPlan your posts for the month with an Editorial Calendar – decide on dates and times
    11. 11. Soci@liteWHEN?
    12. 12. Soci@liteIt needn’t be a content safari! At least once a week – post & blog as often as you can thereafter Editorial Calendar – use this to schedule content and vary types of post and their length Publish around the same time each day/week to create anticipation amongst followers
    13. 13. Soci@liteSocial Media Dashboard enabling you to post to all your channels simultaneouslyUsers include governments, artists and even The White HouseWeekly summary of mentions and analyticsSync with Google Analytics and Facebook InsightsMaximise your captive audience - draft & schedule to send when followers will be onlineSmartphone & Android free Apps availableView all your Social feeds from one DashboardHootlet enables you to ‘hoot’ about pages you would like to share
    14. 14. Soci@liteSchedule ContentPlan your blog posts for the month and write and schedule as many as possible in advance – this freesup your time to deal with daily tasks and social networking.
    15. 15. Soci@lite The power of Social Media Marketing & Search Engine OptimisationSource: by Erik Qualman. From the book Socialnomics: the power of social marketing & Search Engine Optimization.
    16. 16. Soci@liteValue of ExchangeThe relationship between your brand, employees & consumers which is more than just a single transaction or subscription 8. You will be seen as an expert 7. Offer your products & services 6 Builds trust 5. Increases familiarity 4. Creates visibility 3. Builds new relationships 2. Increases referrals 1. Makes you credible
    17. 17. Soci@liteSocial Media success! 8. You will be seen as an expert 7. Offer your products & services 6. Builds trust 5. Increases familiarity 4. Creates visibility 3. Builds new relationships 2. Increases referrals 1. Makes you credible
    18. 18. Soci@liteSummary Allows you to be yourself! Let your personality shine through with a conversational & friendly tone Free PR & instant feedback - invite conversation by asking questions & encouraging comments Online word of mouth - people trust peer recommendations so leave out the sales patter & advertising You can use in conjunction with existing marketing to enhance your offline activity NOT replace it Captive Audience - engage and share with peers and customers Content is King - the more you post the more you will be found and drives traffic back to your website Network online with prospects, peers and other businesses, not just your followers Value of Exchange not Return on Investment Reach markets you may not otherwise have access to Doing business with those who know, like & trust you will make you money - Social Media is merely the platform!
    19. 19. Soci@lite In the year 2062, a bunch of elderly hipsters are interviewed about the good old days of Social MediaSource: by Erik Qualman. From the book Socialnomics: the power of social marketing & Search Engine Optimization.
    20. 20. Soci@lite Thank YouTo discuss Social Media in more detail or for or a copy of this presentation please email